Cowboys and Angles


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Summery: I've been through hell and back, I thought that I didn't deserve love but she changed all of that when I met her, my angel

Hell: a situation or place of evil, misery, discord or destruction.


That's exactly what my life has been like for the past couple of decades; I never knew hell till I met HER. I will forever remember that fateful night when my life changed forever.

It was 1863, I was 19 the youngest Major in the Texas Calvary. It was night and I was riding back from Galveston after escorting a group of women and children out of the city, when I came across the three most beautiful women I had ever seen. They looked lost and being the good southern gentleman that my mama and daddy raised me to be I got of my horse to see if I could assist them.

The angels or I guess I should says devils now were talking amongst themselves while staring over at me everyone once in awhile I didn't get close enough to hear all of the conversation but bits and pieces floated on the wind towards my ears. I heard words like kill, drain, blood and survive. It was all very confusing to me, the one in the middle was the first to speak to me she asked my name and I told her that it was Major Jasper Whitlock, she then told me that she hoped that I made it. She then came closer to me, tilted her head as if to kiss me but instead she went for my neck and I felt pain like I've never felt before.

For three days the burning torture went on, I screamed and begged for death but I was told that it would be over soon. When I woke up I was so thirsty and confused, I didn't know where I was I tried to remember the last thing that happened but my memories were all murky like I was looking through mud. I also felt well I didn't know what I felt because it was like a lot of different emotions slamming into me.

I realized that I wasn't alone where ever I was and before I knew it I was up and in a crouching position and I could hear a growl coming from inside me chest. I saw the one that had bit me standing on the other side of the room that I was in with a smile on her face

"Easy my pet, I won't hurt you" she said with a Spanish accent

"Who are you?"

I noticed that my voice sounded different

"Where am I"
"I have brought you to my compound, I couldn't very well have you changing out in the open"
"What are ya talkin about? Changin into what?"
"A vampire of course"

"What vampires ain't real everyone knows that"
"Oh I assure you my pet vampires are real and you are one now"

I didn't want to believe her but I noticed the changes in myself
"Why did you do this to me?"
"Simple, I'm building an army and I need good strong people to help me"
"Why would you need an army?"
"To control all of Texas and Mexico so I can have ample feeding grounds"
"Feedin grounds?"
"Human blood is what substances us , its what our bodies crave"
"I'm not feedin on blood"
"There is no other way my pet. I bet you can feel the burn in your throat now as we speak"

I had to admit that my throat did feel like it was on fire. I guess that she could tell that she was right by the look on my face

"You see my pet drinking blood will help to stop that burn, it won't ever go away but it will subside once you have fed"

"Is there no other way to survive then taking the blood of innocent people?"
"No my pet now come"
"Wait when can I see my mama and daddy and the rest of my family?"

"What do you mean never I have to go back to them"
"The Texas Calvary by now has listed you as MIA, your family thinks that you are dead and its best to let them think that"
"No you can't make me stay away from them"
"Oh yes I can my pet now come if you want that burn to somewhat die down. We have much work to do"

And that is what my life has been like, killing, feeding and because of my ability to feel others emotions both human and vampire I was made her second in command and was forced to train her newborns. It was a never ending job because if after a year a vampire had no special abilities or lost there strength they were disposed of, something else that I had to do.

After awhile I lost all hope of ever leave Maria and this life that I knew, I became a heartless bastard and feared all over for a took no shit and no prisoners. I was one hell of a fighter and even though I have scars on the upper half of my body I never once lost a fight. I only ever made one friend, another vampire named Peter, he for some annoying reason when he first got changed always hung around me, I thought that it might have something to do with me being the one that changed him but I know now that it was because we were alike and would become like brothers.

Peter survived his first year because he has what I call a gift but he doesn't agree. Peter just knows shit, no one knows how he knows this stuff but he just does. Its not like he can see the future or anything its just that he gets a feeling that something is gonna happen and I've learned over the years to not doubt him.

Maria like Peter and made him my second in command. Once a month we would have to dispose of the vampire that were no longer a use to us, it never went good for me what being able to feel their fear at what was to come, some times if I was in a good or somewhat good mood I would fill them up with calm and then have Peter kill them. On one particular day I noticed that Peter's emotions were going haywire and I couldn't for the like of me figure out what his problem was it was getting so bad that when there was only four vampires left to kill three men and one woman I told Peter to go and that I would take care of them. He told me that he was fine and that he would stay to help but his emotions never improved in fact they worsen when we got down to the last to vampires and one of them was the woman, Charlotte.

I called her out and that is when the full force of Peter's emotions hit me there was a mixture of fear, loyalty, love, determination and sadness. I tried to figure out what could be making him feel all of that but I couldn't as she got closer that is when it all happened. Peter yelled for her to run and she did, with a look of sadness towards me Peter took off after her. I could have gone after them and either killed them for leaving or bring them back to let Maria handle them but I didn't I could feel the strength of the love flowing between them and Peter was like a brother to me and I didn't want to kill him or have his mate taken from him.

