"Wake up you stupid piece of shit" I awoke out of my deep slumber. Yeah, this is what I go through on a regular basis. A few years ago my mom got heavy into drugs. Living in the small town of Forks, Washington and having your father be the respected sheriff of the town, there's not much you can do.

"Did ya hear me, whore?" My mom yelled up to me.

"I'm up, I'm up." I yelled down.

"Go make your dipshit father and I some dinner." I looked at the clock, it was 7:20. I limped downstairs, still sore from last nights beating. I started making tacos when I noticed a van pull up to the house next door. It had been vacated for a good 4 years. My old best friend Jordyn used to live there. Her family moved to California a year after the beatings started. Her dad got a promotion that they couldn't afford to pass up.

I finished up dinner, and then went upstairs to start my homework. When it's nice outside I like to sit on the roof and do it. When Jordyns family lived there we would sit on our roofs sense they were so close and do our homework together.

I grabbed my backpack and went out my window. I had been sitting there for about 10 minutes when I heard the window from the house next door open. Out came the most beautiful human being I had ever laid my eyes on. His eyes were an amazing color of green with gorgeous bronze messy hair.

"Hi I'm Edward. Were just moving in and I was checking out rooms. I think I might pick this one now" he said with an adorable crooked grin.

"I'm Bella." I said shyly. That's when I heard my mom's hurried footsteps coming up the stairs. I told Edward to ignore everything he heard and to not stop her. He replied with a confused 'okay.'

I jumped into my room right as my mother opened the door. She came up to me and slapped me harder then ever. She pushed me to the ground and started screaming at me. She's told me that i'm worthless for as long as I could remember. So I started to believe it.

"You're a worthless no good for nothing whore. Ya hear?" She screamed at me.

"I hear you, mom" I whimpered back. I thought she was done, but I guess not. She grabbed my lamp and threw it at my face but I rolled out of the way so it hit my shoulder instead. She left with an evil cackle. I could feel myself slipping into unconscious-ness. But then I felt myself being lifted into the arms of an incredibly handsome angel. I knew this was it for me. I knew I was dying.

"Shhh Bella. It's going to be okay, love. I'm here for you." This was the first time in four years that I had felt safe. I slowly felt the blackness overcome me, and I slipped into unconscious-ness.

Soo, let me know if you want me to continue this. It was just kinda like a teaser. xoxo- Keaton :)