A/N: It took me a while to finally open up how Damon and Bonnie were getting to the other side. I really like how it came out. Hope you do too.

Chapter 4

So she and Damon spent the night in her bedroom, searching through books. The process was long and Bonnie awoke the next morning on her bed, a blanket sprawled on top of her and books scattered throughout.

"How long was I out?" She asked. Assuming that Damon was still here.

"A few hours. Your dad isn't home yet?"

Bonnie shook her head, "Business trip. Find anything?"

"Nope. This Latin is hard to translate. I mean I know Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, a few others but not so much in Latin."

"I guess I could just ask Grams."

Damon raised his eyebrows, "Bonnie she's-"

"I know Damon. I mean I'm going to ask her my way. I've done it before."


Bonnie and him drove to the boarding house to do the witchy voodoo. Bonnie's excuse was that she didn't want to let anything loose her house and this was probably true. He was a vampire after all ghosts were welcome in his home.

Bonnie stood in the entranceway, a book on the floor.

"You ready?" Damon asked.

"Hold my hand."

"Oh is little Bonnie scared?"

"For you to come with me I need you too hold my hand."

"Whoa wait a second." Damon cautioned, "Where the hell are we going?"

"Technically nowhere. Our sprits are astral projecting to the sprit world. Our bodies will fall to the floor, breathing steadily till we return."

"Well wait a second little witch, what if Elena stops by? She'll have a heart attack if she thinks were dead. We need someone to watch us."

"Well who do you have in mind?" The witch challenged.


When Alaric arrived at the house he and Damon talked privately while Bonnie waited patiently. She wanted to help Damon convince hum but Damon felt like Ric would listen to him more, somehow.

"No. No absolutely not. Damon you've got to be joking?"

"Oh c'mon Ric it's not like were dying! Were just visiting death or whatever."

"What happens if something goes wrong, Damon?"

"Look I trust the little witch, and besides we may even run into Jenna..." Damon winced, "If there's anything you want me to say to her, I will."

Alaric stared into Damon's big blue eyes for a long moment and finally he requested what he wanted Jenna to hear, in hopes that Damon would find her.

"What if you don't see her while you're over there?"

"Don't worry, Ric. I'll make it happen." He patted his friend's shoulder and glided out of the room towards Bonnie.


"Ready this time Damon?" Bonnie asked as she held out her hand.

"Yeah. Ric?"

Alaric was sitting on the couch, he glanced at the two and rubbed his temple, "Yeah I guess so. You'd think I'd be used to this stuff by now."

Damon and Bonnie ignored his comment as they took each other's hand. Bonnie held the book with one hand and began to chant the Latin. As her tone grew more intense the lights began to flicker, Damon squeezed her hand harder.

A few seconds later there bodies crumbled to the floor and the house went silent.