Maria was even more of a bitch when she found out what I did but I didn't care there was some days that I wished for death because I was not happy with the live I was leading. Maria started to notice the change in me; her emotions were ones of fear and sacredness. She thought that I might be planning a mutiny.

Five years later after Peter and Charlotte left I was in one very dark and black hole, I was angry all the time and would lash out at any given moment. Then one night as I was coming back from hunting I smelt a scent that I hadn't smelt in a long time, it was Charlotte and I knew that Peter wouldn't be far behind. I went in the direction that the smell was strongest and there I found them both. Peter had this smug expression on his face like he knew that I was out and would come looking for them when I smelt them.

They told me of another life where there was no war, it was much simpler then the life I was leading now. They asked me to come with them and I did no questions asked. I never looked back. We became nomads only venturing out at night to hunt. Hunting is never easy but it was a bit better then how I was doing it before, even though I still felt the emotions of all my victims.

I made one rule to myself that I've never broken, I promised myself that I would never harm a child or a person that had a child with them because I didn't want them to go through that horror that I guessed that my family did when I was turned. I only hunted criminals like Peter and Char and on occasions I would drain a women when I was having sex with her witch was weekly because even though I'm a vampire I'm sill a man and I have needs that don't revolve around blood.

Being a vampire isn't all that bad, I got to see places in the world that I wouldn't have gotten to see plus also seeing as how I never needed to sleep I was able to learn a whole lot. One of the things that I did with my time was learning different languages; I'm fluent in many languages. But no matter how many languages I learned there was still something that was missing from my life and that was a mate, someone to share the world with. It got depressing being around Peter and Char because they had this great love that I wished that I had. Sometimes I left them and traveled on my own because I got to lonely and I was projecting it on to them which made them depressed.

It was on one such trip in 1946 when I first Alice. Alice was another vampire and pretty with golden eyes but I knew right away would never be my mate. She was waiting for me in a little dinner in Philadelphia, I was learning to be out among humans when I wasn't feeding; it was raining and I knew that I couldn't stand out in the rain no matter how much I enjoyed it, so I ducked into a half empty dinner. My eyes were not the bright red that they are after feeding so I didn't have to worry about that.

I walked in and she hopped down off the stool she was sitting on and came over to me, I thought that she was going to attack me but she had this big smile on her face and I could tell by her emotions that she was happy. I couldn't figure out why she was happy to see me. She told me that I kept her waiting a long time, I apologized to her and when I took the hand that she offered me I felt hope for the first time in a long time.

We went to sit at one of the booths and we talked for almost two hours. She invited me back to her hotel room so that we could continue talking, I was unsure about that because there could be someone waiting to ambush me and she was only pretend to be nice but I felt no deception coming from her. She told me to trust her and that we need to leave because the sun was going to make an appearance and we were going to sparkle and attract the humans attention if we didn't leave now.

I agreed and we left to go to her hotel room. Once there we continued to talk and I found out all about her well what she knew, how I could feed off of animals and stop taking human lives though she told me that I would slip once in awhile and she also told me that I would soon find my true mate one that will help me when I slip badly and bring me back from the brink of my old life. When I asked her how she knew all of this she told me that she could see the future but it was subjective, the future is not set in stone she told me and that one little decision could change everything.

She also told me about a coven of vampires that drank that blood of animals and that if we went to them they would be willing to accept us in there coven. Again I was unsure but like before there was no lying coming from her. She also told me that while with this family I would come to meet my mate and so would she. She knew everything about them; Carlisle was the leader and the one that changed everyone in the coven; he was a doctor and the father figure. His wife and mate Esme was the mother figure and also a decorator. Then there was Edward he was the first one that Carlisle turned and was also Alice's mate. Next was Rosalie who Carlisle turned after Esme and Rosalie's mate Emmett. Alice told me that we would fit in great with them and that they would help me learn there way of living.

I asked her that if Edward was her mate why she waited for me and she answered that she knew that if she didn't I wouldn't have made it to the Cullens as was the covens name or find my mate. It was all very new to me having someone know about my life before it even happens and what my life would become but I figured that I had to trust her. Alice was the first person outside of Peter and Char that actually cared about what happens to me. I told her that I would go but first I wanted to let Peter and Char know what was going on.

I got in touch with them and told them, Char didn't like it but Peter knew that I had to go with her to find the one that I was meant to be with. I knew that we would always keep in touch with each other and that I would see them again, I left with Alice. The Cullens were currently in Alaska but I wouldn't be meeting my mate there according to Alice I wouldn't meet my mate for fifty years because she was yet to be born. I couldn't believe that I had to wait that long but then again there was a part of me that wasn't sure that I deserved love after everything that I done. We left for the Cullens that very same day

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