All right. I hate this just as much as you guys do, but this is needed. I'm going to stop writing 'She Will Be Loved' for a little while, just until its summer time and I have less stress. Although, I will be starting a new story so put me on author alert. :)

Here's a summary of my next story:

When Bella and Alice find out there sisters, there more then happy. Bella always wanted a sister. Their dad moves Alice and her best friend to Forks.

Bella is the most popular girl at Forks High, with her best friend Rose and her boyfriend Jasper.

Will Alice and her friend bring happiness or problems into their perfect lives?

Here are a few names I was looking at:

Sister, Sister

High School Life

What Goes Around, Comes Around

True Friend

When I Look At You

I Hope You Find It

You're All I Want

Kiss Me Slowly

To Be With You

Need You Now

Take a vote on which one you like. And if I should go through with this story?

Much love-Keaton