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Kakashi tapped his foot anxiously, he was staring at Sasuke and eyeing the nurse as she gingerly bandaged the boy's wrist. His tongue was literally itching to tell his son everything that had happened but for now he'd have to wait and hope that Itachi wouldn't show up.

"Sir." it was the nurse. "What is your relation to this boy?" she was on edge because the stranger was not wearing a visitor's tag.

"I'm his father." Kakashi slapped a hand over his mouth a nano second too late.

Sasuke blinked, staring at the weird guy, he must have been mistaken. Itachi had told him their father was dead, this guy was some crazy person hell bent on confusing him! "Excuse me?" Sasuke stood up and readjusted his shirt, "Sir you are wrong and I'd like for you to leave." He did his best not let the discomfort that was creeping through his veins show on his face. The nurse nodded and went to her office coming back with a portable phone in her hand.

Kakashi stood up calmly, he really wanted a drink, and sauntered over to the teen. "I'll leave, if you give me a chance to tell you my side of the story first." he mentally crossed his fingers.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes not sure he should trust the man who popped up out of no where, but there was something desperate in the dark eyes begging Sasuke for a chance. "Fine." he sat down in a chair ignoring the nurse's concerned expression.

Kakashi sighed with relief and pulled a seat up in front of his son. 'Where to start'


Naruto chewed on his tongue as he watched his boyfriend pull his pants on. His body was tingling all over, still able to feel Neji's nimble fingers trailing across his skin. It felt good to have the teen back in his life and even though Neji had stopped short of taking the blond's virginity they had explored each other like never before. Something was different, hope blossomed in Naruto's chest, maybe this time it would work.

The brunette wore a small smile on his thin lips, a happy gleam in his eyes when he looked up and met Naruto's gaze. "I should go back to school. Hinata will be worried." He leaned over and pecked his lover's lips.

Naruto pouted and wrapped his arms around the taller boy's neck. "Just stay." When Neji resisted his obvious urge to lay back down Naruto flat out frowned. "Or take me out, to lunch?"

Neji sighed. "Naruto..." as much as he hated to do it, it had to be done. He laced his finger's with their tan opposites. "I love you." he brought the digits to his lips and kisses Naruto's knuckles. "But until I break off my engagement we have to stay a secret."

Pain and anger coursed through his veins tearing his hands free from the other's he mumbled, "Fuck you."

"Naruto, think logically." Neji kneeled on the floor and looked up at the blond. "I don't care what my family thinks of me anymore, or what dating you will do to my reputation but there is another person involved here, and she doesn't deserve to be hurt."

Nartuo snarled, "What do you mean, 'what dating me will do to your reputation'? Fuck you, you arrogant turd!" in the back of his mind the teen realized that he sounded like an immature brat but his emotional brain didn't care. He pushed the comforter back and stood up in all his naked glory.

Neji sat back on his heels and watched Naruto stomp around angrily muttering curses under his breath as he got dressed in loose fitting pajamas. "Nauto you're not letting me talk!" The Hyuuga stood up and grabbed the blond's flailing arms.

"You've already said enough! I can't believe I just did all that with you" Naruto cast his eyes down so that his bangs covered his sad face.

"Don't regret anything, please?" Neji rested his forehead on the blond mess that passed for hair. "Let me fix things at home and then I promise to take you anywhere you want to go. I'll show you off to everybody"

Naruto chuckled bitterly pushing Neji away from him, "Then you should have waited to jump into my bed you ass! I'm not going to sit and wait for you to get your shit together" he watched the brunette stumble for words before bowing his head in defeat.

"Very well. I have to get back to class." he tugged on his blazer and walked out without another word.

Naruto crumbled to the floor sobbing quietly, he felt dirty and used even though deep down he knew Neji would never just throw him away like that. It had been his idea, thank gods they hadn't gone all the way! He mentally yelled at himself for being such an eager pathetic little bitch. "Fuck!"

His fist found the wall and left a hole "Dammit!" he cradled the injured limb and stalked off to the bathroom, hopefully he could wash the feeling of Neji off his skin.

~Say what!~

Sasuke had deployed his 'You're-an-idiot' mask and was staring blankly at the lanky scarecrow like stranger now standing in front of the window. "So to summarize; my family was massacred and my brother disappeared, you adopted me and had guardianship for a few years when out of no where my brother reappears and 'steals' me. You then spent a decade searching for me all the while drinking your pain away and now here we are. Is that about right?"

Kakashi literally sweat dropped, it sounded pretty unbelievable. "Just about."

