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A tall lanky man with oddly spiked prematurely gray hair walked down the hall way of his home. It was a small apartment that he could barely afford but some how ends always met. The small rooms were barely furnished, just enough so that visitors had a place to sit and a few pictures to stare at. The middle aged man, named Kakashi, stopped and looked at one of said photos, a soft smile gracing his thin lips. It was a happy snap shot angled up at a young boy, age two, who was swinging from a branch smiling widely down at the camera. His cute face split by an enormous grin that was so big it forced his charcoal eyes shut. Kakashi's smile grew at the image, remembering the moment the shutter snapped.

The mini brunette was his son, Sasuke, not by blood but adoption. It had been a grueling process, given the boy's family heritage, but finally Kakashi was permitted to take the orphaned child in and they had been living happily for three years now. Sasuke seemed to have forgotten the terrible memories of his parent's death, but every now and then he would wake up screaming, begging Kakashi to make the red eyes go away. The man's soft smile turned into a sad scowl at the distant image of what had happened.

The door creaked open and Kakashi poked his head into his son's room, the three year old was sleeping soundly, no sign of a nightmare. He sighed and pushed the door open the rest of the way leaning against the door frame, watchiing his son sleep. He'd have to wake the kid up soon, they had a play date with one of Kakashi's friends. A chuckle threatened to escape his lips, before it could break free he slapped a hand over his mouth. The little boy squirmed under his covers at the slight sound.

'well no time like the present' Kakashi pushed away from the doorframe and walked over to the small bed, clapping his hands softly the whole way. "come on little one! rise and shine" He shook Sasuke gently before ripping the covers back and poking him all over.

"Daddy stop it!" Sasuke squirmed and tried to pull his blanket back up to hide.

"no time for sleep booger, we have to go see Iruka" Kakashi grabbed the small shoulders and shook them, making the boy's head bounce up and down on the matress.

Sasuke couldn't help but let out little giggles as his head went back and forth "da...aaa...dd...yyy" he gave up trying to hold back his laughter and broke out in fits of squeals when Kakashi started tickling him.

Twenty minutes later found the pair sitting at the dining table, which actually was a card table with folding chairs. They were enjoying some peanut butter and jelly snadwiches with a side of pretzels and orange slices. Sasuke swung his feet light heartedly as he munched on some crust, his eyes roaming over the all but blank walls. Kakashi stuffed a handful of the salty snack in his mouth desperate to hurry lunch up so that they could go to Iruka's.

"Daddy, do you love Iruka?" Sasuke was amazingly observant for a three and a half year old, and very well spoken for that matter, Kakashi could hardly believe some of the things that came out of that mouth.

"Why do you ask that Sasuke?" Kakashi took his plate to the sink and washed it and put it back in the cupboard.

"cause we go there lots" Sasuke hopped down from his chair and brought it over to his father.

"don't you like going over there?"

"I like Iruka, but it's stupid"

"how come?" Kakashi washed his son's plate and put it with his own.

"no one to play with."

"well I think you're going to be surprised today. Now hurry up and get dressed."

The little boy scurried away happily with the prospect of getting a surprise. Kakashi waited for him in the entrance way holding a small navy blue coat.

"hurry up" the gray haired man was getting rather anxious to see his friend, and the curiousity over what was waiting at the other's house was killing him.

"ready!" Sasuke ran down the short hall towards his father. He wore his favorite blue tshirt with his family's crest on the back, even though he was adopted Kakashi didn't want the boy to forget who he was. His hair had been combed and spiked up in it's odd natural style, and a pair of white shorts completed the look. He was quite adorable if Kakashi did say so himself.

"good, lets go get that surprise." Kakashi helped the boy put on his shoes and then put on his own, letting Sasuke try to lace the sneakers up, succeeding in making the bunny ears but stumbling over the through the hole part. Kakashi chuckled and finished the process for his son and eagerly ushered him out the door.

