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Prologue: The Mistake of the Century

A vicious roar rang out followed by an immense wave of killer intent so strong that hundreds of infants and seniors died by the the immense pressure felt. Others were paralyzed in fear of their doom while those who found their voice screamed in terror. Yet their were those who were not reacting this way, they were the shinobi of the Village hidden in the leaves. These men and women were preparing to face the the source of the killer intent the king of all Demons the Nine-Tailed Fox the Kyuubi no Yoko. As the the Demon approached The shinobi rushed to stop the beast from making it to their home but their attempts seemed futile. The Fox seemed to just brush off all all attacks the shinobi could throw at it. Dozens of warriors died off like lambs to the slaughter.
Suddenly a blast of smoke erupted between the Nine-Tails and the leaf village. When the Smoke cleared in it's place was an enormous toad almost as large as the Demon fox itself. The toad had an sword sheathed on his side and on top of its head stood three men. The youngest a sized man with a head of wild blond hair. This man wore a white cloak with orange flames on the bottoms. The next man was the tallest out of the three men he had spiky white hair he wore a red outfit with a forehead protector with the kanji for oil on it. The last man was by far was the eldest as he was missing hair and what hair he did have was gray almost bordering white he was dressed in a black battle suite. The eldest man also was holding a small bundle of blankets that was concealing a newborn baby.

"Minato please reconsider what your about to do. Jiraiya and I know the jutsu let one of us take your place." The eldest man pleaded

"Sarutobi you know why I have to do this. It is my job as hokage to put my life on the line for this village not yours. My responsibility is to make sure this village remains safe beside now I won't have to deal with the paper work. The young blond identified as Minato replied with a weak chuckle. The white haired man shook his head. "Sarutobi-sensei is right you shouldn't be doing this you have your whole life ahead of you we, on the other hand, are aged and past our prime let us take your spot."

"Jiraiya-sensei I can't let that happen now quite I have to focus." Minato replied before he began a long series of hand signs. "Bunta get us in close on my mark." The giant toad nodded as he went into battle against the Nine-tails. Seeing the toad approach the shinobi retreated to a safe location. The large toad began to battle the the Nine-Tails Fox while Minato continued his hand signs. Suddenly Minato stopped and shouted, "Gamabunta NOW." The giant toad jumped at the Nine-Tails and pierced it in the foot his sword. The Fox yelped in pain and used one of its tails to attack Gamabunta hitting the gigantic toad in the eye. Then suddenly a spectral hand shot from Minato's chest and grew in size until it was larger than a house. The hand then extended until it reached into The Nine-tails' chest. Instantly to Minato and the Kyuubi the Death God appeared to be reaching through Minato and into the foxes chest. With the a hard tug the Death God pulled the Kyuubi's soul and chakra out of its body.

Instantly Minato rushed to Sarutobi, who had already opened the blankets to reveal the sleeping baby, pulled out some ink and a pen and began writing on the infant's stomach, Minato then proceeded to copy the same seal onto his own stomach. Once finished Minato placed a palm on on the baby's hand and Shouted, "Seal!" The demonic chakra that in the Death God's hands went shooting toward The group. It then split in two with one half seeping into the Naruto's stomach while the other half doing the same with Minato's stomach.

"It's finished," Minato murmured before he collapsed to his knees. "Hand me Naruto. I'd like to hold my son one final time before I die." Sarutobi nodded before handing the baby who had just woken up to Minato. The adult blond smiled gently at his child before kissing him on the forehead. "Remember son your mother and I always will love you." Minato then handed Naruto to Sarutobi again before he fell on his side with a final breath.

Jiraiya shook his head, "He was and always will..." The man never got to continue as suddenly the Kyuubi's chakra poured out of Minato's body and began circling Naruto. On reflex Sarutobi jumped back but to his surprise Naruto remained in the same spot floating in in a sphere of red chakra. As more chakra seeped out of Minato the sphere grew until it was the size of a large bedroom and so thick Naruto wasn't visible, but his cries of pain were still heard. Then chakra stopped seeping out of Minato and the ball stopped growing. Sarutobi and Jiraiya watched as ball began to seep into Naruto and his cries increased. Within a few moments all the chakra had seeped into the infant and he fell but was caught by Jiraiya before he could land on Gamabunta's head.

"What happened." Sarutobi asked with a slight tremor of fear his voice. Jiraiya examined the baby to find that the only thing changed about Naruto was he had three marks on each that resembled whiskers. I... I'm not sure when Minato explained it this shouldn't have happened now Naruto has all of Kyuubi's chakra sealed into him instead of half." Jiraiya said with a sigh. "Sarutobi-sensei we can't tell anybody about this."

"Your right but now I have to explain this to the counsel I fear life won't be easy for little Naruto if the the results of the meeting are bad enough." Sarutobi said as his face became sullen.