Me: Hello my faithful readers and those of you who who are reading this on a whim. How are you doing?

Maya: Zorua I'm pretty sure their pissed you haven't updated in awhile and all they're getting is an author's note.

Angel: Yeah I would get to explaining what's going on.

Me: *whining* But I don't want to...

White: Then I'll do it; most of Zorua's stories are going on hold-

Me: Not hold they won't be a top priority. The fact of the matter is guys, I have too many on going projects. With the five or so stories I have going on; plus the soul eater abridged series I'm not only writing the script for but also editing the video.

Candace: His time is spread thin and he's been staying up until three working on it all because life has been getting hectic for us.

Me: Yeah so for the time being I can only focus on one of these stories... Except for afterlife because I'm not the only one writing that. Now I need to pick which story will be my main focus; and you guys will be the ones deciding it. N tell them how.

N: Alright guys it's really quite simple all we need you to do is review with which story you want to see updated the quickest.

Me: Story with the most reviews to this chapter, stays a top priority; everything else... Well I'll try to update those at least once every three months. Quick side note to anyone who wants to know when the series is up just ask.

Angel: Please click the review button and cast your votes now.