It was a fifteen minute walk to Iruka's house, made longer by Sasuke stopping and smelling any flower that caught his eye, or pick up a leaf here, or poke at a bug there. When Kakashi's anxiousness got the better of him he swept the young boy up and put him on his shoulders, bouncing his son playfully as he trotted towards his friend's house. The small building came into view as they rounded a corner, it was more of a cottage than a house. Painted an off white with a blue door and two big square windows at the front, it had to be one of the most appealing homes the silver haired man had seen. There was even a white picket fence complete with a latuss aunning entwined with carefully pruned jasmine vines. In the small yard there was a faded brick walk way that lead up to the door, a garden with carrots and strawberries that was tended to daily. On the other side of the walk way there was a wooden bech that faced the street and a bird bath.

Kakashi sighed and smiled happily, bringing Sasuke down off his shoulders, the boy ran up through the gate and over to the bird bath and splashed his hand in it. Kakashi rushed over and pulled the little hand out of the water and dried it off on his shirt, softly chastizing his son. Sasuke pouted and said he was sorry then took his father's hand and walked with him up to the door, hopping from brick to brick along the way. He insisted on being the one to knock and giggled loudly as he was permitted to do so. He pounded until a frazzled Iruka opened the door and left it open for them to come in as he rushed back to what he was doing.

"come in, I'm sorry, ow!" his disembodied voice came from the bathroom. "make yourself comfy, we'll be right out?"

Kakashi panicked at the word 'we' he stuttered trying to come up with a smooth response before sitting down on the couch and pulling Sasuke into his lap. The boy must have sensed his father's distress as he hugged the man and nuzzled the strong chest, giving a reassuring smile. Kakashi smiled back weakly and patted the boy's head. A moment later Iruka walked into the room wipping at his forehead, something stressful must have been going on for him to have broken a sweat.

"sorry about that. Thanks for coming over guys." he crouched down a few feet in front of the couch and opened his arms, smiling at Sasuke. "can I have a hug?"

The little raven jumped down and rushed over to his friend, crashing agaisnt the man and toppeling him over backwards. The pair laughed and rolled around, tickling each other and wrestling.

"ruka?" a small blond boy stood in the entrance of the hallway with a confused look on his face.

The room fell silent, Kakashi and Sasuke stared in bewilderment at the stranger as Iruka scurried to his feet and over to the toddler.

"sorry buddy" said 'buddy' reached out and was immediately picked up and hugged tightly. "guys, this is Naruto" the boy threw the two new people a shy glance before tucking his face into the crook of Iruka's neck. The brunette, rubbed Naruto's back and swayed from side to side. "my son."

Kakashi's mouth dropped open and he stared in shock at his friend. He was speechless, and that was no small feat. He was not only surprised but confused, Iruka had made no mention of adoption, or a baby mama. Though that was highly unlikely, Kakashi had a stong feeling that the other man was gay, a theory he had tested several times by making sexual jokes or inuendos and brushing up against the brunette, only to have him blush profucely every time. So, yes, Kakashi was 98% sure Iruka was gay, and single, which led to the question why adopt now?

"your son?" Kakashi found his voice.

"yes. I adopted him last week." Iruka put the boy down next to Sasuke and stood with his hands wrapped around himself, he was nervous about Kakashi's reaction.

"why didn't you tell me?" he dropped his gaze to the little blond, who was staring at his hands.

"I just fell in love with him," Iruka looked down at the blond as well and a soft smile took over his mouth. "it just happened."

While the men were talking Sasuke was examining his new play mate. Naruto was staring at his hands which were braced against the floor between his knees. The Uchiha crawled over to get a closer look. The boyhad yellow hair that was spiky every where, and when he glanced over Sasuke could see he had blue eyes. He was smart enough to make the observation that he had never seen anyone like that before, it looked like the sun was in his hair and his skin was different than his too, darker like gold.

"Naruto" Sasuke poked the boys small shoulder and cocked his head to the side. Said boy's bottom lip started quivering and his blue eyes filled with tears. "uh oh Iruka, he's gonna cry." Sasuke pointed and sang out in a sing song voice.

