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Chapter one- Trouble at Family Dollar


"Ladies and Gentlemen!" A loud American voice ring out. "Welcome to Hetalia Circus!" The back curtains' laid down and the performs Came out one by one to do their parts.

I was next one to perform with Antonio

It still amazes me on how much my life have change only because I met a certain Canadian, and that it all change in one week.

~A week ago~

"Mr. Beilschmidt we been getting a lot of complains from the customers." My old boss bitched at me. "Well I am sorry that I was born with red eyes and white hair!" "Mr. Beilschmidt I know that you mean well but I am sorry but we gotta let you go." He said with sympathy. "BUT THIS IS UNFAIR!" "Mr. Beilschmidt don't make me call the cops on you….again."

I just punch his desk and stormed off. Whatever I worked at the cashed raster at Family dollar so I don't care if he wants to fire me he can do everywhere he wants. I thought about it for a minute and ran back to his office and slam open his door.

"You can't fire me I quit!" I laughed while he stared. "You know that if you quit you can't collect commission." "Ok I lied I was fired lets just end it with that." "That's what I intent to do Mr. Beilschmidt." Damn I hate his smart ass ways.

I left without another word I also just left with once again getting fired. At least I was used to it. I sighed a long and dreadful sigh. Why was I always getting judge? I should just join the circus! Maybe they will accept me for who I am and not what is on the outside.

But then again maybe I will just be a freak to them like I am to everybody else in the human race.

~Outside of the Family Dollar.~

I sat on the sidewalk waiting for my brother to come and pick me up. Man I am Nineteen years old and still don't have my own car. Which reminds me of the reason why.

"You can't take the drivers test because you are deformed." A voice ring through my head. "Grr!" I put my head in my hands. Only because I am albino does not mean I am deformed! Even through I looked it up on my Dad's computer that people are born albino from something went wrong in the genes.

Sighs. Maybe I was a freak after all. Maybe I have a deformed brain like my teachers explained to me. Really they sat me down and explain why I was in special Ed. "Life is a bitch." I slipped out without realizing that someone was there.

"Life is not always a bitch actually life can be fun if you want it to be." I looked up at a long blond hair boy with bluish, purple eyes. "H-how long have you been standing there." I shudder clearly embarrassed. "Well since you got out."

Wait WHAT! Why happened I realized that he was standing there? "Well enough of that my name is Matthew." "I- I am Gilbert." I took the boy's hand in my and gave him a firm hand shake.

"So why are you here?" I looked behind my shoulder and sigh. "Well I just got fired again because I am different." Matthew stared at me like I was crazy. "What are you looking at what do I have something in my teeth?" "Well no its just what's different about you?"

I was speechless. "Your kidding right?" He shake his head. He looked shocked that I started to laugh. "Your one strange boy Matthew." "Well not as strange as you Gilbert." He gave a warm smile.

We both jumped at the sound of a car honking. "Hey Gilbert hurry up." My brother Ludwig yelled. "Of course he is late but I am the one getting yelled at." Matthew chucked. "Hey you seem nice you wanna hang out sometime?" I asked the now blushing boy.

Ludwig honk the horn again. "Wait a damn minute!" "Well sure but we aren't going to be in town that long.." "Huh?" I questioned. "Well Gilbert if you are unemployed then why not join my cousin's business?"

"Bruder!" Ludwig honked. "Damn hold on a damn second!" "Haa well I see you got to get going." Matthew heads me a card. "Here if you don't have any where else to go then you can just come and join our family." I look at me sheepish. What did he mean about "Family?"

Honk. "Mein Gott Ludwig I am coming." I ran towards him but stopped and turned around. "Hey I will call you." I smile at the blushing boy. "O-ok and if you want to come with us then you have to deiced by Friday." I flip my phone open to see the date.

It was Wednesday. "Ok bye Matthew!" He smiled "Bye Gilbert." Right when I hop into the car Ludwig drove off. As we get farther and farther way from Family Dollar the only thing in my mind was that boy.

"Hey Gilbert what does he mean "One of us?" Ludwig asks as he make a turn. "Oh he was talking about his cousin's business and asked if I wanted to join." "Oh Bruder that's great news!" "Hehe thanks I guess." I was still pissed that I got fired from Family Dollar.

"So what are you going to do about your job at Family Dollar?" "What?" "Oh yeah I just got fired." He pressed hard on the breaks. "YOU WHAT!" "Hey hey now don't worry Matthew said I can join his cousin's business."

"HEY ASS HOLE WHY YOU STOP?" The car behind us honked. I flip him off yelling. "Stop the fuck up!" "Now now Bunder lets not pick fights with people."

"Yeah whatever." I glance down at the card Matthew gave me and read it. I started to laugh. "B-b-Bruder what's wrong?" I grabbed my stomach as it started to hurt from laughing so damn hard.

"Hey Ludwig how would you feel if I join the town's circus?"

Well this is the first time I have written a Fic with my twin sister :D I wrote this chapter but she is going to write the next, you know its going switch off between Me and her. If I made any kind of errors please tell me! And I want to ask all of you if I got the commission thing right because I never got fired from a job before so I really don't know! Also the reason why I said that about Gilbert is deformed {WHICH HE IS REALLY NOT!} is because one of my friends told me that people are born albino because something went wrong in their genes. So I am not repeat NOT judging anyone that are albino.

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Mein Gott-My God