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I sat up, not exactly sure where I was, but the sun was shining through the windows. I looked down at the chick in bed with me and couldn't remember ever seeing her before, maybe I was at her place, since nothing in the room was remotely familiar.

I climbed out of the bed and grabbed my jeans off the floor to pull them back onto my body. I didn't bother looking for my boxers. The girl moaned and rolled over to my spot in the bed. I got a better look at her, damn, I must have been really wasted, she had ugly all over her.

I checked my wallet to make sure she didn't help herself to my cash or credit cards and then headed out of the house. People were lying all over the place, obviously crashing from a big party. I looked around to make sure I didn't need to rescue my buddies and then got in my car and left. It was a typical weekend and I was growing tired of them.

My car was loud and fast, something I wanted when my dad let me pick one. Now, I wished I would have gone for some electric piece of shit that let me come home unnoticed. I walked through the back door and my mother turned to look at me, "At least you're sober," she mumbled, and I scowled as I hurried to my room.

Ah, my room, clean, orderly, everything a young man could expect from a cleaning staff paid to take care of him. I fell onto my bed and slept for most of the morning. A knock on my door woke me up and I groaned loudly.

"Get up shithead," my girl demanded, as she grabbed a fistful of my hair.

"Go home," I yelled, and took a swing at her arm holding my hair.

"You promised you would come with us today," Rosalie said, and I could tell she was going to squeeze out a few tears, but I would be unfazed.

"I'm hung-over and I need a shower," I said, and turned away from her.

"Did you cheat on me?" she demanded to know, and it really pissed me off. I told her long ago I wouldn't be faithful and she was the one who decided we would act like a couple, not me.

"My memory's a bit fuzzy, but I think I cheated twice, or maybe the once just lasted a long time," I said with a chuckle. I knew it would get her out of my room, but hell, it was also the truth.

She stormed out and slammed the door so I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't even remember where I had promised to go with her, but I was happy to be free from the obligation. It was my senior year of high school and I would be out of this piss ant town next fall. Forks was so small I had slept with most of the girls in my class, so I was stuck going to Port Angeles for fresh tail.

I had indulgent parents, grateful to have one baby who survived, so the word no, wasn't in their vocabulary. I constantly pushed their limits and grew immune to their disappointed stares and watery eyes. I would grow up…eventually, but now was my time to sow my wild oats.

When I woke up for good it was four in the afternoon. I wouldn't be allowed out on a Sunday evening so I didn't bother shaving or getting dressed. I showered and headed into the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Edward, come here please," my father called out. I walked into the living room to find Chief Swan talking with my father. Shit, I wished I could remember last night and what transpired that would send the local yahoo's to my house.

"Yeah," I said with a bit of an attitude.

"Charlie's daughter is starting Forks high tomorrow, I think it would be nice if you made sure she was feeling accepted and maybe introduce her around."

"A freshman?" I asked when I really wanted to tell him to shove it. I wasn't making anyone feel comfortable at a place I loathed.

"No, she's a senior. She usually lives with her mother, but she just remarried and is moving to Florida," Charlie explained, and I had no idea why he felt the need to tell me some loser chick's background.

"I'm sure she'll feel welcomed," I said, and turned to leave the room.

Charlie upped the stakes and called out, "I wouldn't want her going to Port Angeles and being served underage."

I got it, he wasn't here to ask me to be the welcome wagon, he was here to warn me to keep away from sweet cheeks. It made me really want to take a turn at the girl and see if she was worth the warning, but having the chief of police mad at you didn't bode well for future partying.

"I'm sure Angela will inform her who the dangerous people are at Forks High," I said and left the room. I wasn't sure if the Swan girl would keep the cops off our backs when we drank at First Beach or if it would send them right for us. I decided to just stay far from the girl and not find out.

I grabbed my science book and did a bit of homework before being interrupted by Jasper and Emmett. Something was going on and neither guy would look me right in the eyes. I didn't give a shit what their problem was and went back to my homework.

Jasper finally left my room to talk with my mother. He had a bit of a crush on her and flirted whenever he got the chance. It was disgusting, but it did win me extra time out of the house if I was with Jasper. Emmett stretched out on my bed and sighed loudly, which was really odd for Emmett to be thoughtful or introspective.

"What?" I asked without looking up.

"I met a great girl, I think I'm in love," he said and that got my full attention. His abs and dimples made him a favorite with the college girls and I didn't understand why he would be willing to forgo educated sex for some high school girl who wouldn't know an orgasm if it left her brain dead.

"I'm sure it will pass, like a case of the shits," I said, but he shook his head.

"Nope, this one is different," he professed.

"None of them are different, they are all exactly the same," I said to educate him.

