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Year: - 1999

The war was over; destruction hatred fire lay at its wake. Our hero, the chosen one, Harry Potter had to go through many painful betrayals and realisations. At the end of his 5th year much to his dismay he discovered that his life had been nothing but a well-planned illusion by the master manipulator, Albus Dumbledore. His so called friends, the Golden Trio had never been his friends to begin with, they had an ulterior motive behind their friendship, greedy for money and the power that he held over the wizarding population. The only good that harry could see coming out of this bloody war was that over the years of fighting the Oder, the ministry and Voldermort he now had an enormous magical core. Even the most powerful wizard of all time, Albus Dumbledore looked like a squib when compared to harry. With all that he had to go through to reach where he is today his outlook of life soon changed and he learnt to live the life of a general instead of an ignorant solider.

One of the interesting discoveries that he made when he broke free from the Oder and happened to stumble upon Bellatrix, was to be startled by the fact that much like his her entire life had been a kind of puppet play where she was forced to be the puppet and lead a life that she despised. With a new found ally, a person who could finally relate to what he had gone through, Harry crushed his enemies, the lines between light and dark, good and evil had long been blurred. This was a fight to win a fight where nothing else but victory mattered the cost was never a bother. The war waged on for 3 years before almost every faction of the warring communities almost got extinct, consumed in the fiery hatred and blood lust. Murder, rape looting was an everyday occurrence during that time and no one paid much attention to them, after sometime even the Daily Prophet stopped reporting such news.

It is now 1 year since Harry had won his hard earned victory, but something just didn't feel right. 20 years old Harry wanted to live a life where he had friends, allies and may be just may be someone he could share his love with. So with all these thoughts in mind he sought out the only viable solution which was travelling to a world in the past where he could both leave his life the way he wanted as well as prevent puppet masters to reign over the wizarding populations. No longer would he shy away from the limelight, no longer would he be a pawn he was marked at the age to be a general and a general he would be. Harry Potter now the master of death the conqueror of Voldermort, Dumbledore began the ancient ritual that would lead him into a world where he could finally leave a life not an illusion. Once the runes were perfectly drawn with immaculate accuracy, the ancient chanting began while Harry flicked the ritual silver dagger across his palm and let his blood drop freely in the centre of the circle from which the runes seemed to snake out. Harry had prepared well in advance for this epic journey and had collected all of potter and black fortune in trunks to be taken along with him. After the war when he took possession of the Hallows and became the Master of Death he found out by fluke that he had inherited the Peverell family's headship and became Lord Peverell. The family being one of the oldest ever known to the wizarding world had literally ceased to exist. The Potter line being a descendant of the Peverell line and also the being the Master of Death made the magics of the Peverell family choose Harry as its magical heir and its Lord. The ritual room was humming with magic now, one could literally see magic swirling around harry all of a sudden a black void was created above the room and harry along with the trunks got sucked in it.

Year:- 1968, (Henceforth, present day)

After what felt like hours of a roller coaster ride Harry was dumped with a thud on soft wet green grass. The sun was just rising one could see the red light at the horizon signalling the start of a new day, a day which was going to mark the beginning of a new era in the history of the wizarding world. Soon harry thought Lord Peverell will rise his enemies will cower in fear and his allies will prosper, but first he had to go to Gringotts, get a high security vault where he would deposit the potter and black fortune and claim the Head of the house of the Peverell family. He quickly got up from the heap that he was now dusted his robes and took hold of his trunks and with soft pop apprated to Diagon Alley. He was walking down the alley towards the wizarding bank Gringotts when a young girl probably in her 5th or 6th year crashed into him, barely able to maintain balance Harry almost fell over and was surprised to see a very scared and shocked Bellatrix Black looking at him with a terrified expression. He gently bent down and offered her his hand to pick her up Bellatrix accepted his hand while he pulled her up.

"What's with all the hurry is everything alright?" asked harry.

She had a pensive look on her soft face, wondering "I am in trouble already and this young man here seems quite capable to handle himself against a few school kids, no harm in asking for a little help" before replying with a worried glance " some blokes from school has been bothering me we had some arguments but things got out of hand and violent. One of them is Rodolphus Lestrange, I am supposed to be married with him, but I dont like him at all he is nothing but a brute who takes advantage of me."

Harry held her steady, his mind many miles away recalling the Bella from his old life who died fighting alongside him, how she had been forced to live a life of a slave under the torture of her husband and his friends and ultimately Voldermort.

He decided that its time he took a stand sighing he replied with a smile "walk with me and I promise no harm will come on to you. Let me take care of those gits for you"

She looked in his eyes as if seeking them out for the truth and could only see sincerity and a tint of protectiveness in them. Satisfied she took his hand and started walking beside him. They had just begun walking when they were confronted with a loud group of boys lead by the Lestrange brothers. With a predatory calm Harry took in his surroundings, his eyes resting on each of the 5 boys in front of him as if challenging them. Bellatrix had taken a step backwards but her face had a mask of calm and confidence.

Lestrange seemed to lose his confidence and resorted to taunting "hide all you want trixy you won't have someone to hide you from me always. Very soon you will be mine you might as well give yourself up voluntarily rather than making it more painful than it has to be for you."

He left in haste before Harry could even utter a word. Satisfied that the boys were no longer any threat Harry let them go, not wanting to get into unwanted brawls and feel sorry for his actions later if he couldn't control his anger.

