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(Omniscent POV)

Trunks trembled in the waist deep water and tightly closed his eyes as he felt his robe sliding off of his shoulders. Large calloused hands caressed his bare skin making him flush a pale pink. He tucked his chin toward his chest and began to cower. The giant warrior before him sighed before hooking his chin with a large finger and tilting his head upward.

His breathing hitched and attempted to pull his head away but to no avail. He felt lips smothering his own. A rather large prodding tongue forced its way into his mouth catching the young saiyan off guard. He struggled to pull back however he was just pulled closer and the kiss deepened.

After what seemed like an eternity the kiss broke and both warriors were left gasping for air.

(Trunks' POV)

Slowly I opened my eyes, I was still panting from that lung collapsing kiss. Broly was staring at me, his dark eyes were glazed gray from lust. My body went numb and I felt as if I had to do whatever he asked.

His large hands slid under my arms to move me. Slowly I felt my body moving backwards into more shallow waters. Once we stopped I was quickly turned around and picked up, my chest was placed flat on the ground with my ass directly in his line of sight. He pressed up against me, rubbing his erection between my thighs. I whimpered a little as I felt my body go weak.

"Shhh, it's okay. I'll be gentle. It will feel good I promise." He whispered as he rolled my robe up to my lower back. I began to squirm on the ground to get away. Broly let out a sound that was a cross between an amused chuckle and an irritated sigh. He used one hand to put a firm grip on the back of my neck. I felt his other hand rubbing the front of my thigh before slowly wandering up and palming my length through my underwear.

As much as I despised admitting it, the touch felt good. I craved more, I wanted him to touch me more. Closing my eyes I started rubbing up against his hand while letting out small moans hear and there. His breathing picked up and he responded to me without speaking. He brought his knee up, using it to push my legs apart. The man behind me let out an audible sigh before removing his hand from my neck and tearing off my undergarments.

My heart started going a mile a second as he began rapidly humping me. My brain said hate but my body was screaming for more.

(Broly's POV)

All self-control was gone. This was the moment I had been desiring for such a long period of time that my eagerness was overwhelming. But, I knew that I had to calm myself or I would end up hurting the young hybrid and my chances of offspring.

Rubbing against him felt so amazing, the water had been mixed with oils by some of the servants the previous day. The slickness and friction was driving me mad but I had to postpone my actions. Taking deep breaths I managed to calm myself and the absence of feeling left the young one beneath me crying for more.

"You are a needy little thing aren't you, boy?" I whispered to him. Lightly I traced the outer shell of his ear causing him to moan and grind back against me. His entire body was flushing pink while his face was closer to red.

Keeping my position over him I slowly rubbed his ass until my index finger ghosted over a tight ring of muscles. His face turned a darker shade and he tensed up at the sensation. Gently I kept prodding his entrance with my finger until it slipped in. The tight heat of his body had a death grip on my finger as he mewled and writhed beaneath me. Soon he got used to the one finger, lulling himself into a trance like state as he rocked back against the finger inside him.

I slid a second finger into him and he jolted, reaching back to place a firm grip on my wrist. Stopping the movements I kissed the side of his face to calm him.

"Your fingers...they're large...it's painful...too much..." He panted out, his face twisted and reddened by pain with a hint of embarassment.

Shaking my head, I used my other arm to pull his face closer to mine. This shifted the already strange position so I had access to his face. I slowly began moving my fingers again to prepare him. Tears were cascading down from his eyes as he choked back his sobs. Sighing I pulled my fingers out and rolled him over so he was laying on his back instead of his chest. Lifting his legs to my shoulders I returned to my previous minstrations. I leaned down to lock him into a kiss to silence his cries.

Soon he was complacent and riding my fingers, urging them to go deeper. I added the other two fingers at the same time. He let out choked, broken scream of pain. It was too much for him at that moment but I had to speed up the preparation a little bit. I stretched him good enough, all four of my fingers were knuckle deep in the heat of contricting and untouched hole.

Slowly I eased my fingers out and removed the rest of my clothing. My plan was now in full effect.

(Switch POV)

My body was burning from being fingered. My face was hot with embarrassment from being touched. Even more so at the thought of Broly figuring out that I was a virgin. Silently, I prayed he wouldn't say anything of it...but luck was still against me.

