Summary: Dinobot and (Armada) Starscream at the gates of Valhalla.

Transformers © Hasbro

Sword in hand, I join the battle
To write the closing chapter of my story
A lifetime spent with no other hope
But to fight and die in glory.

Sword in hand I join the battle,
My desperate gambit, a lethal dance
I will lay down my one life
To give thousands a second chance

Remember my good deeds and bad,
Hate me not for what I must do.
We shall meet again in death,
Tonight I fight and die for you.

Allies, friends, I now depart.
Alone I'm crushed, reduced to dust.
I'm so tired of war and violence -

-And the rest – the rest is silence.

A/N: I don't normally employ the form of poetry when writing fanfiction, especially fanfiction about giant alien robots, but since these two characters are defined by a downright epic sense of a warrior's honor, it seemed somewhat appropriate.