Beauty and the Beast 2

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Alex Flinn.

P.O.V.: Lindy

Genre: Romance, Angst, and Drama

Date Finished: February 26, 2011

I don't see a beast. I see a lost young man.

I see someone who needs someone to care for him in this dark world. I see someone who reminds me of myself.


I hate him a first for keeping me here. I want to avoid him with all costs.

But the roses draw me in. They make me want to see him.

He takes me places I've never been. He gives me everything. I never ask for any of it.

I find myself giving into the beast. He's beautiful.

He looks at me like no one ever has. He makes me feel special, beautiful, wonder, and so much more. He makes me feel like a beauty.

He saves me.

He lets me go.

He understands that if you love something you have to go.

Most importantly, he cares for me.

When I look at him, all I see is someone lovely.

I will see only beauty, not ugly.

I only see a lover, not a lover.

I see someone lovely, not pathetic.

Just like magic out of a fairy tale, the beauty fell for the beast.