Sasuke cleared his throat and looked down at his wrapped hand, flexing his fingers and flinching at the pain in his obviously broken wrist. "I was told about my family's demise by my brother. However he left out the part about my supposed adoption." Sasuke stood up and tried to make himself look as tall as possible, but the grey haired man still towered over him. "Sir, you've said what you had to say and I find your story completely ridiculous. Leave, before my brother arrives and has you removed."

Kakashi cocked his head to the side, a lightbulb flicking on over his head. "I haven't seen Itachi in a long time, I think I'd like to say hello and thank him for making my life hell and taking my child away from me." with that he sat back down and crossed his left leg over his right knee.

Sasuke gawked at the elder, "We had a deal. I listened to your outrageous story now it's time for you to go." he did his best authoritative Itachi impression, but must have failed miserably because Kakashi just continued to sit.

Sasuke turned to the nurse who had the phone to her ear, "Mr. Uchiha, this is the school nurse I'm calling to let you know that your brother was injured during gym class... yes he's here in my office... it looks to be a fractured wrist but I don't have to correct tools to confirm that... I understand, I'll have him sent to the front office when you arrive." and she ended the call. "Sit tight your brother will be here soon."

Kakashi smirked behind his mask prepared to face his arch nemesis, 'that bastard will finally face the music'

"Hn." the teen assumed the most threatening position he could with his bandaged arm, again failing to intimidate the man who claimed to be his father. 'Dad' Sasuke mulled the word over, searching his mind for any recollection of ever saying the word, he must have said it at some point in his life. His eye fluttered closed and his brain went to work supplying image after image of a hazy figure, outlined by light and a gentle voice rumbling from a warm comforting place. The longer his eyes stayed closed the clearer the person became. Tall, oddly spiky hair, only one eyes? But it was a happy eye, always smiling and shining with pride. 'Come on let's go see Iruka and Naruto, Sasu.'

Sasuke's eyes shot open, 'Naruto?' "That's impossible."

Kakashi had been watching as Sasuke's expression turned from stoic to curious to shocked, until his eyes popped open and he stared into space with a totally bewildered look. His parental instinct was telling him to get up and make sure his son was ok, but Kakashi knew that would only scare the already suspicious boy. "Everything alright?"

"You were...there." his words came out hoarse and broken as he finally made eye contact with the man. "You're..."

The door slid open and in walked Danzo escorting an annoyed looking Itachi. "We never allow sparring to go as far as someone actually getting injured, but boys can get carried away." the old man chuckled nervously.

Itachi's eyes missed nothing, when he saw the grey haired man sitting across from his brother who was wearing a look of surprise mixed with realization, as if he'd just had a very rough epiphany. Anger boiled up inside him, and he couldn't hold back the snarl that marred his beautiful face. "What is this man doing here?" he would have whirled around and yelled at the principal but he was too afraid to take his eyes off the man whom he'd repossessed his brother from for fear that Kakashi would return the favor.

"Itachi I..." Sasuke was feeling rather dizzy, too much information and he had a feeling his brother was about to explode.

"Silence. Is it this school's practice to allow complete strangers in to view injured students?" Itachi leveled Kakashi with a glare that would scare even the bravest man, however Kakashi did not crumble. In fact he stood up, effectively blocking Itachi's view of his brother, and returned the murderous hole burning glare.

"I'm not a stranger. Sasuke knows me, don't you son?"

Itachi had never been forced to resort to violence in order to solve any of his problems but here and now he couldn't stop his fist from curling into a tighter ball and the urge to punch this man in the face was incredibly strong. "You are not his father, our parents are dead. This is a disgruntled ex employee who I fired when he got too interested in taking care of my brother."

Kakashi rolled his eyes, "Really? I'm a pedophile?"

Sasuke croaked, that wasn't possible. "Stop." his voice was so tiny and distant no one heard him.

"Have you ever told the truth Uchiha? Wouldn't it be easier if you tried just once." Kakashi felt pretty good about himself and the likely hood that all this would turn out okay.

Finally Danzo cleared his throat and signaled the nurse to bring over her phone, "I'm calling the police."

"At last you do something worth while, come Sasuke we don't want to be around when the cops drag this deranged man out of here." Itachi extended his hand to his younger brother and waited for the teen to follow his order. But was displeased when the raven stayed. "Now, Sasuke." again said boy did not move.

"No." Sasuke regained his composure, despite everything that was going on he had to focus and get to the bottom of this. "Everyone sit down, Danzo hang up the phone." Oddly enough the elderly dean listened and everyone found a seat, even Itachi but that was most likely just because he wanted to placate his brother in order to win this fight. "I want the truth, now." Sasuke stayed standing with his arms crossed.

