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Hiccup always knew that killing a dragon in Berk was really the only way one could gain respect; kill a dragon, instant respect. For the teens, doing outstanding in dragon training could do that too; make everyone proud. He couldn't do either and thus, no respect. Even so, he wanted to make his mark on Berk (a good one for once), prove that he wasn't just Hiccup the Useless but someone his father could take pride in rather than keeping the boy under wraps in shame. No, he was going to make his father proud by killing a dragon on his own, training or not. And if killing a dragon was everything in Berk, why shouldn't he have a chance at it?

Hiccup wouldn't admit to lacking the muscle and build to handle any form of weaponry besides a knife, but he took pride in the art of forgery (the only thing he could do besides causing disasters.) He was good with his hands and a forge on hand each day. If he couldn't handle a hammer or an axe, even a bola, then why not make something that would do it for him? Day in and day out, the boy dug deep into his creativity and handiness, swimming through ideas while mentally sorting them. If he did this, then that wouldn't work but if aligned right with this and another thing…such thoughts swarmed Hiccup's mind.

The more he toiled with the possible project, the less space there was for sketching in his sketch pads. Scribbled through this and various other pieces of paper were designs, both failed and tweaked, of what this project would finally take form as. It would throw a bola, Hiccup decided, mainly because it was the easiest to handle and this would lessen the factor of weight. Besides, the "normal" Vikings always said the same thing: a downed dragon is a dead dragon. If that were the case, then all he needed to do was down the beast and the rest he could handle with a knife (something else he was proficient at, just not as well.) A bola would do the job perfectly, so long as the calibrations were correct.

Finally, Hiccup had a design all planned and figured out: it was be cylindrical in shape, holding inside a spring-loaded, slingshot-like mechanism. In theory, it sounded good, something easy enough to handle and he liked the idea of a challenge. For weeks, Hiccup spent hours in the forge bringing his theory to fruition, all the while dodging Gobber's questioning with the excuse that it was just "something to keep him busy." On slow days, he took it out for test runs, happy it worked but not so much about the four or so birds that had been unfortunate enough to encounter the soaring bola (it took "killing two birds with one stone" to a literal level.) After testing it a few times, he took it back to the forge to recalibrate and make slight but necessary changes.

And it was to his natural foul luck that upon completion of his project, Hiccup actually had to wait for a raid to happen. Of course, the one time he wanted a raid on Berk to occur, it didn't; story of his life. For days, he waited anxiously, waiting for his moment to shine and dispel his Hiccup the Useless title. That is, if everything went according to plan. Speaking of plans, did he really have one? It wasn't like he could just run out in the middle of a raid with his contraption! He'd (of course) manage to get in someone's way and cause disaster to Berk once again. On top of that, he'd then have to listen to his father hound him about it.

After what seemed like ages and ages (when really it was only a week), the dragons came back to Berk for a fine meal of sheep, or at least what they could manage to fly off with. Hiccup, with a rather inappropriate emotional reaction, was excited, besides the whole oh-dragons-are-attacking-again feeling. Finally, finally, he could prove that he was capable enough to bring down a dragon! But first, he needed to get to the forge and that itself would require quick dodging skills; dodging dragons and Vikings. Once he knew he could leave the boundaries of the house without a dragon sitting on his doorstep, he slipped outside and traversed his way through Berk towards the forge, avoiding fires and Vikings as he went. He had a plan now; how well thought out it was an entirely different story. The plan: get out, get to forge, wait for Gobber to leave (cuz they'll obvious need him in the field), head out to cliff edge, and set up. Oh and above all, try not to die. It sounded good enough and Hiccup concluded that it might just work.

And for the most part, the plan was a success. For a few moments upon entering the forge, Hiccup assisted Gobber in the repairing of weapons; he was never quite sure how some of those swords could be bent into such odd shapes. That aside, he busied himself with the monotonous tasks he did on a daily basis, waiting and glancing over at his mentor, just waiting for him to leave. Almost on cue, Gobber called the boy over, instructing him to "man the fort" while he switched his prosthetic hand to the axe attachment. Two seconds after the man was out of sight, Hiccup jumped into action, taking his project proudly and racing out of the shop, shouting hurried apologies over his shoulder to those waiting outside the forge. They could wait; he had been waiting far too long to pass up this opportunity. This was his moment, at long last.

With some more quick dodging and narrow escapes, he managed to cart his contraption to the cliff edge, setting it up in record time and watching the skies carefully for the beast he sought. Eyes darted back and forth over the stars, watching for any sign of distortion. Hiccup muttered under his breath for something that he could shoot at, preferably the Night Fury but downing any dragon would get him acknowledged, being Hiccup the Useless. He caught the quick but slightly noticeable disappearance and reappearance of stars, going in no particular pattern. Oh it was there alright; now came the tedious part of aiming correctly. He had one shot and one shot only unless he wanted to wait again, which he didn't, not at all. The Night Fury's screech echoed through the night air before one of the village's towers crumbled in a ball of electric blue fire, and for a brief second, Hiccup caught a glimpse at the beast. He squeezed his eyes shut and fired the bola, hoping for the best. The aftershock made him reel backwards and land on his backside, slightly dazed but otherwise alright. Oh but he was more than alright when the ear-piercing shriek of a caught Night Fury rang his ears and a sense of victory swelled up in his chest. He had done it! He actually shot down a Night Fury! This was sure to make his father proud! "Did anyone see that?" he exclaimed joyfully, simply ecstatic. Until, naturally, a Monstrous Nightmare reared its head right behind him, crushing his wooden project beneath its sharp claws. Hiccup's grin dropped to an uneasy look as he turned towards the beast. "Except for you."

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