"See, that is exactly why she dumped your ass for me," he said, and looked at my eyes to see if I got what he was telling me.

"Rose?" I asked. I really didn't care if she dumped me, I was just feeling a bit rejected and my pride was wounded.

"Yeah, Rose. I'm keeping this one," he said, and I shook my head.

"Good luck with that, nothing pleases her, and just so you know, she likes it kinky," I said to worry him a bit.

"Yeah, I know," he said right back to stun me.

Hot damn, Rose was cheating on me after all. I suddenly had a lot more respect for her. I always viewed her as clingy and desperate for such a beautiful girl, but actually she was playing the game right along with me.

"Is that why you showed up here, to tell me my girl is now yours?" I laughed, and he only glared at me. Jasper finally returned and looked a bit relieved to see we weren't beating on each other. He walked over to my stereo and hooked up his ipod. He had a great ear for music and always found the most interesting bands.

I went back to my homework, Jasper played air guitar along with the music, and I don't know what the hell Emmett was doing, but it was all interrupted again by a phone call from Alice. Jasper tossed me his phone so he could listen out the song.

"Come on over Alice, but we have to be really quiet since Jasper is here," I answered.

"Yeah right, like I could ever be quiet," she laughed with her high pitched giggle. "Hey, have you met the new girl?"

"A conversation or have I screwed her?" I asked.

"Isn't it the same thing with you?" Alice asked ,and then quickly added, "Put Jas on the line."

I tossed the phone back to Jasper and soon they left my room and let me finish up my homework. I tried to eat a bit of food, but my stomach was still resting from all the alcohol consumption. I was in bed by midnight and woke up bright and early Monday morning for the boring week at Forks high.

I drove into the parking lot fast and expected the naïve freshmen to get out of my way, but one person stopped right in the middle of the roadway, her eyes were wide with fear, like I would actually run her down.

"Get out of the fucking way," I screamed at her.

She hurried to clear my path and I shook my head and glared at her as I passed. I couldn't wait for this year to be over. I was so sick of this school and this town. I got out of my car and grabbed my backpack before heading to the picnic table just off of campus. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it before clearing school property. It was a big no no, but there wasn't a soul on campus with the guts to say anything.

Rose was sitting with Emmett and I decided to play with her mind a bit. "Hey, sweetheart, I missed you this weekend," I said, and held open my arms.

"Go blow yourself," she said, and put her arm around Emmett. I laughed and Emmett tried really hard not to smile, but failed miserably.

Alice was sitting straddled on Jasper and looked up at me with a smile, "Did you see the new girl?"

"Didn't we already have this conversation?" I asked. Alice was a bit ditzy, but I really liked her. I pulled her hair once in second grade and she dumped her entire tray on me in the cafeteria. From that moment on we were great friends.

"I think this one will be a challenge for you," she said as if stating a challenge.

I rolled my eyes and acted as disinterested as possible, but I had to admit she got me a little curious. I hadn't met a challenge yet. I had looks, great body, rich father, and a fast car, everything a teenage girl wants in a guy. But Forks was small and maybe this girl had everything she wanted in Arizona making the guys here mere shadows.

When the bell rang we headed into class. I had English first and noticed Lauren and Jessica gathered around a desk. It wasn't unusual; it was just usually my desk they gathered around. I walked to the back of the room and saw they were talking to a new girl, obviously Chief Swan's daughter.

"Edward," Jessica said, "Say hi to Bella Swan."

The girl turned to look at me and it was the same idiot from the parking lot. Her eyes narrowed a bit and she turned back to the front of the room. "Hey," I called out to embarrass her. She looked back and waited. "Next time keep walking, so you don't end up messing up the hood of my car."

Her face turned red and I was waiting for a pithy comeback, but she didn't answer and looked forward again. I stared at her dark hair the entire hour, she never looked back and she never spoke to anyone. It bugged me for some reason. When the bell rang she stood and took out her class schedule so I walked up behind her in the aisle.

"God, do you make it a habit to stand in my way?" I was going to smile at her when she turned to look at me, but she grabbed her backpack and rushed from the room without responding or even glancing at me. I was pissed, and interested as hell. Alice didn't need to offer me the challenge; I was offering it to myself.

I ran after her and grabbed her arm. "I was only teasing," I said, and purposefully stood a little too close.

Her mouth opened a couple of times but whatever she wanted to say it either wouldn't come out, or she decided not to say it, so she simply walked away. I headed to math and couldn't stop thinking about her. She was pretty, nothing outstanding like Rose, but she wasn't trying nearly as hard as Rose either. She had natural beauty and dressed in a simple casual way, not like she stepped from a runway like Alice.