Danzo lifted a hand, "I don't understand what is going on."

"Leave." Itachi demanded and like a little lap dog the man obeyed getting up from his chair and exiting with the nurse in tow. "Sasuke, why would you even begin to believe what this man, who you've never met, has to say?"

Sasuke examined his wrapped arm, picking at a few loose strands of fabric. "I do know him. You may have taken me away from him but you can't wipe my memory. I want answers, or I'm leaving."

Itachi scowled, "How dare you talk that way to me? I've taught you to respect your elders and you will do just that." He stood from his chair so quickly that it skidded back and toppled over. Within a second he had Sasuke pinned to the wall making the boy groan in pain when his injured wrist was squeezed tightly. "You will not believe him because he is lying, about everything."

Kakashi grabbed the back of Itachi'a collar and with the help of Sasuke's one good hand wrenched the older Uchiha back. "Don't touch my son!"

Itachi however was no slouch, he regained his footing and launched an attack at the grey haired man landing a rather forceful blow to the strong jaw. Kakashi stumbled back unfortunately colliding with his son who ended up pinned beneath him. Sasuke let out a startled cry as his arm was scrunched between them, he hurriedly shoved the man off him and cradled his injured hand to his chest.

Mean while Itachi was looking around for a weapon, anything to silence this menace that was destroying his perfect world. He had worked hard from the beginning, hiring P.I.'s, searching night and day to find his one remaining relative. He had built a home with his sibling, bounced from location to location and now they were settling back in in their home town. Sure he lost his temper some times and Sasuke had the scars/ bruises to prove it but that didn't make him a bad person! He just wanted perfection, that's why he tried so hard and forced Sasuke to do his best. Itachi's fingers felt something cool and he looked down to see that his hand had ghosted over a pair of surgical grade scissors, he gripped them firmly and advanced on Kakashi, who was busy fussing over a whimpering Sasuke.

"You should have stayed away old man!" he brought the tool down hard aiming for the man's defenseless back.

But Kakashi was quicker then he looked, in an instant he was turned around and had his arm up defensively protectively in front of his face. Sasuke's eyes went wide as it dawned on him his brother was truly psychotic. That realization occurred as Itachi plunged the scissors into his 'father's' arm. The shock continued when Kakashi didn't even flinch but instead stood up and squarely punched the middle aged man in the jaw. Itachi crumpled to the floor, lights out.

The door flew open as Kakashi turned back to his son, "Are you alright."

Sasuke's eyes were locked on the scissors still lodged in the man's forearm, "Uh, fine."

"What the hell happened here?" Danzo was bent over Itachi's unconcious form while the police naturally closed in on Kakashi who they assumed was the attacker.

Sasuke stood up shakily again grimacing at the expanding pain in his arm. "My brother attacked this man, who was defending me." It had to be said, Itachi couldn't get away with hurting anyone else, it was one thing to abuse him on a regular basis but something completely different to hurt a stranger.

The cops looked puzzled and hesitated before making quick work of collecting the limp body and carrying him out of the room, all the while Danzo was stuttering and stumbling over his words.

"Sir, please have a seat so that I can examine you."

Kakashi obeyed but insisted that someone take a look at his son, when the nurse looked at him confusedly Sasuke cleared his throat and specified that the man meant him. The scissors were quickly removed and stitches applied then bandaged. "The detective will be here soon to take your statement."
and then the EMT disappeared.

Kakashi heaved a sigh and went to stand by his child. "How's your arm."

"Hn." Sasuke scratched at the swollen skin, "Multiple fractures is the guess."

"Sasuke I..."

"No, I apologize for my brother's..." he couldn't even find the words.

"It's not your fault son." Kakashi combed his fingers through tussled hair and patted the slouched shoulders.

Sasuke flinched, such kindness. "You will press charges and Itachi will go away for a while. By the time he gets out I'll have control of the company and he will not be able to do anything about it."

Kakashi chuckled darkly, "That sounds good to me. But I don't want to hurt you, if putting Itachi away does that then I'll say it was an accident."

"No! He must go to prison." Sasuke clutched his good fist and shook with anger. With Itachi gone, there would be no more beatings or ridiculous expectations. Maybe his life would be good for once, he met Kakashi's bright eyes, or eye, then again he had a feeling he was happy once before with this man. And Naruto? And Iruka?

He had no time to think about that as the detective walked in and started asking questions. He could get his answers another time. Right now the focus was putting Itachi away for a long time so that he could finally live his life.

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