Standing at the doors to the church Ianto hesitated, his chest heavy. He wasn't sure he could do this. This was supposed to be his and Lisa's wedding, not so long ago. At least, he'd thought it would be. He'd never actually proposed. Maybe if he'd done so? Would anything have changed?

He felt Jack's presence beside him and sighed when the man took his hand. He squeezed it, looking up at Jack and smiling softly. "Thank you, sir."

"For what, Ianto?"

"For being here with me. I'm not sure I could do this without you."

Jack's answering smile eased the tension in his chest. "My pleasure, Ianto. But we might want to take a seat before the ceremony begins. Otherwise people might start to wonder."

Ianto nodded and Jack released his hand, moving it to Ianto's back. He led him into the church and over to the bride's side where Ianto sat stiffly beside Jack, fiddling first with the hem of his suit jacket and second with the cuffs of his dress shirt. Jack's hand dropped to his knee, steadying the foot he was tapping.

"Relax," he whispered into his ear, squeezing his leg.

"Sorry," Ianto returned, licking his lips.

When the ceremony began Ianto placed his hand over Jack's, reassuring himself of his presence. By the time Lisa had arrived, escorted by her father, Ianto was calm enough to stand with the rest of the church as she passed by on her way to the altar.

tw tw tw tw tw

"Are you sure you're up for the reception?" Jack asked him as they climbed into the hired car. "We don't have to go if you don't want to."

"As much as I'd love to bow out," Ianto replied, fastening his seatbelt, "It wouldn't do for me to go to the ceremony and not follow through with the rest."


"That's part of it, sir," answered Ianto. "I don't really know why she sent me the invitation in the first place, but if she's looking to see me miserable she'll be in for a surprise."

"So you're going to go in all smiles and good intentions, huh Ianto?"

"Just like we discussed," Ianto agreed. "I know it will throw off whatever game she's trying to play."

"Happiness makes for the best revenge," Jack said. "Now to just put on an air of happiness and you'll be set."

"I don't think I need an air, sir," Ianto stated, smiling. "You'll be there, after all."

"Ianto Jones, are you saying I make you happy?"

"Would that be a problem?"

Jack grinned, shaking his head and starting the engine. "Not at all, Ianto. Not at all."

tw tw tw tw tw


Ianto turned toward Lisa's voice, bracing himself and letting a smile cross his face. She was rushing across the courtyard towards him in her dress and heels, and he wasn't entirely ashamed that part of him wished for her to trip.


"You came!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around him. He stiffened but returned her embrace. "I wasn't sure you would, all things considered."

"Well, I'm not one to hold a grudge."

She eyed him carefully and he raised his brows under her scrutiny. "You look…happy."

"That would be because I am."


"And congratulations," he added. "On your marriage."

"Thank you. Harold is a wonderful man. Very considerate. He's forever making sure I'm content."

"Sounds perfect for you."

"Oh he is, Ianto," she replied, a hint of a smirk crossing her face. "We've a lovely new house as well. Just what I've always wanted."

Ianto didn't let her digs get under his skin. He could see Jack out of the corner of his eye, watching him from a few feet away, being his silent support.

"So what about you?" Lisa asked, pursing her lips and looking around. "No new lady in your life, then? That's a pity, Ianto."

"No," he conceded, turning his head to look at Jack. He didn't conceal his smile. "No new lady." Jack took the cue and stepped over to them, sliding his arm around Ianto's shoulders. Ianto's hand settled on Jack's back. "I'd like you to meet Captain Jack Harkness. Captain, may I introduce to you Lisa Hallett-Pembroke."

Lisa's eyes widened, taking the hand Jack held out to her. He lifted her hand to his lips and placed a chaste kiss to her knuckles. "A pleasure to meet you, Lisa," he told her, smiling. "May I say you're everything Ianto described, and more?"

She blushed, the Captain's tone leading her to misinterpret his words. Ianto was well aware of exactly what Jack had meant by that. He held in the laugh that threatened to spill from his lips.

"Why, thank you, Captain Harkness," she purred, removing her hand slowly. Her brows furrowed slightly. "So you two are…friends, then?"