Rose kicked my foot and I looked over at her. "Are you mad at Emmett?" she asked.

"Hell no, he's my best friend," I said honestly.

"So you don't care we're together?" she asked, and I noticed how sad she looked.

"No, I really don't care, get married, have babies, divorce and hate each other, I don't care."

"You're a hateful bastard," she said, and I smiled at how well she knew me.

I worked on homework during class so I would be free this evening. My parents were pretty lenient as long as I brought home good grades. I didn't have anything planned for the evening, but I would come up with something by the time school was out.

Third hour was science. I put my assignment on Mr. Banner's desk and headed to my table. I sat alone, since I work independently and usually a chapter or two ahead of the rest of the class. I watched as Bella entered the room. She walked to the teacher and he looked at a packet she handed him and then up at me. Ah shit.

They walked toward me and I wanted to lie across the table and cry, mine, mine, mine, like a baby. "Mr. Cullen," the teacher said, "You have some competition with Ms. Swan. She is further in the book than you are."

He found it funny, but I didn't. I liked my reputation as the guy who was naturally smarter than everyone else and I didn't need her here to mess it up for me. I reluctantly scooted over and she sat at the very edge of our shared table, almost like she was afraid of me. Maybe she was used to being smarter in Arizona and my presence worried her, too.

"I won't bite," I said, and watched her turn red. She continued to look away so I added, "Are you mute?"

"No," she said angrily. I waited for more but she didn't offer anything else.

"It's going to be a long fucking year if you refuse to speak to me," I said with a smile, trying to be charming, it obviously fell flat.

"I never said I refuse to speak to you," she mumbled, and looked at her hands as if they were a new discovery.

"Okay, you sit way over there and continue with your Helen Keller impersonation while I work on the lab that is due." Still, absolutely nothing from her so now I was getting really ticked. She wasn't the typical type of girl I went for, but the fact she acted like I didn't exist was making me a bit hard for her.

Halfway through the class Mr. Banner spoke. "Edward and Bella, you may leave while the others take a test." I gathered my stuff and she was out the door before I stood from my chair. I followed her and when she turned to go into the library I pulled her arm toward the picnic tables.

"If you go in there you'll get a bad reputation," I said, and she allowed me to lead her to the tables.

I pulled out a cigarette and took a long drag before staring at her uncomfortably. I was desperate to figure her out, but she remained a closed book.

"Did you leave a guy behind?" I asked, wondering if she was pissed about some dick in Arizona.

She finally looked right at me and said, "Look, I find you repulsive, your car is just an extension of your obviously lacking penis, you're bored in school so you act like a prick for attention, and smoking is disgusting, you might as well go lick a toilet. You are free to just ignore me and pretend my father never asked you to make me feel welcome, as far as you're concerned, I don't exist."

God, I was hot for her.


I knew I wouldn't see Bella during lunch; she was one of those who used the hour to actually eat something. Alice noticed how quiet I was and kicked my foot, "You met the new girl, didn't you?"

"What is with her?" I asked with disgust. "She's psychotic."

Alice only smiled and gave me a sideways glance. "She's different," she said, and that word meant something in Forks. Everything had been the same here since the giant forests were formed. Nothing changed and nothing new came to interests us poor souls stuck here.

"She'll make a great cop someday, the way she judges everyone like we are letting her down by not living up to some expectation she has filed away in her stupid brain," I said, and then realized everyone was looking at me during my rant. Man, the day was really starting to suck so I grabbed my shit and went to look for Lauren. She was always good for something in my car to relieve the stress.

I found her sitting with Bella and ran my hands through my hair in frustration. The table of girls looked up at me and giggled. "Lauren," I called out, and tossed my head to get her to come to me.

"What?" she called back and it really angered me. She knew what I wanted and was purposefully acting naïve, knowing I wouldn't say it out loud in front of the new girl.

"Come on," I said to prod her.

"For what?" she asked.

Now she did it, I wouldn't take her to my car if she begged me. Lauren just turned down her last invitation to my body. I stormed off and thought I heard the table laughing, but I couldn't be sure. I was sick of the affect the new girl was having on the population of Forks High, and something told me she knew exactly what she was doing.

I didn't see her again until last hour when she had P.E. at the same time I did. We were running on the track and I usually made sure to stay even with some hot girl, but today I just ran for the release of tension it was offering to me. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me and looked back to see Bella ready to overtake me.

"You're obviously a runner," I said, and then winced at how stupid it sounded. She didn't answer, no big shock here, and pulled up to my side and kept pace with me. I looked over at her often, but she never spoke and her face never changed its expression.

