I'm so sorry! I got on a book-reading spree and once I start a book, I don't stop until I'm finished (thank goodness for summers). It's LOTR too, which is 900 pages total small print. At least it's not Les Miserables... (1200 pages)

Anyway, sorry and here you are.

Thanks to my wonderful penpal for unintentionally giving me this idea! I don't own Wicked.

Some of these you might or might not get depending on how much you've read in this fandom

6 Things to know when Writing or Reading in the Wicked Fandom

Some very good advice.

1. When references to the 'Land that Might Have Been" are made, it means the Fiyeraba section, know on other fandoms as the M rated section

2. Boq's last name is Riddle

3. If deeplyshallow posts a humor story, read it.

4. Warning though; you'll probably end up obsessed with another MLIA/DBPB site

5. If you go see Wicked, these things must be mentioned in you authors note;

...a. Your favorite actor

...b. Morrible's makeup amount

...c. Fiyero's Pants

6. Reviews are ALWAYS welcome/funny/romantic/halarious/sweet/anything else AYFW can describe them as in her parodies

I could only think of six for this one, but suggestions to add onto it are welcome. If I get enough, I'll post another chapter of it continued :-)