"Actually, he's my boss," Ianto corrected. "And my date for the evening."

"The weekend, to be more accurate," Jack added, winking.

"Oh, so you're together?"

Ianto opened his mouth but hesitated, not sure how far to take things. They hadn't exactly discussed the status of their relationship. Wanting to sleep together and actually being a couple were extremely different things.

Jack, however, didn't seem to have any qualms whatsoever, and he squeezed Ianto's shoulder. "Yes, we are," he replied, pressing a kiss to Ianto's temple. "He's amazing, don't you think?"

Ianto blushed, lowering his head. He tried not to take what Jack said to heart, as he knew it was likely just for Lisa's benefit, but it made him smile anyway.

"I…I…should get back to my husband," Lisa said, not answering his question. Apparently Jack's charm had thrown her for a loop. "It was lovely to meet you, Captain. Ianto." And with that she spun on her high heels and headed back to the man in the black tuxedo.

Ianto started to drop his hand from Jack's back – the charade was over, after all – but Jack pulled him into a hug. He pressed his lips close to Ianto's ear. "I meant every word of that," he told him, voice low.

"Sir?" Now he was nearly certain the Captain was able to read his mind.

"Let's get out of here, Ianto."

tw tw tw tw tw

The drive back to the hotel had been a quiet one, Ianto stealing glances at Jack while the other man drove and finding his hand held and massaged by Jack's thumb. Ianto was afraid to say anything for fear he'd break whatever spell had come over the man.

When they got up to their floor Ianto swallowed, suddenly quite nervous. He didn't have the courage alcohol had afforded him, and he wasn't as sure of this as he'd been that morning when Jack had told him it would happen.

"Ianto," Jack said, sliding a hand down his arm and nudging him out of his reverie. "Do you want to stay with me tonight?"

"I…y-yes," he stuttered, feeling the heat rise in his face again. He smiled, trying to put aside his unease at his inexperience. "Only this time I promise not to get sick."

Jack chuckled, sliding his key from his wallet and opening the door. "That's good, Ianto."

"Less awkward," Ianto added.

"Exponentially so. Come here."

Jack tugged him into the room and let the door close behind them, pressing Ianto up against the wall and kissing him eagerly. Ianto moaned, wrapping his arms around Jack's back and opening his mouth to Jack's insistent tongue.

Jack cupped his cheek with one hand, the other leaning on the wall beside Ianto's head. His tongue swept through Ianto's mouth, tangling with his own before stroking the roof of his mouth, then his cheeks, then the edge of his teeth. By the time they pulled apart they were breathless, and Jack's nose nuzzled his.

"I've wanted to do that all day," Jack admitted, his voice a whisper.

"And I've wanted you to," Ianto told him, smiling.

"Know what else I've wanted to do?"

"No, but I bet you'll tell me."

Jack's eyes sparked with amusement. "This," he said, leaning in and kissing Ianto's neck. "And this," he added, sucking on his earlobe.

Ianto shivered, arousal slamming through him. He maneuvered himself out of Jack's embrace, backing further into the room until the backs of his knees hit the bed. "Know what I've wanted to do?" he asked Jack, undoing the buttons on his jacket.

Jack moved towards him, his expression hidden from Ianto's view now that there was distance between them in the dark hotel room. Ianto imagined he was smirking.

"No I don't, Ianto. Your turn. Tell me."

"I've wanted to finish what I started last night."

Jack groaned, reaching Ianto and tugging him against his chest. "Is that what you really want right now?" he asked in a teasing whisper, drawing Ianto's hand to the front of his trousers. He was hard and Ianto licked his lips. "Because we have all night, and there are many, many things we can do."

The image of Jack's cock buried deep inside his arse flitted through his mind, both thrilling him and scaring him senseless. He closed his hand over Jack's length, stroking firmly. "I need to taste you," he whispered back, gaining another groan from the other man. "Please?"

Jack nodded, backing up a step. Ianto released him, walking toward the lamp by the bedside. He turned it on, wanting to see Jack clearly. He didn't want to miss any detail.

