"Sasori, do you have a cock, yeah?"

Sasori peered up at Deidara through red strands, pausing momentarily from the joint he was wiring. It was a delicate job, one that he didn't want to do with his partner around. Especially when he was making vaguely homosexual inquiries.

"No." He went back to his work.

"So you can't, like, fuck a chick, yeah?"

"I could, if I wanted to." He touched two copper ends together and one of the arm's fingers twitched faintly, almost imperceptibly. But Sasori saw it.

"How? "

Sasori glanced up briefly. "Guess."

The next few minutes were spent in thoughtful silence.

Suddenly, Deidara smacked his knee in revelation, breaking the peace. "I got it! Detachable dildo, yeah!" He folded his arms over his chest in triumph, grinning. "Well, yeah?"

Sasori didn't so much as blink. "Wrong."

Deidara scowled, covering his chin with his hand. He sat cross-legged on one of the many workbenches in Sasori's room…lair, to be correct, watching the redheaded puppet maneuver the intricate wires and gears and pulleys hidden within the wooden arm lying across the table.

"Puppet gangbang, yeah?"


"Chakra, yeah?"


"…Interchangeable bodies, yeah?"

"Wrong again."

Deidara narrowed his eyes, huffing in a very six-year-old manner. "Well then how the hell do you do it, yeah? And hands don't count! Neither does tongue, yeah!"

Sasori straightened from his position hunched over the bench, paying no attention to Deidara as he swapped the now completed arm for another. "If hands and tongues don't count, then you're still a virgin." He remarked blandly.

Seafoam eyes narrowed further, becoming irritated slits. "Ahh, the hell do you know, yeah." He grumbled.

Sasori tweaked the inner workings of the new arm, pulling out a defective wire. All was quiet.

"So how do you really do it, yeah?"

Leaning back casually in his chair, Sasori intertwined his fingers in his lap and let his dead eyes bore into Deidara. A steady, sinister smile slowly spread across his face; it was enough to give the most pedophilic of clowns a chill.

"Perhaps I'll demonstrate for you some time."

All trace of color drained from Deidara's face. He opened his mouth as though to say something, but nothing came out. He remained that way until dinner.

Sasori sighed contentedly behind his cloak. If he couldn't have solitude, he could at least have silence.