I vacillated between intrigue and absolute loathing for the girl during the run, but I had to admit she did peak my interest. I found myself wondering what she would feel like in my arms, if she was a good kisser or if she got wild during sex. When the whistle sounded she broke away from my side and ran to the locker room. I walked back trying to get her out of my head and convincing myself she was only interesting because she was a challenge.

I grabbed my stuff and headed to my car without showering or changing from my running clothes. I saw Rose talking with Bella, still in her running clothes, too. The one girl at Forks who never took crap from anyone was Rosalie Hale; I hoped she was telling Bella a thing or two. I also hoped she would have some insight into the new girl she would share with me.

I found Emmett waiting for Rose by his jeep so I walked over to wait with him, in case the Swan girl came up with Rose. We waited, like stupid saps and neither girl came. I finally got into my car and headed home.

My mom was working in the garden when I pulled up and waved at me. I found cookies on the table and I grabbed a few before heading to my room for a shower and fresh clothes. When I finally came downstairs for dinner my father was home. We all sat around the table eating silently until my dad asked, "Did you see Charlie's daughter today?"

"Forks High is pretty small, of course I saw her, she's a bitch."

"Edward," my mother said, but I knew it was only a reflex and she didn't care if her eighteen year old son used the word bitch.

"I heard some of the boys are pretty taken with her," dad said with a chuckle and I looked at him with contempt.

"She's new, everyone wants to be the first in her pants, that is the only attraction she has," I said with bitterness.

"But not you," my dad pushed.

"No, I have all the pussy I want," I said, and stood to leave the room in anger. I wasn't actually angry at my dad; we just couldn't seem to connect anymore. Everything he said or did pissed me off, so I tried to stay away from him. I never felt like I measured up in his eyes. He was a successful surgeon living out his fantasy of raising his child in a rural, safe environment. God, it was disgusting.

I got my keys and headed out to find Jasper or Emmett, hoping they weren't with Rose or Alice just yet. I saw Emmett's jeep at the pizza place so I pulled in. The place was full of guys but there weren't any girls around. "What's up?" I asked them, and Emmett put out his cigarette angrily.

"This town is so boring, I swear I think we're all dead and this is hell," he said, and sat back against the booth.

"Let's roll," I said and headed out to my car. Jasper got in front and Emmett got into the back. We drove toward First Beach and Jasper lit a joint and handed it to me. I felt better by the time we arrived and wasn't sure if it was the joint or the fact some girls were there.

We walked toward the large bon fire and I looked around for anyone I knew. I saw a few of the guys from La Push, the reservation a few miles south, but no girls from Forks were around. I decided to make do with what I had. I walked up to a pretty blonde and gave her my best smile. "Hi, Sweetheart, what's your name?"

"Sweetheart will do," she said back with a smile and I took her hand and led her away from the group. She was exactly what I was looking for, fast and simple. We went beyond the rocks and I pulled her against my chest and leaned over to kiss her. She laughed and pushed me back against the rocks.

"That isn't necessary," she said, and began removing my pants. Yes, she was exactly what I was looking for.

My head fell back and I closed my eyes as she went to work. I don't know why but the image of Bella came into my mind and I went with it. I was beyond excited; I was rock hard and needed to feel her in my arms. I put my hand in the girl's hair and she pushed it away. I wasn't trying to warn her, hell if she backed away she would get semen all over her face and I wouldn't give a damn, I just needed to feel something to go along with the visual in my head.

My hands pulled into fists and I was just about there when she stood up. I doubled over in pain her stopping caused me and looked at her with wild eyes. "What the fuck?" I yelled.

"Go home little boy," she said with a laugh and walked away. I didn't have a clue what was going on today, but the weirdness began with the new girl and something told me she was behind all of this. I grabbed my cigarettes and smoked as I tried to calm down. This let down was going to be physically painful and I wondered if I could get to Port Angeles and back in time for my curfew.

I found Emmett and Jasper in a mood just as bad as mine. Their girls weren't answering their calls and we were too stubborn to go by their houses, so we ended up going home. I got in the shower to finish what the bitch started and my fucked up mind took me right back to Bella. This time I didn't long to hold her. I pounded into her with everything I had, using my body to punish her for coming into my mind. It was the best shower I ever had.

I slept like a baby and showed up the next day ready to take on the mysterious Bella Swan. She wasn't messing me up again; I knew how to handle her kind. I pulled into the parking lot and she was walking slowly in the middle of the road again. I slowed down and watched her make her way to the other side of the road before squealing past her.

I got out and slammed my door and headed right for her. She looked up at me with large innocent eyes and it dampened my anger just a bit. "Walk faster," I yelled.

"What?" she asked with a shaky voice.

