A/N: Elena and Jeremy's aftermath. While Jeremy is seeing dead people Elena is having constant nightmares. Just a focus on there grief and despair and the people left around them to pull them up.

Today has been okay

Chapter 1

For the past two weeks since Damon's save and Stefan's departure Elena has been having nightmares. Jeremy can hear her in the middle of the night moaning and groaning Stefan's name, Jenna's name, and their beloved parents. The occasionally John and Isobel thrown in there but Jeremy believed that was very deep in her sub conscious.

Jeremy would awake slightly annoyed but go into her room and rub her back and sooth her until she stopped stirring and went to sleep. Once Elena went back to sleep Jeremy went back to his room, to his bed, and shut his eyes.

Tonight he was not alone.

"I wish I could make her pain go away Jer. Oh I've tried so many times but oddly enough I can only reach out to you, but then again you did die."

"Jenna it's not just you." Jeremy whispered.

Vickie and Anna occasionally visited him as well as Jenna. Jenna coming made Jeremy really happy and if this wasn't real and he was just going crazy well at this point he was perfectly okay with that.

"I was doing the right thing wasn't I? I had no choice in the matter but I was willing to be the sacrifice for her and for you."

"I know." Jeremy says. His aunt's voice is soothing.

"I just wish I could talk to Elena and Ric. I have to practice, I won't give up."

"I don't think it's possible Jenna, aren't you supposed to move on?"

Jenna shrugs, "I don't know. All I want right now is to give Elena some sleep and to take away Ric's alcohol amounts."

Jeremy nods, "Will figure something out. Maybe mom and dad are around too." His eyes close shut and he drifts into a peaceful sleep.

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