"Look at me." He said. I tightly shut my eyes and refused.

"Trunks? Look at me." He said gently. I kept my eyes shut as I felt a large palm cup the side of my face. Slowly, I opened my eyes to look upon the man above me.

"I know that this is your first time. I also know that you are very nervous but, do as I say and it will feel like nothing you've ever experienced." My face flushed a darker shade of red at his words and the gentleness behind them.

"O-Okay...please be gentle." These were the only words that came out my mouth. I was starting to relax...until I looked down and got a good look at him.

His length was huge. I began to get nervous again as thoughts of: 'Holy Shit that thing is huge.' and 'That is not going to fit.' ran through my head. I watched in horror as he began to press the head against my entrance. He inched it in little by little. He went slowly because I started crying.

With a sigh he reached up to where he threw his clothes. Taking his robe he wadded the sleeve before putting it in my mouth.

"Bite down and try not to scream. We are just getting started, okay?" He said before kissing my forehead.

I took a deep breath in through my nose. Then the pain truly began, he quickly pushed in and I stopped breathing. My stomach felt like it was going to tear open and my ass couldn't adjust to him. He had to be at least ten inches in length if not longer on top of that he was thick so that made it all the worse.

Tears were streaming down my face as I bit down hard on the sleeve in my mouth. Slowly, he began moving. Fear set in and an impeding panic attack was getting closer. I went over the edge, spitting out the sleeve I started screaming and hyperventalating.

"Agh..it hurts..it burns...pull out...PULL OUT!" I yelled choking on the air. Broly shook his head and gripped my hips on either side.

Suddenly, I lurched to the side and threw up on the ground. My body shook violently as I coughed with tremendous force. The large warrior pulled out before wrapping an arm around my waist and lifted me up off the ground. He braced my back with his other arm, his hand on the back of my head. My vision was blurry as he pulled me upward so I was resting my head on his shoulder with my legs around his waist and a strong arm hooked under the back of my thighs.

I closed my eyes as a large hand rubbed my back. It was soothing, surprisingly. He whispered sweet things into my ear. My body relaxed as he slowly moved backwards into deeper water. His hand left the back of my head and started spreading my ass.

"Let's try again. This time we cannot stop." He whispered to me before placing himself at my entrance yet again. He slid into me again and I let out a yelp of pain. The deeper he went the deeper I sunk my nails into his back. My eyes were tightly shut as I attempted to hold back tears.

He struck something...whatever it was the shock made my eyes open. Again, this time I recognized the sensation. His length was ramming into my bladder. It wasn't obvious if he knew what he was doing or not but I had to get him to stop.

"Agh...my bladder...your hitting my bladder!" I screamed. Broly kept going and the ballooned organ he was striking was half full. A pitiful whine tore from my throat before I urinated on the both of us. My body was shaking from the release of tension and lack of pressure.

(Switch POV)

I could feel a warm sensation as the small hybrid relieved himself. Slowly, I shifted myself to a diferent angle. Resuming my previous actions, keeping an even pace as I rocked up into him. The young boy ceased his screaming though tears still fell. At a time like this I may have had sympathy but, with everything I had planned at stake, there was no time for pity. I needed heirs and this was the only way I would get them.

The choked sobs changed into shocked gasps when I struck a certain spot. The nails in my back went deeper and his thighs tightened around my waist. I did the same movement over and over. The hybrid moaned louder with every successful thrust. All self-control was gone as my thrusts became more rapid. A few thrusts and a hoarse scream (from my queen of course) later I fninshed inside of him. Doing as I was instructed I waited five minutes before pulling out in order to ensure conception. By that time the young saiyan was beginning to fall asleep.

After removing myself, I used the water around us to rid our bodies of evidence that may have alluded to our earlier actions. A bit of blood ran down his legs but it was nothing that a towel and a bit of pressure couldn't solve. Easing the two of us to the edge of the water, I gathered our garbs and teleported us back to my room. Once we arrived I pulled back the sheets and layed down with the hybrid still in my arms.

I had accomplished everything I sought for the night and tomorrow I would deal with the aftermath. A wave of exhaustion washed over me, easing me into a restful sleep.

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