The man picked him up and the small back again. "there, there. it's ok." he sat down on the floor where Naruto had been and turned the blond around in his lap to look at the brunette. "this is Sasuke." he took one of the hand and gently coazed it out, Sasuke extended his own and grabbed Naruto's palm shaking it slowly, aware that the boy was clearly fragile.

"hi." Sasuke smiled and waited for the other to do the same. It took a minute but eventually Naruto's eyes came up and looked at their hands, his lips twitched and then burst open into a cheek splitting grin. The next thing everyone knew the blond had tackled and was hugging Sasuke tightly.

"sasuke!" Naruto giggled like a mad child and straddled the shocked Uchiha, poking him in the shoulders like the brunette had done a few moments ago.

Sasuke blinked rapidly and gathered himself only to sit up straight, knocking the little blond off in the process. "you're weird"

Naruto's eyes started to water and he scurried back into Iruka's lap, "that's not nice Sasuke." Kakashi flicked his son on the forehead and sat down next to his friend. He hooked a finger under Naruto's chin and lifted the round face up to look at. The kid was quite cute to be honest, with a unique tan and straw blonde hair, and when he opened his eyes they were sky blue and misty with tears. "don't worry Naru, he's weird too." the boy smiled weakly and tucked his head back into Iruka's shoulder. "sasuke, apologize."

"but he's weird!" Sasuke pointed his finger accusingly.

"so are you weirdo!" Kakashi grabbed the boy's out stretched hand and tugged him forward. "now say you're sorry."

The mini brunette tumpled so that his face was planted in Iruka's lap and Naruto's butt. After a momentary pause he got up on his feet and put his hand on his small hips, grumbling his 'i'm sorry. '

"like you mean it, pain in the butt."

Kakashi smirked as his son sighed dramatically before squatting down and tapping Naruto on the back. The boy flinched and pushed himself further agaisnt his new father. Sasuke looked at his own dad and scrunched his face up, Kakashi raised an eyebrow in reply and motioned for Sasuke to try again.

"Naruto? I'm sorry." Sasuke moved closer and hugged the blond's back, feeling the smaller body tense for a moment and then relax.

"it's ok." Naruto freed himself from Iruka's hold and turned around to face his new friend. "will you be my friend?"

Iruka sucked in a breath and nibbled on his bottom lip. The pair had gone to the park every day since the adoption but none of the kids there wanted to play with the boy. He would go up to each one of them only to be turned down and shoved away, the usually even tempered brunette wanted to strangle them all. When Naruto had exhausted all his options at getting a new friend he would sit by himself and play in the sand.

"ok." Sasuke stood up and made a come hither motion that had Naruto following him eagerly. The pair went down the hall to a small back room that used to be a solarium but was now converted into bedroom. The large floor to ceiling windows were covered up with big orange drapes that could be tied off to the side to let in light. There was a bunk bed with orange sheets and a square orange area rug covered with toys ranging from blocks to dinosaurs. Apparently Naruto's favorite color was orange. Sasuke huffed, this had been his play room when ever he came over but now it was his friend's room, that would take some getting used to.

"I can't believe you didn't even tell me about him." Kakashi was back on the couch staring at his friend.

"I told you, I hadn't planned it it just happened." Iruka fidgeted nervously in the large over stuffed arm chair he occupied. "and I didn't want to tell you afterwards cause he needed to adjust."

"so where did he come from?" Kakashi had never seen a kid like him before, and he visited orphanages regularly.

"he's not from here, he's from Suna."

"if he's from Suna how did you find him?"

"I was there for a teaching confrence remember?"

"and you just thought you'd drop in on an orphanage for a look see?" Kakashi rolled his eyes, still jilted that Iruka hadn't told him especially something so big.

"Kakashi!" Iruka crossed his arms and glared.

"just asking" Kakashi scratched the back of his head and looked at his friend sheepishly.

