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The rain was cold. Lightening fulled the sky and Dash looked up as he watched the woman he loved walk towards the man who tried to kill his family. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and he felt a deep pain in his chest. He was glad for the rain because it hid his tears well. Willow and Syndrome, as odd as it was, they were a family and nothing Dash did could change that.

One month before this event...

Dash yawned as he got out of bed much like any normal teen would. He stood up and walked to his dress thinking about what he would look best in. Today was an important day for him. He smiled as he thought about the day before him. Today was his track race. It was the one day that he could show the world what he could do and not have to worry about villains trying to kill him or his family. Today, he could be sepical as a normal kid rather than a superhero.

Dash had grown a lot in the five years since Syndrome. He was a well built 15 year old boy. He was shorter than his father and was lean from years of running. He was one of the popular kids, beacuse honestly how could he not be, and he loved it. He loved being the guy everyone wanted to be, and the guy girls wanted. He filled him with pride. Cpuld his life be anymore perfect he thought as he took a quick shower and put on clothes before he zipped out the door. Yea, it could. he thought frowning as he passed his sisters room. He missed Violet every now and then. She had moved out around two years ago. She didn't seem to fit in with her fathers way of life anymore. Her words not his or any of their families. He wondered where she was since she only called once a month to tell everyone that she was alive.

Dash was at school in seconds. He lived to make it in just before the bell ran. He closed his eyes and smirked. Score. He thought just before he hit something, well more like someone. He ran right into a girl about his age. She hit the floor hard and her papers flew everywhere. In the mess of flying papers, he saw something that took rattled him. Dash stared at the girl on the floor. His breath stop. She was beautiful. He looked her over starting from her legs upwards. Her legs were long, pale, going on for what seems like forever only being stop by a short black skirt. Her torso was lean and a chest that wasn't too big but no where near small. Her tight red halter top hugged her well. Her hair was a dark brown with some curls. Dash couldn't take his eyes off her. His heart stop once more when she lifted her head and her blue eyes locked onto his. Was there anything better than this moment looking into her perfect blue eyes?

She on the other hand was anything but happy. "What's your problem? Don't stand there like a fool! Help me!" She screamed.

"Right. On it." Dash started picking up her things and she picked up the rest and moved to stand up. Dash noticed a picture of him in his super suit and smiled. "You like the Incredible boy?"

"No, I'm writing a paper on how people like him are harmful to society." She stated as she started to walk away. Dash grabbed her arm to stop her. She gazed at him in shock. What the hell was this boy thinking touch her after hitting her?

"He's a hero. How in the world could that be a bad thing?"

"He is a hero because someone is the villain. But why is that person a villain? They can't all be pure evil. I won't believe that. No, I can't. So, if they aren't all evil than they most have a reason...misguided as they maybe I don't believe they're all evil. But hero's make them seem all evil and so it keeps them from gaining the help they need." Her blue eyes shined with years of pain that Dash was sure one day he would understand.

"I never thought about like that." Dash swallowed hard. He thought about his sister. Hadn't his sister said something close to that once? Before she left? Dash's grab on the woman loosened. She took that moment to start walking away again. Dash hurried to walk beside her as any human would have. "Wait! What's your name if you don't mind?"

"Willow." She didn't look at him. She just kept walking forward.

"I'm Dash." She didn't seem to care. "Do you go here? Cus I'm playing today and I'd like to see you there... or maybe we could get something to eat later?" Willow smiled as she stopped and turned her head to look at him. She wrote her number down on a slip of paper and handed it to him. She didn't know why, but she felt like they were tied together in some fashion.

"I think I'd like to pick your brain sometime. You know it get the normal persons point of view on this. You seem normal enough. I'll call you... maybe." Dash watched her as she left. Her head held high with a smirk that screamed sexy. He really hoped that she would call... though he realized that he never gave her his number as he looked down at the number she had given him hours later.

Willow walked into her house and flicked on the light. She smiled in true happiness as she walked into the dining room or what should have been the dining room. There was all kinds of object on every surface of the room, a true workshop with metal gears and wires all about. She would have to clean this mess up after her father woke up. She sighed as she grabbed a blanket to wrap around her sleeping father and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She loved him to death, but it was hard to live with him somedays. They're life had been far from easy. So much had happened to them, and she couldn't blame him for the actions that he took. One day, he would work himself to death because of his guilt. She would have to tell him about the boy she met later. She felt tears build in her eyes. She would tell him about the normal boy that she met. He would like that. He would like knowing she was talking to normal people, and not freaks or supers. Willow took out her cell phone and pushed the talk button as a feeling of guilt hit her.

Dash answered his phone. He was at a party celebrating his victory. He was having a good time too. "Hello?" He asked as he waved off his friend. He didn't know the number but he was too happy to give it any thought. Someone poured something down his back. It was cold but he laughed it off as a good joke. "Who's this?"

"Don't tell me you forgot me so soon." That voice stopped Dash in his tracks. It was Willow.

"No, I'd never forget you." Dash moved towards a door that lead outside. God, when did he become such a loser? Where the hell did all his charm go? "I just didn't think I'd hear from you anytime soon." She chuckled at that.

"I need to see someone. I need to talk to someone and I don't know anyone... not around here... not that I can talk to or be seen with."

"What? I don't understand."

"You don't need to." Willow said, but it wasn't over the phone. It came from his left. There was Willow standing with a sad look on her face. It almost looked like she had been crying. "I just need to talk to a normal person." She swallowed and looked as though tears were going to fall. "I just needed to be around a real person not supers. I..." She didn't get to finish. There was a loud sound. Both their heads shot up to look at where the sound came from. It was a man attacking the city. Great, Dash thought. He really didn't need this. How the hell was he going to tell her? Dash went to look back at Willow but she was gone.

Dash raced towards the city. He had ran home to change into his supersuit and was now racing to save the day. He was there soon enough but not soon enough to play hero. A woman with bright red hair stood tall top a machine whose guns were firing. Her fists glowed blue just as she punch the thing straight through. The machine fell to the ground and the girl did a back flip off of it. She smirked as landed on her feet. There was fire all around her. It was an amazing sight, Dash noted as she turned and walked right past him as though he was nothing. In fact to her, he was nothing. She was dressed all in black. The sight reminded Dash of someone but he couldn't place it.

The girl turned around and gave a dark look towards Dash. Her hands glowed blue again and she fired a shot towards Dash. It hit him on the chest burning a hole in his suit. Just whose side was she on? He thought as he gazed up at her from the floor. She walked over and went on her knees beside him. Her lips were inches a way from his ear. If he hadn't been scared out of his mind, this would have been hot as hell. She whispered something to him before standing.

"The name is Wicca by the way and I'll be seeing you around." She smiled sadly before disappearing into the shadows.

"Who was she?"

"I don't know." Dash said honestly. "She called herself Wicca though." Bob didn't seem to like that answer. Helen seemed unsure as of what to do.

"Honey," she looked at Dash. "What did she say again?"

"She said 'That's a taste of the pain your lot have given me... you paid for your crime against me but the others have not.' And than she left after that."

"So, what is she? A villain or a hero?" Jack-Jack asked, but no one seemed to know the answer.

Wicca gazed out the window she was resting on. Her mask hanging between the fingers of her right hand. Her face was blank of emotion. She heard foot steps and she turned her head towards the person who entered.

"Do you still want this?" she asked the woman in the shadows.

"Yes, more than ever."