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Me and my big mouth. Kyoko thought, now pinned to the master bed in Ren's hotel room. This was quite the predicament she had gotten herself into. She'd decided that the only way to get him to overcome his hesitance over her age to pursue her, was to provoke his manhood. She hadn't exactly thought it through to what she would do, if he actually made a move.

So now, here she was, lying flat on his bed, with the Emperor of the Night staring straight down at her.

"Tsuruga-san?" She said hesitantly.

"Ren." He interrupted, staring at her with such a look that she felt she'd be eaten alive if she wasn't careful. She looked at him, confused.


"I said, my name is Ren. Say it."


She was cut off as he suddenly crushed his lips to hers.


"Ren! My name is Ren!" He savagely kissed her again, pulling away a little to let her catch her breath.

"Ren." She whispered breathlessly. Kyoko wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her again.

"Ren." Another kiss. "My Ren."

He kissed her lips, her face, and along her jaw line, sending her into a frenzy. He slipped her silk robe off her shoulders and went to work again. When his lips and warm breath skimmed over her collarbone, all coherent thought flew from her mind and she found herself only able to think of the glorious man above her, showering her with affection. She grabbed him by the nape of his neck and dragged him back up to her, sealing their lips in another fiery kiss, which Ren returned enthusiastically. In between kisses, Kyoko happened to catch a glimpse of the clock.

"Ren, Ren wait!" She stopped him as he kissed her bare shoulder, an arm pushing him away from her slightly.


"It's 7! The cast and crew have dinner now, and if I don't show up, they'll be worried and I'll end up troubling everyone!" Ren chuckled at her reasoning and carefully rolled off her. Kyoko got up and walked to the dresser, picking up a comb on the counter and running it through her mussed hair. Ren watched her slim figure from his position on the bed, hardly believing that he'd just kissed the young woman senseless. He got up and walked towards her.

"Mogami-san –" He stopped short as Kyoko whirled around to face him, an incredulous look on her face. She took her brush and poked him in the chest hard enough to make him take a step back.



"Can you"


"Call me"




"After kissing me like that?"

His legs hit the bed and Kyoko took that as an opportunity to shove him lightly on to the bed.

"My name is Kyoko!" She said giving an uncharacteristic smirk. "Say it." She practically purred at him and then proceeded to press her mouth on his. Ren's momentary shock disappeared as soon as she climbed on top of him to straddle him. He flipped them over so that he was once again on top, dominating. He ravished her then, giving her no time to catch up with him, he made sure that he consumed her every thought and her every action. His hands wandered wildly over her body, touching her in ways he knew he shouldn't but he couldn't seem to stop himself, even telling himself she was only 16 now had no effect any longer. Kyoko didn't seem to be complaining either as she fisted her hands in his shirt trying to crush him to her.

Suddenly, both remembered that they had to leave and reluctantly disentangled themselves from each other.

The atmosphere in the elevator was awkward, to say the least. They were headed back to Kyoko's room so she could put on some clothes before they went downstairs to join the Dark Moon cast and crew for dinner. Kyoko kept replaying what had happened in the room over and over again, her former confidence having now disappeared; she was mortified at her forward behaviour. Her face was so red, she felt as if it was on fire. Ren chuckled inwardly; she was so easy to read. To ease her embarrassment, he reached over and grabbed her hand, giving it a light squeeze. Kyoko glanced at him shyly, almost thankfully and bashfully return the gesture, making him smile and causing Kyoko to almost faint from the brilliance of it.

They stopped on her floor, making their way towards the room she shared with Momose-san, still holding hands. Praying that her roommate wasn't in the room , Kyoko punched in the key code for her room,(the hotels these days were getting seriously tech savvy). She opened the door to find Momose-san standing in front of the large full length mirror on the wall, brushing her hair. Momose turned to see Kyoko and Tsuruga Ren step inside the hotel room. Kyoko saw her gaze go from the two of them to their joined hands and saw her eyes widen slightly. Then she turned away, hand over her mouth. Much to Kyoko and Ren's confusion, her shoulders began to shake. Kyoko, concerned that maybe the sight was too much for her, hesitantly reached out to her co-star.

"Momose-san?" As her hand touched her shoulder and Momose turned around, Kyoko realized that the actress was, in fact, laughing.

"Sorry," she said giggling, waving her hand in front of her dismissively. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be laughing but I'm just glad it finally happened!"

Ren and Kyoko looked at each other, alarmed.

" 'It finally happened?' Momose-san, what do you mean? What makes you say something has happened?" Ren asked, walking a little forward. Momose put her hands on her hips.

"Please, don't you think I can see it? Anyone with half a brain can see it. You guys having been dancing around each other for a long time, besides, Kyoko looks like someone kissed the living daylights out of her. She's still in shock. It's so obvious." Both looked at Kyoko who flushed crimson. Momose laughed again.

"It's alright, it's a cute look. Anyways, I was just about to leave for dinner when you guys came in. I take it you will be attending?" A nod came from both. "Alright, then I will save you guys a seat downstairs." She began to leave and then stuck her head back in through the door.

"And don't take too long or I will come back up here to drag the two of you down." Winking she left, ignoring Kyoko's mortified cry of "Momose-san!" And the sound of Ren's light laughter.

After about 10 minutes, Kyoko emerged from the bathroom, clad in a white tunic top and dark wash skinny jeans. On her feet, she wore small white wedge heels, to complete the outfit. She blushed, for what seemed like the 50th time that day, as Ren made an approving sound, looking her over and they exited room, making their way down stairs to the dining area.

As the elevator opened on the lobby floor and they walked across the lobby to the dining area, when Ren noticed that many men in the room were taking particular notice of Kyoko. His eyes narrowed as he snaked an around Kyoko's waist and pulled her to him as they continued to their destination.

For once though, Ren missed a crucial detail as he walked towards the table that had their colleagues sitting around it. He could see Yashiro's eyes widening, even from this distance. Suddenly, there was the sound of a chair being pushed back violently and he found himself face-to-face with Fuwa Sho, who did not look happy. His face was slightly purple with anger as he half yelled at him in the middle of the dining room.

"You – You, aren't you ashamed of yourself? What kind of senpai takes advantage of his kouhai this way? You're taking advantage of her just 'cause she doesn't know what it means to hold someone like that!"

"Sho – !" Kyoko made to speak to him but was cut off as Ren suddenly grabbed her and kissed her full on the mouth in middle of the dining room. She vaguely heard Sho sputter incoherently and distantly heard loud cries of Yes! And No Way's! from all around the dining room, though it seemed to come mostly from the direction of the Dark Moon, Yashiro's squealing dominant. As they separated to yells and cheers from their friends, Ren grinned at a stupefied Sho.

"Who's my kouhai?" He watched, amused, as the young musician's face contorted unpleasantly with anger.


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