Harry could feel Bellatrix's hold tighten and he rubbed his thumb over her hand to reassure her while the boys left." Well I got some business here and at the bank would you want me to escort you home or would you rather hang out along with me for now?"

"Well mother must be off to tea with her friends and father is working. I would like to hang out around you a bit if you don't mind that is, I have some shopping to do as well" she informed him with a blush.

"Oh where are my manners!" she exclaimed. "Let me introduce myself I am Bellatrix Black Slytherin, 6th year. Thank you for your help earlier" Bellatrix told him gratefully. "I don't know how long I will be able to keep Rodolphus at bay, we are supposed to get married after all as soon as i finish my Hogwarts 7th year" she told with a sigh, her eyes distant.

"Well we will have to do something about it now wont we? After all I did promise you no harm will come onto you and let me tell you I am a man of my words. Alexander Peverell at you service milady" Harry (Alex from now on) made a show of bowing and made Bellatrix smile at his antics.

Alex reached the steps of Gringotts his trunks levitated and Bellatrix following his lead. He told her to wait in the reception while he gets along with his work, and promised her he will be back soon for the shopping trip.

Now that Bellatrix was alone she kept wondering where she had heard the name Peverell before. The name felt familiar but she couldn't quite place it correctly. With a start she recalled The Tale of the Three Brothers by Beedle the Bard, and was quite intrigued that she had made acquaintance of a Peverell. The wizarding world had assumed that the family had perished long ago. She was very intrigued by the young Peverell and kept wondering what he meant when he said he will have to do something about her marriage. It was a family matter after all and even though the Peverell name would carry great prestige and Alexander himself must be very powerful no doubt still there was only so much one could do being an outsider. The only way he could really help her would be if he lobbied for her hand in marriage, no doubt her father Cygnus would be ecstatic if such a thing would happen. A faint blush crept along her beautiful cheeks as she wonder what it would be like to be finally free from the insults and taunting of Lestrange and be under the protection of Alexander Peverell.

With the inheritance test and vaults issue to be resolved Alex reached the nearest goblin teller and requested the goblin to help him open a new account as well as undergo an inheritance test.

"Follow me" said the goblin with a snarl, whose name he didn't quite manage to catch, and was lead to a meeting room where another goblin who had the name tag Rickok was waiting with a bowl and ritual knife.

"We would need 3 drops of ur blood in the bowl" stated Rickok.

Alex took hold of the knife and deftly flicked it along the tip of his ring finger letting 3 drops slide in the bowl before healing his finger wandlessly.

Alex didn't really need a wand anymore it had become more like a tradition for him now to keep a wand rather than a necessity, unlike ordinary wizards and witches, who were helpless without their wands. He still had his old phoenix feather wand though he no longer used it, he now had the elder wand on his body in the holster on his arm.

The test result showed that he could inherit from the Peverell, Potter, as well as the Black families. He had planned to leave the Potters and Blacks as it is so as to prevent a mass pandemonium which would be otherwise ensured by claiming those families.

"I want to claim the Peverell family headship" he told the Goblin.

Rickok could only nod, it seems his mind had gone numb with the shock that someone of the Peverell family had survived to this day. After composing himself Rickok stated "I am sorry but the Peverell family ring is no longer with Gringotts and as such we would require you to create a new head of the family ring which would then be recognised by us."

Alex had already gone through the same procedure earlier in the Gringotts of his world and as such already had a ring on his finger which would make any Peverell proud. He took off his ring which was quite heavy and seemed to be made of a heavy sliver like metal most probably platinum and had gold vines running along its length forming an intricate design. He had searched high and low for the Peverell family coat of arms while making the ring, which happened to be a wand and a sword criss crossed against a shield with the words Justo semper engraved in them, was now embossed in an emerald jade much like the colour of Alex's eyes. The Peverell family motto was Justo semper which in English meant Always just suited Alex very well.

He handed the ring to Rickok to quickly get over the formalities and was led into the Peverell vault which still had quite a substantial amount of gold and when added with the fortune brought along with him made Alex the richest client of Gringotts. He had already gone through the inheritance ritual once thus his face and looks had changed quite a bit. He was no longer the copy of his dad James Potter but now had an aristocratic look of a lord and had greyish straight hairs which was tied in a pony and but he had retained his green eyes, which seemed to glow with a fire inside them. The ritual was done with quickly and not much visible change came out of it. For Alex it was more of a formality as he had already inherited the Peverell family magic.

With the formalities over he went along to have a few words with his newly appointed account manager Togark. Togark had recently been promoted to the post of account manager but had not got any account yet, he couldn't believe his luck when out of the blue he became the account manager of the richest client of Gringotts earning him the respect of his peers and joy at his personal achievement.

"I shall require a place to stay for now until a proper manor befitting the Peverell name and honour can be constructed, I hope you would be able to either build it from scratch or procure the old Peverell properties and repair them so that they may be suitably inhabitable for a Lord." stated Alex

"Sure the project will be undertaken immediately and everything will be befitting your station, you will be pleased. For now however you could make use of the Gringotts guest house, I hope you have a pleasant stay. It would take about 2 days for us to meet your needs regarding the manor" stated Togark while he led Alex to the guest house.

Alex soon came back after a quick tour of the guest house to the reception only to be amused by the bored face of Bellatrix and almost cursed himself for practically forgetting all about her. Deciding to make up for his earlier mistake he came up to her and offered her his arm while he led them out for shopping in Diagon alley.

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