His arms were folded neatly across his chest. He had one leg crossed over the other as he sunk deeper into the uncomfortable chair.

"Kurt Hummel" he mumbled to himself. "You are such a fool. You knew that you had the male pregnancy gene. Why did you not use protection?"

He stopped for a moment just too burry his face in his hands.

"It has to be impossible," he murmured. "It has to be. It is? Is it?" He laughed. "This is ridiculous."

"Mr. Hummel," a nurse called. "Dr. Fielding will see you now."

Kurt nervously entered the office.

"Mr. Hummel," Dr. Fielding spoke cheerfully. "Please. Have a seat." She said sitting behind her desk.

Kurt settled himself in the chair. "Well," he said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

"I have the results."

Kurt rubbed his hand together. "So…?" he laughed.

"You are pregnant."