"When you get out of your car, walk faster so you don't get hit," I said, and realized how crazy I sounded. I wasn't the school appointed crossing guard, why did I care how fast she walked?"

Her head fell as her face reddened and I let go of her arm. This wasn't the person ruining my game. I had built her into something she wasn't and walked away before the poor thing wet her pants. I headed right to the picnic tables and saw Alice and Rose, even Lauren.

I sighed with relief and pulled out a cigarette before asking, "What did you do last night?"

"Nothing," Lauren said and shrugged.

"You should have called, so we could do…something," I said, and winked at her.

"If you want to see me, you call," she said, and the freaky alternate universe shit was starting again.

I looked over at Emmett and Jasper and both guys looked pissed, or stunned, or something. But they didn't look happy. I tossed my cigarette and got out of there. My ego needed a boost so I looked for some unsuspecting underclassman to give attention to. I walked into the commons area and found Bella talking and laughing with a group of younger girls.

I took a seat and simply watched. The shy embarrassed girl didn't exist anymore and a girl able to hold everyone's fascination took her place. When the bell rang everyone headed in different directions and my eyes connected with Bella's. She dropped her head and blushed but I wasn't buying it.

I waited for her to get to the door and said, "Nice, I get it now."

She glanced at me and kept walking so I followed behind, matching her step for step. She entered our English class and sat at her desk where I stopped and waited for her to look up. "I'd say you have two weeks tops before they figure out you're a fraud, use the time wisely."

"Edward," she said very softly, and I leaned down to hear her better, so she raised her mouth to my ear and said with her hot breath, "Go to hell."

I got instantly hard and walked to my seat to stare at the back of her damn head as I stewed over her words. I knew I should be angry or at least simply annoyed at her attempts to control me, but I was growing frantic in my need for her.

She had to have a weakness and I was determined to find it. She seemed to blush easily so maybe if I embarrassed her in front of the class she would stop messing with my head. I broke off a piece of my eraser and tossed it at her head.

She turned and I spread my arms wide and said, "What?"

Her attention went back to the material on the board so I whispered loudly, "Bella."

When she turned again I was reading my own book and didn't look up. The kid across from me chuckled and I knew Bella was getting pissed. I finally stuck my foot out and ran it along the back of the chair across her ass and she jumped forward making a loud noise with the chair and getting the teacher's attention.

"Is there a problem Ms. Swan," the teacher asked, and I smiled until Bella shocked the hell out of me yet again.

"Edward Cullen wants my attention, do you mind if I turn and ask him what he wants?"

The entire class turned to look at me and I felt my own face redden. Bella turned in her seat and asked loudly, "What is it you want?"

Now it was her turn to be stunned when I said very loudly, "I want you to return to Arizona."

"Mr. Cullen," the teacher yelled." That was extremely rude, why don't you finish your assignment in the library."

I grabbed my stuff and got out of there as fast as I could. The girl was a demon, Satan's spawn and I wanted nothing to do with her. I didn't go to the library, but home instead. I told my mother I was feeling sick and she called the school to get me excused for the day. I was lying on my bed listening to music when my mother knocked on the door.

"I'm resting," I yelled out, and she opened the door anyway.

"Someone is here to see you," she said and I nodded. I hoped Jasper brought his 'brownies' because I really needed something to relax me right now.

I had on my headphones and my knees were bent with my feet on the mattress as I used my hands for drums. I glanced over at the door and almost shit myself when I saw Bella walk in. I had a million thoughts going through my head and I couldn't form a sentence. She shut my door and walked up to my bed where I sat.

"Why did you leave school?" she asked.

"What?" I said stupidly, but her presence and question had me flustered.

"Do you want me to say it slower?" she asked, and continued to stare at me.

"I don't want shit from you," I yelled, "Get the fuck out of my room."

She smiled, like I had asked her to join me for an ice cream and when she leaned in closely my damn pecker got hard again. She climbed up on my bed and sat on her knees as I stared like it was the first time I had a girl in my bed. I couldn't even list all the girls who had been in her exact spot.

"Why did you leave school?" she asked again and I looked over at my door, wishing it was locked.

"I didn't feel well," I said, and swallowed deeply.

"Do you want me to make you feel better?" she asked.

I let my hand rise slowly and move into her hair. It was silky and I couldn't stop myself from leaning in to smell it, strawberries, her hair smelled like strawberries, and I was suddenly ravenous. I moved my mouth to her jaw and kissed her very softly. She inhaled and I let my kisses work toward her mouth when she asked again, "Do you want me to make you feel better?"

"Oh God, yes," I sighed, and she pulled back.

"You lied," she said loudly and my eyes shot open.