Jack shrugged off his coat, tossing it over the back of the desk chair. He went to work on his braces and shirt as Ianto removed his jacket and moved to lay it beside Jack's coat. His waistcoat and shirt were next, and by the time he got to his shoes and socks Jack was already naked, lying waiting on the bed.

"You're meticulous in all things, Ianto Jones," Jack told him, smiling. "This bodes well for me."

Ianto blushed, placing the last of his clothing on the chair and ignoring the pile of Jack's clothing on the hotel room floor as he moved back towards the bed. He would have felt more self-conscious about his own nudity if not for Jack's wanton expression, Jack's hand stroking his erection slowly as he watched Ianto cross the room.

Ianto climbed onto the bed, leaning in to kiss Jack deeply before trailing a hand down his stomach and pushing Jack's hand out of the way. "Let me," he murmured against Jack's lips, closing his hand around the wet, heated flesh.

Jack's eyes closed and he threaded his fingers through Ianto's hair, stroking absently as Ianto's hand worked on his cock. "Mmm, Ianto."

Ianto smiled, drawing his thumb over the tip of Jack's cock and smearing the moisture over the head. He scooted down the bed until his face was even with Jack's groin, sliding his mouth around his hardness and sucking gently.

Jack moaned, his hand still in Ianto's hair, tightening in the strands as he held Ianto to him. Ianto accepted that as encouragement and deepened the suction, pushing down on Jack's length and then pulling back, using his tongue to taste every part of Jack that he could.

When Jack's hips began to buck Ianto merely sucked faster, adding his hand to his ministrations and stroking Jack in time with his mouth's movements. Ianto could feel him getting hotter and harder in his mouth.

"Wait…Ianto…" Ianto lifted his head with a swipe of the tongue, licking the salty pre-come that pooled in his slit. "Please. So close..."

Ianto gave him one last lick, the taste of Jack drowning his senses, and he moved up next to the other man, smiling. "How do you want me, sir?" he asked him, watching a grin spread over Jack's face.

"Lay back," Jack replied, pushing himself up and waiting until Ianto had done as he requested. He then reached over to the bedside table, grabbing a bottle Ianto hadn't noticed was there.

Ianto watched as Jack snapped the lid of the bottle open, drizzling liquid over his fingers, before closing the bottle once more and dropping it to the bed beside them. He then followed Jack's fingers until they disappeared between his legs, one digit stroking him gently.

Ianto gasped, the lubricated finger cool against his opening. Jack's brow furrowed, and he rubbed his fingers and thumb together quickly. When the finger returned it was warmer, tracing his pucker in even circles.

"Feel okay?" Jack asked him, not pausing his careful stroking.

"Yes," Ianto breathed. "Feels good."

Jack worked the tip of his finger inside him, and Ianto hissed. Jack hesitated, but Ianto shook his head and Jack continued. When he had the finger in past the first knuckle he pulled it back, reaching for the lube and coating his hand a little more. Once again he rubbed his fingers together, returning the digit to Ianto's opening and pushing inside.

"Alright?" Jack questioned again.

Ianto nodded, not sure he trusted his voice. When a second finger was added alongside the first Ianto's hips lifted from the bed and he groaned. Jack had to push him back down, holding him steady while he thrust both fingers inside him.

The initial shock of having something inside him faded into a more pleasurable sensation, and Ianto's breathing quickened. His cock bobbed, neglected, and he reached for it, closing his hand around his hard erection and stroking in time to Jack's movements inside him.

By the time a third finger was added moments later Ianto was moaning loudly, eyes shut. The fingers scissored, stretching him, and they brushed an especially sensitive place inside him.

"Jack…" he growled, eyes opening suddenly and hand stilling on his cock. "Please fuck me."

Jack grinned, removing his fingers and reaching for the bottle. "This might hurt a bit at first, Ianto," he told him, spreading lube along and around his cock before dropping the bottle and lining himself up. "Tell me and I'll stop, okay?"

"Okay, yes," Ianto agreed, pulling on his own cock again when Jack pushed himself against his hole.

