Beauty and the Beast

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Alex Flinn.

P.O.V.: Kyle

Genre: Romance, Angst, and Drama

Date Finished: February 22, 2011

When she looks at me, all she will see is the beast.

She will see only ugly, not beauty.

She will see only a monster, not a lover.

She will see someone pathetic, not lovely.

No girl loves inter beauty. The only type of guys girls love are the pretty boys. No girl will ever fall for a beast. At least, if I were a girl, I wouldn't fall for me.

There must only be a few witches in the world and I had to meet one of them. Sure, she was ugly, but when she shed her shell, she was Aphrodite. Her inside was a beauty. My inside was a beast.

I am a monster, not a beauty.

I only see a beast.

I only see ugly.

I need someone to love a beast. I need her to love me. I need her to see past all of this. I need her to fall in love with me like the princess in a Disney movie. I need her to see the real me.

But this isn't a fairy tale, it's present-day New York City.

In this world, love is truly a beast.

In this world, love sucks.

If I close my eyes, I can almost picture it. The ballroom scene where she's wearing a lovely, old-fashioned ball gown. She reaches for my hand. I don't want to take it; I am too embarrassed. The music starts playing from nowhere. We dance the night away and at midnight I receive that kiss. I go back to normal, but the beauty is still in love with her beast.

This will never happen.

Love is too beastly.

I will not get my Disney movie ending. Instead, I will get a horror movie ending.

I go a dance at another school. It appears to be a school where outer beauty isn't everything. It's Halloween; I can enter. I meet a girl who's nice. She thinks the beast is a costume. When she finds that it's real, she runs away screaming.

Love will never find me.

I will never find my beauty.

No girl will ever see past the beast.

That is until she came along.

The beauty fell for the beast.