"What?" I asked.

"You lied," she said again and climbed off the bed. "You said you didn't want shit from me, but you do, don't you Edward? You want everything from me. You want me to show up in your dreams and your fantasies, you want me to climb into your bed and do you at lunch in the parking lot, all to stop your balls from aching. What are you willing to give me?"

"I…um…we could…"

"You work on that answer," she said, and left the room. I listened to her walk down the stairs and my anger fueled me forward. I jumped from my bed and ran after her. I was barefoot and ran out the door onto the warm pavement just as she was about to climb into an old truck.

"If I'm so stupid why don't you tell me what you want? Obviously there is something you are after to drive all the way out here to make your point."

"I want you to stop treating girls like your personal grooming kit. I want you to stop trying to come on to me like a dick and act like a man. I want you to grow up Edward Cullen," she yelled, and my mouth fell open in rage.

"You don't have a clue what you're talking about. I have no interest in you at all aside from being classmates. You showed up at my house, love."

"See, that right there, I'm not your love, or any other pet name you come up with. Guys like you are a dime a dozen and we are sick of it."

"We?" I asked.

"Yeah, the entire female population of Forks, good luck finding a one night stand, unless you guys step it up, we're done with all of you."

"Be my guest," I yelled with wide eyes and an almost hysterical sound to my voice. "None of you are worth it; Port Angeles has tighter pussy, anyway."

She jumped from her truck and grabbed me by the front of my shirt and pushed me back against her fender. She was quite strong for a skinny girl. Her mouth attached to mine and I lost all thought. My arms wrapped around her tightly and ran down over her ass as she plunged her tongue into my mouth. My body needed her in my bed and I began pulling her with me toward the house.

She finally pulled back completely as I struggled to catch my breath and moved away from my excited body. "Believe me, I'm worth it," she said, and climbed in her truck to drive away.


I stayed home the rest of the week, pretending to be sick but really stewing over Bella. She messed with my heart and body, and even my sanity. I couldn't even pretend to think about other girls, going to Port Angeles was not even a possibility.

By Friday rumors were going around town that I had developed an STD. I didn't think things could possibly get any worse. I got the approval of my father to attend the school football game by telling him over and over again I was feeling much better.

I showed up and found Jasper and Emmett without their women. They were tired of the games going on as much as I was. We decided to ignore the girls and make them think we had moved on to college women. We left the student section of the bleachers and stood on the far side of the fence.

"You really think Bella is behind all of this, I mean, the girl never speaks," Emmett said.

"Oh, she speaks," I said angrily.

"I wonder if she was such a bitch in Arizona," Jasper asked, and I laughed and gave him a big bear hug.

"You are a genius Jasper Whitlock. I may just let you do my mother for this," I laughed, and he grinned from ear to ear. The key to all of Bella's secrets were in Arizona and it would be easy enough to find somebody on Facebook willing to spill about her.

I felt better by simply having a plan to work on. We watched the game and grew bored by halftime and decided to move on. "Let's head to Port Angeles," I said, and both guys hesitated.

"Come on, are you going to hang around here while your women ignore you? Stop being pussys and let's get out of here."

We got into Emmett's jeep and headed out of town. We were usually in a great mood on the weekend but we drove in silence, each of us thinking about a girl back in Forks. We pulled into the parking lot where a bunch of students from Port Angeles were gathered. A girl I had done a few weeks back walked over to me.

"Remember me?" she asked.

"Absolutely, how are you, sweetheart?" I had no idea what her name was but sweetheart would suffice.

"Better now, do you want to see my new car?"

I looked at Jasper and Emmett and smiled. "Sure, show me your new car." She took my hand and led me to a car parked in the shadows. I got in the passenger side and let the seat recline back. I looked over at her and held out my arms so she climbed on top of me.

"Are you going to call me?" she asked, and I pulled her to my mouth and kissed her passionately hoping she would forget her question and not notice I didn't answer her. Things were heating up quickly and out of the blue Bella's face entered my mind. Her kisses were nothing like Bella's and I pushed her away from my mouth.

She moved to my neck and continued grinding on me as I tried to find the mood again. I finally closed my eyes tightly and let Bella's image take over for the girl panting on top of me. "Yes," I said and arched up to give her more. "Ah, so good," I moaned and the girl began removing my pants.

"Oh God," I cried out as she connected with me riding me hard and fast. I held onto her ass moving her in opposition to my hips. I was so fucking hard and knew I was grunting loudly, but all I could see was Bella's head fallen back, her breasts moving with each thrust I gave her.

"I'm gonna cum," I yelled out and she never moved.

"I'm on the pill," she gasped and I lost it as I screamed out Bella's name.

