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So this story is basically about Eli and Clare dating (other people, not each other) after the big breakup. There are going to be four main characters with four POV's… Eli, Clare, Jared ( OC) and Olive (OC). Reviews are appreciated! Thanks for reading!


I walked up the steps of Degrassi with Alli. I'm a junior at last! I'm one year closer to being a senior. I looked behind me halfway expecting to see Morty until I remembered the "incident" with he who shall not be named. Last year was crazy to say the least. I just hope this year can be normal.

Once I entered Degrassi I spotted him. The uniform policy was lifted, thank goodness, so he was wearing his signature all black attire. He looked…like he always looks. He was listening to his music with a pair of huge sound cancelling headphones. Kind of like the ones he gave me. I walked past him expecting him to say something to me but he didn't. I guess after I cut off all communication with him he got the message but I have to admit that it still hurts to see him. Even though Elijah put me through hell last year I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I see him. These have to be normal feelings right? I mean he was the first guy I loved. Sure I had feelings for KC but I loved Eli… Sometimes more than I loved myself. It was scary loving somebody that hard and Eli's erratic behavior only made the fear worse. Now normal is what I need to start fresh. I need a nice normal relationship with maybe some afterschool activities.

"Looks like that freak finally got the message."


"Okay I'm sorry. I forgot that I'm not allowed to badmouth him. Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Just asking… Clare we are grade eleven now. We will totally dominate the school."

"Alli aren't you getting a bit carried away?"

"Nonsense! We will join every club and make tons of friends. We will get our driver's licenses."

"I'm with you on that one but for now let's just get to homeroom."

While we were walking I heard a familiar voice call my name. I turned around to see that it was Adam. We greeted with and hug and we chatted a bit.

"So how was your summer Adam?"

"It would have been better if I didn't have to babysit Eli…"


"Oh I forgot. I'm not allowed to mention him around you."

"No its fine. Really… It's a new year."

"Well I should be getting to home room. I will see you at lunch."

"Sure thing."

When I made it to my homeroom class I got seated and I started to draw. I was in a world of my own until I was interrupted. This guy with shaggy red hair and piercing blue eyes tapped me on the shoulder. I looked back and was a little shocked by how handsome he was.

"Hi I'm Jared."

"I'm Clare."

"I was wondering do you know where some guy named Armstrong's class is."

"You new here?"

"Yeah… I just moved here."

"Well… I can't really tell you how to get there but I could show you. My class is right beside yours."

"Great. Thanks Clare."

He looks normal enough.


"Adam I have no car and no girlfriend… why would you think I'm suicidal?"

"Eli you have been acting oddly calm lately."

"Maybe all this therapy is finally working."

"Or maybe you had a nervous breakdown. Do me a favor and give me a warning if you decide to shoot up the school."

"I could never hurt anybody… not intentionally."

"Look I know you are sad about Clare not wanting to be with you anymore but you have to get over it."

"You know the sound of your voice tickles while it's flowing in one ear, past my brain and out the other."

"You know what, have your pity party but don't say I didn't try and get you to be happy."

"How can I be happy my life is a fucking mess? I wish I'd died that night."

"Well I don't. Come on dude life isn't that bad."

"Adam my parents replaced all the knives and forks with plastic sporks. I can't even take Advil without them administering to me, when I go out I have to be back by curfew and tell them exactly what's going on because they call and check and if they are going out I have to either go with them or be watched. It's fucking depressing."

"Wow dude…you are in jail but it will get better once you get better."

"Adam I'm going to stop you right there. I'd rather be in jail than at home… I'd rather be shanked in the kidneys than have to have all my food be pre-cut so that I won't have access to a knife."

While I was in the middle of feeling sorry for myself something very entertaining and exciting happened. Some girl started kicking some guy's ass. He was bleeding and everything and he was even fighting back, he was just losing horribly.

"I'm not like my sister you piece of shit! Not like her at all!"

A coach came and broke it up. The guy limped away and she paced in front of the building still fuming. She happened to see me looking.

"What are you looking at Canadian Gothic?"


"Well who else?"

"Oh I was looking at you kick his ass."

"Hope you got a good show."

She started to walk off and Adam looked at me strangely.

"What? That's the most entertaining thing I've seen in months! You know Bullfrog and Cece have taken away my media. I wonder who her sister is."


"Be more specific."

"Bianca DeSousa."

"But that girl was black."

"They have the same mom but a different dad… her name is Olive and she's a junior."

"Oh…How do you know so much?"

"You forget that my brother is dating her sister…"

"Oh right…how is that odd romance anyway?"

"Odd. My mom hates Bianca; Drew loves Bianca so the fighting ensues."


"So I'm about to walk to the Dot to hang with Clare and the gang… you coming?"


"Aw come on man… it won't be weird."

"Adam nobody wants me there. You go and have fun. I have homework anyway."

"Homework on the first day of school?"

"Maybe another time dude."

I went home and I went straight to my room. Luckily I was able to sneak in without Cece hearing me. I started writing in my journal. Sure, I still miss Clare and I wish I had half a chance but mostly now I just want her to be happy so I'm leaving her alone. It took everything I had in my not to speak to her today in the hall but I held my tongue and I didn't even look at her even though her vanilla fragrance took my breath away. I was dumb and selfish last year, I see that now but I just wanted her so much. I wanted her to want me that way I needed her. I wanted her to never leave me like Julia did. I just wanted Clare… unfortunately Clare didn't

want me.


This place is really nice. It's called The Dot. Now I'm thinking the move from Bruceton wasn't so bad. Tennessee to Toronto is a hell of a change. This city is huge but I'm sure I can conquer it. Just like I conquered the summer tryouts for the football team. While I was sitting at the bar enjoying my burger Clare from homeroom came and tapped me on the shoulder. She's beautiful and she seems really friendly.

"Hi Jared."

"Hi Clare…"

"Well my friends and I were wondering if you wanted to sit with us unless you are here with some of your teammates…QB2."

"No I'm not with anybody… I can sit with you for a spell."


Her friends seemed really nice.

"So Jared where are you from?"

"Bruceton Tennessee."

"From the states… that's cool. I love your accent by the way."

"I like yours too."

We chatted for a while about where I was from, and then we talked about what there is to do around here. The move was rather sudden so I didn't have time to really check out the location. With a father like mine, when you move it has to be sudden and discreet because he's got the nose of a damn bloodhound and fists of steel…especially when he's drunk.


It makes me so mad that I'm always living in Bianca's shadow. Every school we go to people just assume that because she's the whore of the century I am too. I'm not like her at all. I sat at the dinner table still fuming from the fight I got in with that loser who asked if I wanted to go to the boiler room with him… I could have clawed his eyes out!

"Olive you haven't touched your food."

"I'm not hungry ma."

"At least eat the meat. I don't want those pricks at school saying I don't feed you."
"Mom Olive is just mad because you made her leave her boyfriend Vinny."

"Shut up Bianca! Gosh you don't know anything!"

"Olive! Sit down!"

"Can I please be excused?"

"Fine… Go."

I went to my room, making it just before the tears started to rush down my cheeks. Vinny wasn't my boyfriend. He was a monster and I hate him. I hate everything including my own stupid life.

Well what did you think?