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Sam blinked open his eyes and reeled back in shock as he saw a familiar freckled face staring down at him.

"Dean?" Sam gasped. "What the hell are you doing!"

"Easy dude," Dean smirked. "I promise I wasn't trying to take advantage of your virginity."

Sam rolled his eyes and pushed Dean away from him. "Seriously, what are you doing in my crib again? Didn't you get in trouble last time?"

"Yeah. And?"

Sam shook his head, his subconscious having already supplied the answer that Dean gave. "Whatever, look dude, why were you acting like that yesterday?"

"Huh? Like what?"

"Like…you were just acting…I dunno… weird man…"

Dean looked confused. "Dude, I didn't even see you yesterday. Are you feeling alright?" he asked.

Sam's brows furrowed in confusion. "Dude, you were right there. I escaped my crib and had to freakin' crawl onto your giant ass bed and then you kicked me out!"

"Okay, first off, my bed is smaller than my body." Dean said, an eyebrow raised. "For you," Sam muttered.

"And second, dude, what the HELL are you talking about?"

Sam opened his mouth, about to answer, but then he froze. Dean frowned and waved a hand in front of his face, but Sam didn't move.

Just as Dean was starting to get worried, Sam moved again.

"What the hell was that!" Dean's voice sounded angry, but really he was just worried. Sam however, cringed at the sound and then started crying.

Dean was at a complete loss. "Sam?" he asked, but Sam just cried louder. "Sam, shut up, Mom and Dad are going to hear you!"

Too late. "Goddamnit – Dean!" John's voice came from the door. Dean let out a gasp and looked up to see his father's annoyed and furious face. He opened his mouth to explain but John picked him up out of the crib and hoisted him over his shoulder.

"That's it," he said, "no playing for the rest of today OR tomorrow."

To Dean the punishment seemed rather fair. After all, he WAS going to be 30 soon.

Though to five-year old Dean, he was sure this would have been a horrible punishment. His dad had told him about the fits he used to throw before the fire when he didn't have his playtime. Should he act like he cared, or should he try a different approach?

When John plopped him on the floor of his room, Dean spoke in a soft but pleading voice. "Daddy?" he whimpered, and John turned to look at him.

"Daddy, you can take away my playtime, but can I please stay with Sammy?"

For a moment John looked rather confused, then an amused grin slid on his face. Dean frowned. What was so funny?

"I know what this is," John said, and Dean felt a stir of hope. "You want to make me feel bad so that you can play, right?"

Dean's mouth fell open. That wasn't it at all!

"No, Daddy, I swear, it's Sammy!"

John sighed and sat down next to Dean, Indian Style. "Dean, you know that you're too big to play with Sammy now."

Dean looked down, playing with his fingers. "But Daddy, I love Sammy!"

Dean internally shuddered; he hadn't meant to say that out loud! Of course he'd been thinking it, but he hadn't wanted to say that.

John smiled, "I know that you love him, Dean. We all love Sammy. But trust me on this, you need to start hanging out with friend's your own age."

"But –"

"No buts. Tomorrow we can go to the park, just you and me, how does that sound?"

The park…his dad had never taken him to the park before! Dean suddenly felt very enthusiastic, all traces of former irritation and sadness were gone. "Yeah, I'd like that! Let's go today Daddy!"

John laughed. "Not today little buddy, but I promise we can tomorrow. I have to work the night shift tonight," he explained. Then he chuckled, "you won't know what a night-shift it yet."

"Yes I do," Dean said crossly. "It's when you have to work at nighttime!"

John looked taken aback for a moment, before he finally regained his composure. "Well, yes. How'd you know that?"

"I'm twen – I'm five," Dean pointed out. "I know these kinds of things."

To his surprise John laughed. Dean was about to ask what was so funny when John sat up, ruffled his hair (to the protests of Dean) and said, "tomorrow, I promise me and you will go to the park."

Dean sighed. "Yeah, alright…"

"But only if you promise to stay out of Sammy's crib."

"But –" he cut off at the look on his father's face. "Yeah alright," he sighed, looking down again.

"Now, remember, no playtime. Your toys are off-limits."

"Right," Dean mumbled.

John glanced at the clock and gave a start, "Woah little buddy. Looks like it's time for your nap already!"