Jack moved slowly, breaching the tight muscle and sliding in at an agonizing pace. The first sharp stab of pain faded quickly, and Ianto breathed through his mouth, stroking himself as he grew accustomed to the feel of Jack inside of him.

"No pain?"

"N-no," Ianto groaned, hips lifting against his fist and then falling against Jack's penetration. "God, Jack."

The Captain began to thrust, pulling back just until the head was still inside him and then slamming back into him. Ianto's hand worked quickly on his cock, and he knew he was already getting close. He began to mutter in Welsh, and Jack leaned over him, shutting off his supply of words as he pressed a kiss to his mouth.

The new angle made sure that Jack pushed against his prostate on every thrust, and Ianto groaned his pleasure against Jack's lips. Jack broke the kiss, panting, and slammed his hips harder against Ianto.

"Can't last…long…" he informed Ianto, speech broken. "Need you…so much. Sorry…Ianto…"

"No…sorry," Ianto replied between breaths. "Need you…too. Gonna…Oh God…"

Ianto felt his balls tighten up against his body, his cock throbbing in his fist. Jack thrust once, twice, three more times, and came with a cry, erupting inside Ianto and pushing him over the edge. He came with Jack's name on his lips, warm streams of his release coating his own stomach.

For a few moments they simply basked in the glow, Ianto's hand moving to Jack's hair, carding through the damp strands as his breathing slowed. He wasn't sure he'd ever come so hard before, and his other hand still stroked his cock, albeit slower and more gently, bringing himself down from his high.

"You really are amazing, Ianto Jones," said Jack, rolling slowly off of him and cuddling Ianto to his side.

Ianto felt himself blush. It didn't matter that he'd just shared something so very intimate with Jack. He still managed to get embarrassed at the drop of a hat. "I'm not, really," he told Jack, kissing his damp chest. "I'm nothing special."

Jack pulled back from him, cupping his chin and drawing it up so Ianto was looking at him. "That's the furthest thing from the truth," he said, kissing Ianto gently. "I wish you could see what I see, Ianto."

He sighed, curling up into Jack's warmth. "I'm just the Tea Boy, sir. I'm well aware of that. And I'm alright with it."

"No, you're not," Jack insisted, holding him close and kissing his hair. "You're everything. You keep the entire Hub running, Ianto. And where would I be without our nightly talks, hmm?"

Ianto smiled a bit. "I do enjoy our chats."

"There will be many more of those."

Ianto pulled back, leaning up on one elbow. "So nothing will change at work?"

"Do you want it to?"

"No," he said, licking his lips. "I'd like work to be work. Personal time, well…"

Jack grinned before pulling him back down for a kiss. "Personal time is just that, personal. I don't want to hide what we have, Ianto, but Torchwood needs two professionals."

"I agree completely, sir."

"Can we agree on something else?"

"What's that?"

"When we're in bed, no matter how kinky it might be to hear you say it, can you call me Jack?"

Ianto smirked. "You think it's kinky…sir?"

Jack growled, narrowing his eyes. "Don't make me show you what I do with boys who don't play fair."

Ianto's eyebrow shot up. "That almost sounds like a dare."


"Alright," Ianto assented, kissing him. "Jack."

"Mmm, I like that."

"Can I ask a favor now?"

"Anything, Ianto."

"Can we get cleaned up and perhaps order in something to eat? I'm bloody starving."

They hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and Ianto knew without looking it was going on eight at night. He'd been so nervous at the reception he hadn't eaten any of the food.

Jack laughed, pulling away from him and rolling up off the bed. "Come on, Jones. This time I'll join you in the shower." Ianto's eyes darkened. "You're a fiend."

"I blame you completely," he replied, following Jack into the bathroom. "I'll have you know my sexual appetite was normal, before you."

"I defy you to define normal."

Ianto chuckled. "Well I certainly never considered shagging my boss into a shower wall."

"Oh yeah? Well, lucky for you I'm not up for the ride quite yet." Jack smirked, turning on the water and drawing Ianto close. He whispered in his ear. "But give me twenty minutes and I'm all yours."

Jack released him to step under the spray and Ianto smiled, moving in behind him. All his. He liked the sound of that.