Well, I've finnaly broken down and wrote a list...several of them actually. Enjoy :-)

Disclaimer: I don't own Wicked. Thanks to Mugglenet for the ideas!

14 Ways to Annoy/Agitate/Get on the Bad Side Of Elphaba

A non-fail way to get some flying monkies and few curses after you.

1. Send her a small Yorkie with a bright green bow.

2. Ask her if she's feeling sick, because she looks a little green.

3. Invite her to a spa day.

4. Knit her a pink sweater, act offended when she doesn't wear it.

5. Tell her that her cackle is lame and then offer to teach her how to do a real witch laugh.

6. Read her bedtime stories, include 'The Ugly Duckling'.

7. Tell her that broomsticks are so last year and all the best witches now have flying carpets.

8. Constantly talk about how Dorothy is her long-lost sister and make crazy parrells between both of their lives.

9. Spray everything she touches with disinfectant.

10. Decorate her castle with pink, frilly decorations complete with large red hearts and cute pictures of small black dogs.

11. Send her several letters shaped like house silhouettes.

12. Send her several ruby-colored items (such as dreeses, gloves, hair pins, etc.), just no shoes.

13. When she asks why not, say that you thought she would clash with them.

14. Replace all her books with fashion magazines. Mark pages she should "take a look at".

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