"Stephanie," she said angrily.

"What?" I asked as my chest heaved.

"My name is Stephanie, you ass," she said and climbed off of me. I zipped up my pants and got out of the car before looking over with a smile.

"Cool new car, Stephanie," I said and walked away.

I found Jasper and Emmett talking on their cell phones and when I got into the jeep they both got in, too. I could tell they were talking to Alice and Rose and I suddenly felt empty and alone. I didn't want Rose back, she was a much better fit with Emmett, but I wanted a relationship besides a quick fuck in a car. We drove back to Forks in silence.

The football game was over and people were hanging out in the parking lot. I got into my car and headed home. I could tell my parents were stunned to see me home by ten on a Friday night, but they didn't ask about it. I got on my computer and looked up a Facebook account for Bella Swan. I found nothing. I used all sorts of variations of her name and couldn't come up with a Myspace or Facebook account. What teenager didn't have a Facebook?"

I finally got into bed and tried to sleep without dreaming of the girl who was turning my life upside down. Saturday I got up and mowed the lawn, causing my father to check for a fever. I was trying to pass time until Monday, something I never tried to do since turning thirteen.

By Saturday night I figured the only way to get her out of my head was to knock on her door and have an actual conversation with her. It seemed to be something she would appreciate, and if Charlie was on duty maybe I could bang her lights out before leaving.

I pulled up to see Charlie's squad car in the garage and Bella's truck in the driveway. Maybe she would want to go on a drive or something. I screwed in my courage and walked up to the door and knocked. Bella answered and then quickly stepped onto the porch and pulled the door shut.

"What do you want?" she asked softly, giving me the impression she had some dude inside waiting for her.

"I wanted to see if you needed someone to show you around Forks…you know, give you the tour?" I said with a big smile on my face.

"I've been here every summer since I was little," she said, and rolled her eyes.

I wondered why I never ran into her at the ball field, the only place to hang during the summer. She glanced back at the house again so I came out with it. "Do you have company?"

"No, I was watching a movie with my dad," she said, but I could tell she was lying.

"Can I watch with you?" I asked, and she paled and looked at the ground. "Fine, I tried it your way and you shot me down. Will you stay out of my life now?" I asked in anger, but I was actually feeling a bit embarrassed.

She bit her lip and acted like she was trying to work something out in her mind. "I'm sorry, it isn't a good time, I wasn't shooting you down." She quickly went back into the house, leaving me standing on the porch like a chump. It was a good thing Chief Swan was there or I would have kicked the door down.

I headed home and went right to my bedroom and slammed the door so hard a picture in the hallway fell from the wall. My father opened my door to check on me and I yelled, "What?"

"I was just checking to see if you were okay," he said, and shut the door again.

I took off my shoes then threw them at the door before falling onto my bed angrily. The girl was driving me insane and I needed to get her out of my head. I decided I would find out what her deal was no matter what it took. I would break into her house if I had to.

Later in the night Emmett and Jasper showed up, both as pissed as I was. "We picked up the girls and when we didn't have anything planned they made us take them home," Emmett said. "Shit, we live in Forks, what plans are we supposed to make?"

"It's Bella, she came in here and messed up their heads," I said, and they both nodded.

"I'm not dumping tons of money on Alice, hell, her father makes more money in a month than my single mother makes all year," Jasper said as he shook his head.

"We need to do something, teach Bella a lesson," I said.

"Her dad will haul us in and I have tons of shit under my bed," Jasper pointed out.

"We won't do anything obvious, stuff we can put off as coincidence. Act as if she's some crazy bitch if she complains," I said, already coming up with some ideas. Maybe Bella could convince the females of the school to do things her way, but I had plenty of the guys who would jump if I asked.

By Monday morning my plan was in place. I drove to school in anticipation and wished I could bring a camera to film the entire thing. I got to school earlier than usual and waited for Bella's truck to pull into the lot. She got out and a group of guys blocked her path as they stood at the back of the vehicles to talk. She turned around and another group blocked the front of the vehicle.

She tried to push past them but they stood firm and ignored her pleas to get past. I watched for a few minutes and then got out of my car and walked past. I nodded and the guys broke apart and let her through. She walked angrily to the school and we all laughed.

She came to English and looked at me with wide eyes. "Is this because I wouldn't let you watch a movie with me?"

"What are you talking about; I was out with Emmett and Jasper Saturday night?"

She walked over to Lauren and asked to borrow a pencil, since she wasn't able to get to her locker due to some guys blocking access. I couldn't help but chuckle and she turned to glare at me. I knew we had her on the ropes and she would break by the end of the week so we could all have our girls back.

