I'm not done writing Make Me Feel ALIVE but this story is stuck in my head so I had to write it down tell me what you guys think.

Redemption of the Namikaze

Brief Summary-When Minato Namikaze looks from the Kyuubi to his critically wounded wife Kushina and crying newborn Naruto he realizes his family means more than his village. So in a desperate move the hero of Konoha leaves it to burn in order keep his family alive. Now the most hated Shinobi in two villages the Namikaze family must redeem themselves somehow.

Chapter 1- Family above all Else

"Huh... Huh... Huh... You are stronger than I anticipated Namikaze-san." A man panted he was garbed in a red

Cloak with an orange swirling mask on. The mask only

had one eye revealing a eye with a red iris and three swirling tomoe around the pupil. The cloak figure was speaking to another man who was glaring heavily at the him. The man had bright spiky blonde hair and striking blue eyes. The man was garbed in the traditional jounin attire but on top of his jounin uniform he sported a white short sleeved long coat that went down to his knees. The coat was decorated with red flames on the bottom and the kanji yondaime hokage written on the back. In one arm the man held a tiny newborn baby.

"But unfortunately it matters not because I have already released the Kyuubi. Now your wife will die and your village will burn." The cloak figured stated victoriously.

The blonde didn't respond instead he vanished in a bright yellow flash. When the man reappeared he was next to a red hair woman who looked dead on feet. Her hair was dull and lifeless, her skin was pale to the point that it looked almost gray, and a steady stream of blood was dribbling out the corner of her mouth.

"Kushina-chan, get to the hospital I will handle it from here." The man murmured his heart breaking as he looked upon his dying wife.

"No Minato-kun you need me. You can't take on the Kyuubi alone." Kushina snapped though she looked like she would collapse any moment. Minato shook his head and sighed.

"Stubborn to the end dear." Minato replied drawing a sad chuckle from his wife. Yet their laughter seemed to wake the baby who began to cry due to all the noise that had disturbed it. The baby instantly snapped the two from their moment.

"Kushina go when I go Naruto-chan will need somebody to take care of him." Minato said seriously. Yet this only made the woman pause for a second.

"I know but me being there for Naruto won't matter he can't successfully seal the Kyuubi. And for that you need me there." Kushina said her tone not giving any room for argument. Minato shook his then took hold of his wife and the three disappeared in a yellow flash. This time the three appeared right in front of a giant fox monster. The beast had blood red fur and nine red tail flailing wildly behind it.

Before the beast could respond Minato touched it and the entire group disappeared only to reappear miles away from the village it was attacking. The creature growled and brought one of its tails down to crush the family but they had vanished in a yellow flash.

"Minato-kun, Kushina-chan what the hell?" When the family had reappeared in front of a two women. One appeared to be in her early thirties and had sandy blonde hair. She was wearing black pants a green jacket and high heel sandals. The other girl seemed only seemed to be around ten with jet black hair and was wearing a purple kimono.

"Yeah Minato what the hell?" Kushina asked just as confused as the two women.

"Tsunade I'll explain later just heal my wife now, please." Minato said gesturing to Kushina. The blonde nodded and her hands began to glow green as she set to work healing Kushina. A few hour later Tsunade finished and it clearly showed. The color had returned to Kushina's skin and hair. While the woman didn't necessarily look ready to fight any major battles she didn't look like she was going to die anytime soon.

"Alright pretty boy your wife will be fine. Explain to me why you're not at Konoha sitting in your office." Tsunade demanded.

"Baasan the Kyuubi was set free by Madara Uchiha. I fought him but I had to return to the village to defeat the beast. Yet when I confronted it I just couldn't." Minato explained dejectedly. Minato words struck Tsunade like and anvil she the moment she recovered from the shock the only thing she could feel was rage. Rage directed at the blonde who had abandoned her home.

What do you mean you couldn't face it? You mean you just left to Konoha to just handle the strongest of the Bijuu alone?" Tsunade yelled.

"Tsunade I couldn't my wife was dying and I knew I would have to sacrifice my life to seal the beast in my son. I just couldn't do that."

"You worthless coward, you left your village just because you were afraid to die." Tsunade growled.

"NO I would die in a second to protect the ones I love. It's just dying to seal the Kyuubi would only hurt Naruto and kill Kushina and they are the two people I care the most for." Minato said bringing his family to him. The yelling finally seemed to upset baby Naruto as he began to wail in his mothers arms. Seeing the this Tsunade understood why Minato couldn't destroy his family for Kushina.