"Nap?" Dean exclaimed, dismayed, but John was already by the bed. Dean watched with fascination as he rearranged pillows and covers so that the bed would be all ready for Dean to sleep in.

"Come on," John said, picking Dean up and putting him in the bed. Dean watched as he pushed him back so that he was lying on his back, and pulled the covers up to Dean's chin. "I'll wake you up in an hour, okay?"

Dean nodded, still in his fascinated state. His dad had never tucked him in before…he'd never had the time.

"Alright," John kissed his forehead and went over to the blinds, shutting them so darkness fell upon the room.

"I'll leave the door cracked, okay?" John asked. Dean nodded again, suddenly feeling tired. The covers seemed to warm his whole body, and his little frame shook as he yawned. He managed to stay awake for about five minutes before he drifted off.

Sam watched, forlorn, as his dad left the house with Dean by his side. They were going to go on what Dean had explained smugly was 'the place where YOU can't go'.

Whatever, like he wanted to go with his big brother anyway…or his dad…

"Sammy," Sam heard his mother coo. A pile of sticky brown stuff was placed on the small table thing the high chair offered. He took one look at it and cringed. Was she trying to kill him! That stuff looked like something a witch would cook.

Mary grabbed the soft baby-spoon from a drawer and turned back to Sam. "Open up!" she said, dipping the spoon into the baby food and putting it near Sam's mouth.

Sam whined and turned his face away, so the spoon his cheek rather than inside his mouth. Mary frowned, "Sammy come on, this is your favorite!"

Sam stubbornly kept his mouth shut tight. He was not going to eat that gook! He didn't care if God himself were feeding him, he wasn't going to eat it.

"Oh, Sammy, look!" Mary exclaimed, pointing towards the opposite end of the room. Sam, falling for the bait, turned to look. As soon as he did so Mary plopped the spoon inside his mouth.

He gagged around the spoon but Mary seemed pleased. He swallowed the horrid-looking baby food with great reluctance.

As soon as the spoon was out of his mouth Sam was able to taste the actual formula…it wasn't bad. Actually, it was quite good! He giggled and opened his mouth, waiting for more. Mary, hearing his giggles, started giggling herself and lifted the spoon again.

"Open for the airplane!" she said, twisting the spoon this way and that, laughing at the look of pure delight on Sammy's face. She plopped the food into his mouth again and he let out a happy gurgle.

"More, Mommy, more!" he said happily as Mary raised the spoon again. Suddenly the phone rang. "Oh!" Mary exclaimed, then she looked at Sam and pinched his nose. "Mommy will be right back."

Sam watched as she raced to the other room, picking up the phone. He didn't like the sound of it, it was too loud. It hurt his ears.

He waited patiently for Mary to come back, but after about two minutes of her not returning Sam started to feed himself. He put his small hand into the amazing tasting gook and threw it in his mouth, not even noticing it getting on his cheeks and shirt.

When Mary came back in she saw both an adorable and disasterous sight. Sammy was gurgling while shoving some of the baby formula in his mouth, and everywhere else. Apparently, he had decided to feed himself.

"Oh, Sammy!" Mary exclaimed, running towards him. "Sweetie, you got it all over you."

She felt bad by her tone though, when Sam looked up at her with big hurt eyes. "Oh, baby, Mommy's not mad at you." She said softly, kissing his curly hair. Boy was it hard keeping up with a two year old. Had Dean needed this much care and attention? She couldn't remember, but she did like the feeling of being needed by somebody.

Sammy clapped his hands, snapping Mary out of her thoughts. "Let me clean you up," she said in a soft voice, pulling out some baby-wipes and wiping his face and hands off. "We're going to need to give you a bath too." She murmured.

The words, though spoken softly, seemed to have an effect on Sam. He stopped giggling and his face was no longer happy. His curly hair fell in front of his eyes and his mouth was set in a pout. The sight was heartbreaking. He looked up at her with big, watery eyes.

Mary laughed, "oh Sammy. I know you don't like baths, but you're going to get one!" she said, tickling him. The giggling came back, and his face turned red from laughter. Mary picked the still laughing child up and walked to the bathroom.

As soon as they stepped inside Sammy started crying. Mary sighed, knowing she'd be more soaked then Sammy after his bath was done.

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