After English I headed to the parking lot and drove to her house, skipping second hour. The squad car wasn't there and I went to the back of the house and tried the door. Nobody in Forks locked their door, but you would think a cop would do better.

I headed up the stairs and looked in each room. I saw a bathroom, the chief's room and a room for a little child. Bella's room must be downstairs; surely she wasn't staying in a room that remained the same since she was a kid.

I went back downstairs and looked around for another room, but there wasn't one. I was going to go back upstairs and take pictures with my camera to spread around the school, but the front door opened, sending me into the washroom to hide. My heart was pounding and I could hear Charlie talking to someone, a child.

"Run to the kitchen and get your pack, you don't want to be late," he said.

"Don't weave me gwampa."

"I won't leave you," he said with a chuckle.

I heard them exit the house again and the sound of a car driving off before I came out of my hiding place. I went up the stairs and looked inside the child's room again. It was covered in pictures of Bella and a little girl. I picked up a frame next to the bed and it showed the girl sitting in front a cake with two candles.

"Oh God," I mumbled, and picked up the next picture that said, Mommy and her Princess, across the top of the frame and it had Bella holding a baby. I felt like I was going to be sick. I had set up a slew of things for guys to do to mess with her today and I had to find a way to stop it.

I ran across the street to my car and drove back to the school. It was almost time for science and I grabbed Mike and Eric and told them to spread the word to cancel all the shit we had planned. I waited at the table for Bella and she walked in looking tense and flustered. She sat down and opened her book without speaking or looking at me.

"Hey," I said, "I'm sorry. It was stupid and I won't do it again."

Her jaw tensed and she nodded slightly.

"Bella," I said softly and she turned to look at me. "I…um…what you're doing….I mean, I think you're brave."

"You think I'm brave to demand respect from guys?" she asked, and I cringed and shook my head.

"No, it makes sense now that I know, but it didn't when I just thought you were messing with us, getting our girls all angry and shit."

"Now that you know what?" she asked, and I could see her lip shaking.

"I won't tell anyone," I said, and watched her eyes fill with tears. "Oh God, don't cry, I'm not trying to make you cry," I said, and she looked down as a tear fell onto her hand.

I raised my hand and asked if Bella and I could watch a film in the library for the next chapter. She gathered her things and walked toward the parking lot. I followed her and she turned to look at me.

"What do you want, Edward. I made my point and you made yours. Please, leave me alone."

"I want to tell you I get it, I really do. I think I…."

She chuckled and shook her head before challenging me. "Tell me if I'm wrong, the last girl you had sex with was either in a car or at the beach. You don't know her last name, or care to know it. She told you she is on the pill and you never thought to question a girl you don't know, so if she shows up pregnant with your baby you have no problem signing away your parental rights, I mean, it's her fault anyway, right?"

I felt like she punched me or was somehow following me. Her assumption was dead on and she could tell by the look on my face she got it right. I let her walk away and headed over to the picnic tables to smoke. I felt really awful for everything I had said and everything I had done to get even with her. She was right and I saw myself clearly for once.

I heard some commotion and looked over to see some boys blocking the sidewalk so she couldn't pass. She didn't fight it; she just stood there waiting with tears streaming down her face as they laughed at her. I jumped up from the table and ran to her rescue.

"Look Bella, just go home and I'll fix all of this. I'm sorry, I really am."

For a moment I thought she was going to fight my suggestion but she suddenly turned and left school for the day. I sat in my classes and missed her. It wasn't like she actually socialized with me, but just knowing she wasn't there made me feel a sense of loss. I talked to as many guys as possible to stop the Bella bashing I had put into place. I wasn't sure if it would take a while so I decided to be her protector until everything got back to normal.

When school ended I showered after gym and got dressed to head over to see Bella. I hoped she would let me in and possibly let me meet her daughter. I couldn't imagine being a parent at our age, but she seemed to be able to handle it.

I was relieved to see Charlie wasn't there and as I walked to the front door I heard giggling in the back yard. I walked to the back of the house to see Bella lying on a blanket reading a book as a small child played in a sandbox.

I watched for a few moments as Bella read aloud a book about a bunny. When she finished I began walking toward her. The child saw me first and when she looked up at me Bella turned to see what she was looking at.

"Hi," I said to both of them.

Bella jumped up and I noticed how her face blushed as she struggled with something to say. I decided to put her out of her misery and speak first. "I think I took care of everything. If not, please let me know and I'll handle it."

"Thanks," she said, and I looked over at her daughter. "Um…I don't really introduce her to….not that I think we…."

"Yeah, I understand," I said, and felt stupid for intruding on her time with her daughter. "I'll see you tomorrow."