"I... I understand. I don't like what you did but I understand that family comes above all else." Tsunade said. "But what now. There is no way in hell you can go back to Konoha and you have too many enemies to just wander the lands like Shizune and I."

"While you were healing Kushina I thought of a plan but I need you to take care of Kushina and Naruto while I'm gone." Minata said. Tsunade nodded but that answer didn't satisfy her or Kushina.

"Where are you going." The two women asked.

"Mizu no Kuni." Minato replied before he disappeared in a yellow flash.

Despite saying that he was going to Mizu the blonde Shinobi had reappeared just outside of Konoha. The moment he looked upon his old home his heart bled. The village was reduced to rubble. Buildings lay demolished on the street. Bodies of dead or dying Shinobi littered the destruction. Even the Hokage monument had not survived all the faces were reduced to unidentified craters in the side of the mountain.

"Oh my..." Minato whispered. Then just as Minato was about to leave he felt multiple chakra signatures approaching his position. Thinking quickly Minato began to use his finger to write on his arm.

"Sealing Art: False Identity." Minato before he channelled chakra into his seal. The blonde was instantly transformed into a younger Shinobi who had dark brown hair and green eyes. The Shinobi lacked the vest of a chunin and jounin so he was presumed genin. As the signatures came closer the now transformed Minato his inside a nearby destroyed building.

"What are casualties?" a voice asked. Minato looked to see an elderly man walking through the wreckage with a group cloaked Shinobi Minato instantly recognized Hiruzen Sarutobi and the elite Anbu black ops squad.

"Hiruzen-sama we have lost over half over total forces but only a third of that were comprised of Anbu Jounin and chunin." The Anbu replied.

"So we lost most of our youth." Hiruzen said with a sigh. The Anbu nodded silently. "Tell me of the jounin we lost."

"We lost the Inuzuka clan head Ryoken as well as the Akimichi clan head Chouza. Ibiki Morino, Ko Hyuuga, Maki Yakushi, Hizashi Hyuuga and Rin Moya were all confirmed dead. Anybody else will be deemed MIA by tomorrow morning." The Anbu answered sadly.

"I see Inu go collect the civilian from the chambers in the mountain and all remaining Shinobi. I have something I must say." Hiruzen ordered. The Anbu nodded and then he and his squad jumped onto the rubble to the mountain.

"You can come out now young one." Hiruzen said. Minato hesitantly walked out of the building and up to the former Kage.

"Did you lose family child?" Hiruzen asked sadly. Minato slowly nodded head remembers all the names the Shinobi that were confirmed dead.

"I apologize young one. It seems the Yondaime disappeared on us in our hour of need." Sarutobi said spitting out Yondaime like it was poison.

"Did he have a good reason?" Minato asked.

"No reason on earth is good enough to give that coward the right to condemn our village the way he did."

Hiruzen growled.

"But the Yondaime is a good person. What if it was for his family?" Minato continued hoping to get Hiruzen to see reason.

"His family be damned! Why should they live just so we could die." Hiruzen yelled alerting multiple Shinobi in the area.

"I see." Minato replied quietly. By now there were a few Shinobi surrounding the two yet Minato had a bubbling rage inside him. Faster than anybody could react to Minato slammed Hiruzen by throat into a nearby destroyed building. His Jutsu faded causing a few Shinobi to gasp and others to gasp.

"You know when I left in order to protect my family I regretted doing so because I knew Konoha would be destroyed but talking to you has cleared things up Sarutobi-san. This village didn't deserve the sacrifice my son, wife, and I we're going to make." Minato spat. The blonde looked around some of the Shinobi had backed off but more of them had readied weapons in preparation to strike down the former Kage. "Be warned, hate me as much as you like but if any Konoha Shinobi lays a finger on my family then I will make sure this village wades knee high through its own blood."

It was at that moment the Shinobi brandish weapons sprung into action but it was too late Minato was engulfed in a yellow flash before he was gone. With the pressure removed from his neck Sarutobi collapsed onto his knees gasping for air. Two Shinobi instantly were at his side helping the veteran to his feet. When the Sandaime Hokage finally caught his breath a deep scowl made its way onto his face. He then growled, "From this day forward Minato Namikaze is to be placed in our bingo book as a S-ranked missing ninja."