Outside it looked as if the rain was subsiding. The flowers were dripping with leftover rain. It is the middle of April. A woman looking out through a window on the second story of her house on a window seat. She has a worried face on. Waiting for her husband to come home from a trip for being an auror. Her husband had been gone for three months. She had missed him so much. He was due home any time now. Two kids are playing in their rooms when one of them calls her mother.

"Mommy, Hugo took my crayons again" a few seconds pass with no answer, so she calls again "Mommy?"

Rose was only 9 and her brother was two years younger than her. In a few years she would be on her way to learn magic at Hogwarts School of Magic. The two kids are the children of two of the people that saved the magical world from destruction. Ron and Hermione had been married for 2 years until they had Rose, then Hugo came along.

"No I didn't" Hugo responded

"MOMMY" Hugo and Rose screamed

The two kids meet in the hallway and both have confusing looks on their faces.

"Where is mommy"? Hugo asked his older sister

"How should I know" Rose responded annoyed

The two young children went looking for their mother. Hugo eventually found his mother looking outside her window facing the front of the house.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Hugo asked his mother concerning. She didn't respond at first so Hugo went over and sat next to her.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine, just waiting for your father to come home" She had been sitting there for about ten minutes and she didn't even realize that her children were calling her.

"Rose, found mommy, she's in her room" He called to his older sister. "Told ya I would find her first"

Rose comes running to see her mother and brother looking out the window. She wonders what is going on, why are they looking out the window?

"Watcha lookin at"? Rose walks over to where her mother and younger brother are sitting.

"Looking for daddy" Hugo replied to Rose. "He still isn't home"

The three of them sit there waiting for the man they know and love to arrive home after three months of work. Minutes pass and nothing. Hermione starts to worry about what could be causing her beloved husband to be so late. Rose and Hugo get bored so they leave and go play in their rooms. By now the flowers are drying from the storm that had just passed through their small town outside of London. The sun is poking through the cloudy skies. Its getting dark out and still nothing. Rose comes into her mothers room.

"Mommy, me and Hugo are getting hungry, when is dinner?" She asks.

"Is it really that late? Sorry, sweetie, I lost track of time, I will make dinner now."

Hermione goes down to the kitchen and thinks about what she could make for dinner. A thought passes through Hermione's mind, should she make food for her husband? Is he even coming home tonight? Through thinking about it, she decides to make enough food for everyone, including her husband.

"Kids dinner is ready" Hermione yells to her two children.

Hugo and Rose come rushing in to the dinning room. Everyone is hungry from a long day.

"What is for dinner?" Hugo asks his mother

"Broccoli and Cheese Casserole" she replies.

"Again"? asks Rose

"Its leftovers, I had nothing else, besides, I thought you loved this"? Hermione replied annoyed

"I do, i'm just not in the mood" Rose responded

"Just eat it" Hermione gave up on the argument.

The family eats their dinner quietly. Everyone misses the man they know and love. No one has any idea where he could be. Hermione finishes her dinner and starts to clean up. Soon, Hugo and Rose finish as well. Then right as Hermione wipes down the table, they hear a knock at the door. Everyone runs to the door with anticipation.