"The head of the confrence over heard me talking about Sasuke and told me about a boy that she thought I might be interested in adopting. We went there and I just fell in love with him."

"what's his story?"

"They didn't really know anything abut him there, just that his parent's died and they found him in the streets wandering around. None of the kids would play with him but no one knew why, or anything else about him. And he's just so unique, I mean look at him." Iruka unfolded his arms and waved them around. "did you see what he did with Sasuke? he was shy then sad then happy, in the span of like three minutes, he's so excited to make a new friend that he just forgave Sasuke without thinking about it."

Kakashi nodded and smiled, "he does seem special." a thought occured to him. "they just let you adopt him?"

"yeah, to be honest I think they were eager to get rid of him." Iruka sighed and hugged himself. "poor kid, he doesn't remember anything about his parents or what happened, but he was happy to be out of that place."

"Well." Kakashi stood up and clapped his hands "I hope everything goes well for the two of you. Now, how about lunch? Boys!"

The two youngsters ran out of the back room and stood at attention in front of the adults, Sasuke even saluted, an on going joke between him and his dad. "yes sir"

"at ease soldier" Kakashi saluted back and chuckled when Naruto picked up on the game and giggled, he seemed semi clever, semi because after he laughed his eyes crossed and he stared at his nose for no apparent reason.

"er," Iruk rubbed the back of his head and looked at Kakashi sheepishly, "Naruto stop crossing your eyes" he picked up one of the decorative pillows and tossed it at his son softly, expecting the boy to catch it. However Naruto was too busy focusing on his nose to see the item coming at his head. Iruka shrieked and scurried off the chair as his son toppled over backwards, when he stop rushing and slowed down, he saw that Sasuke had stepped in the way of the cushion and pushed naruto out of the pillow's path. Of course letting the boy get hit probably would have been easier, because now Naruto was on the ground with his eyes filling with tears.

"Sas...uke?" the blond's lip quivered as he looked up with big wet eyes.

"He saved you." Kakashi got the boy's attention and pointed to the pillow.

Naruto got to his feet with the little brunette's help and gave him a bear hug. "Fank you! Sasuke bestest friends forever!"

The two adults laughed, but Iruka stopped when Sasuke shot him an angry glare and stood protectively between the man and his son. His face tightened with anger, and he crossed his arms, only making Kakashi laugh harder. He had seen that look before, when the Uchiha had found a kitty he wanted to keep but Kakashi wouldn't let him. The kid had taken on that exact same stance, made up of anger and stubborness. Iruka, being the kind hearted man he was, looked away with an embarassed blush on his face.

"You have to say sorry!" Sasuke marched over to the lager brunette and grabbed his hand pulling the man over to his son and tugging him down to his knees.

Iruka instantly wrapped Naruto in a tight hug and said he was sorry then kissed his forehead and promised him ice cream. Of course Naruto wasn't mad at his new dad, he returned the hug with vigor and patted the man's shoulders.

"you can't do that you know" Kakashi stood up and ushered Sasuke over, picking a feather out of his hair from the thrown pillow. "every time you mess up, you can't fix the problem with things. ice cream gets old real quick."

Iruka nodded and stood up, bringing Naruto with him and balancing the boy on his hip. "I'll learn, but I think a pillow to the head warrants ice cream."

"Ramen!" Naruto thrust his fists up into the air and bounced on his father's hip.

Sasuke scrunched up his face and looked at Kakashi silently wondering if they really had to eat one of his least favorite foods.

"well maybe you can get ramen and the rest of us can get some rice balls and tomatoes." the gray haired man winked at his son and moved to the door assuming the others would follow.

Iruka walked after his friend but was stopped when Sasuke stood in his path, the small brunette pointed at Naruto and put his fists on his hips. Iruka chuckled and put Naruto down smiling wide when his son instantly latched on to his new bestest buddy's arm. Kakashi and Iruka lead the way talking amongst themselves, Naruto and the Uchiah bringing up the rear, the blond giggling as Sasuke pointed out bugs and oddly shaped clouds.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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