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Carlisle and Esme had told us that we could honeymoon on Isle Esme as their wedding gift to us. When I was originally told about how Carlisle had bought an island for Esme I couldn't believe it. I mean I would never have guessed that someone would go and buy an island for someone as an anniversary gift. We stayed there for two months just enjoying being together and exploring all that the island had to offer. Once we decided that it was time to leave, Jasper kept his promise to me and we lived like nomads for the better part of a year and a half.

We went everywhere and saw all Seven Wonders of the World. It was so amazing to just do what we wanted. While we were in China we walked the Great Wall, in Scotland we toured old castles, in Egypt we went to see the pyramids, London to see Big Ben, Australia to see the Sydney Opera House and when we went to Canada and all of the different provinces, we went to things that were their claim to fame. I think that one of my favorite views of a city was looking down on the city of Toronto in the province of Ontario from the CN Tower, the tallest building in that city. While in New York we went to the Statue of Liberty. We took in plays, musicals, movies and whatever else we felt like doing in all the cities that we visited.

We kept in contact with the family threw Skype and postcards. We also made sure to send them gifts from each of the places that we visited. The Cullen's had purchased a house not to far from Peter's and Char's. From what I was told it was a two story house with plenty of rooms, game room, movie room, huge library and a pool. When I asked them why they moved I was told that they enjoyed living with Peter and Char but felt that it was time to get a place of their own. Jasper and I was going home today and I couldn't wait to see everyone again.

We boarded the plane and once all of the safety procedures were done, we took off. Once we landed at home, everyone was there waiting for us. After a round of hugs we gathered our luggage and then climbed into Peter's truck so that we could go home, and the Cullen's got into Carlisle's car. It wasn't till some time later that I noticed that we weren't going in the right direction

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see soon Sugar" was Peter's only reply

About ten minutes later we pulled up outside a cute log cabin with a green roof and a little porch that was surrounded by the woods. Peter came to a stop and got out. We all followed him when he walked right up the steps, unlocked the door and walked in. Once we were all in the living room Peter said

"Welcome home Jasper and Bella" while holding his arms out


"What do ya mean?" was Jasper's response

"When Char and I originally bought our land this place was here, in bad shape but still standin'. We didn't tear it down figurin' that it would come in handy one day. And we were right, so while y'all were on your honeymoon and then travelin' the world we got this place all fixed up so when y'all got home it would be ready for ya"

"You're just giving us a house?" I asked

"Yep. It's your weddin' gift from Char and me"

I went over to him and gave him a hug. I couldn't believe that Jasper and I had a house all of our own. I loved living with everyone but it was nice to have a place just so that we could be together.

"So ya want the grand tour?"

Jasper and I nodded and Peter and Char led us threw the house. We had a beautifully designed library with dark panel wood, floor to ceiling bookshelves that was packed to the breaking point with books on every subject. On one wall was a fireplace and on the other was 'A Starry Night' by Van Gogh. There were armchairs under the painting with a table in the middle of them and a couch on the other side. I knew that Jazz and I would be spending a lot of time in here. We left the library and continued threw the house, we didn't have a game room like everyone else seemed to have but that suited us well. There were also only two guest rooms which meant that the family would have to take turns visiting us.

Once the tour was done, everyone left me and Jazz alone so that we could enjoy our new house and unpack. I knew that we would also need to hunt soon, so after everything was unpacked and the dirty clothes in the washer, Jazz and I went for a hunt.

Couple of months later

Jazz and I loved living on our own without having to worry about anyone else overhearing us when we were making love or fucking. Many a days and nights were spent in the library just enjoying reading. Some times we would read to each other; other times we were happy in the silence.

I decided that it was time to go back to school. I'd had enough time off and I really wanted to be able to get my diploma. So I registered for the new school year and Jazz being the sweet person that he is, agreed to come back with me. He even agreed to be in the same year as me. The family was proud that I was going back and told me that they would all help me. Rose, Em, Edward and Alice were all going to be in their final year but they promised that they would wait and go to collage with me. I was even surprised when Peter and Char said that they wanted to give going to school a shot. I thought that they were joking till they both started to hunt animals. That's when I knew that they were really serious about doing this and I supported them whole heartedly.

By the time school started, Peter and Char's eyes were not fully golden yet but they were going to wear golden contacts until their eyes did turn. When we registered for school, the way we set it up was that Em and I were going as brother and sister and using his human last name, Rose and Char was going as sisters and using Rose's human last name, Edward and Ali were brother and sister using Edward's human last name and Jasper and Peter as brothers using their last name.

The women were all lusting after the men and it made all of us pissed but we dealt with it by showing them that the men were all taken. The girls were all pissed that the hottest guys were taken but at least we didn't have to worry. The good thing was that unlike Forks where everyone thought it weird for them to be in a relationship and live under the same roof, we didn't have the same problem because we made it that Jasper, Em and Peter lived together and Char and I lived together while Rose, Ali and Edward all lived with Carlisle and Esme.

I got good grades in school as I did in Forks. It was Peter and Char that were having the trouble seeing as they hadn't been to school in a long time, so we were all helping them and as time went on their grades were picking up. Days turned into nights and weeks into months. Time was really flying by. Before I knew I was almost done with my first year back to school as a vampire. This meant that I only had one more year and then we would all be moving.

We had already started the process of deciding on where to move to from here. There were a lot of suggestions being thrown around; the one that I liked the most was living in London. When Jazz and I were there I really enjoyed the city and wanted to go back again. I knew that Jazz felt the same way because he as well had a hard time saying goodbye to London. So when Carlisle asked us where we wanted to go we told him, everyone seemed to be in agreement with that so it was decided that we would move to London and attend Oxford. I couldn't wait for the move and I only hopped that the last year of high school would go flying by.

A year later

Graduation day arrived and I was happy to be done high school, getting my diploma and moving to London soon. Everything was packed and ready to be shipped over. Even Peter and Char were coming which was great. All of us were accepted to Oxford and Carlisle already had a position already lined up at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He said that he had enough of working in Er's and he wanted a changed. I threw on my jeans and black top, grabbed my black graduation gown and cap and then went downstairs. The rest of the family was all there waiting for me since I was the last one down. I didn't care what I wore because the gown would be covering my outfit anyway, plus we would be leaving for the airport and I wanted to be comfortable on the plane.

We all left mine and Jazz's house and made our way to the school. Jazz, Peter, Char and I all went to line up with the rest of the graduation class in alphabetical order by our last names while everyone else went to find seats. Jazz was valedictorian so when we entered the gym where the graduation ceremony was being held, Jazz was going to be up on stage while the rest of us were going to be sitting on the chairs.

The principal and vice-principal got up to say their speeches and then it was time for Jazz to give his valedictorian speech. He talked about how this is the time for us to explore what the world has to offer us, trying out different things before settling on one thing for the rest of our lives and to have fun. Once his speech was over the principal got back up again and started to call out everyone's names one by one so that we could get our diplomas.

We all got our diplomas and then after saying goodbye to the friends that we made here we left so that we could get our luggage and whatever else we wanted to take with us on the plane. Carlisle and Esme would be following the next day because they needed to be here; so that they could sign saying that everything had been picked up for shipping to our new home. For the first little while we were all going to be living in the same house until school started then Em, Rose, Edward, Ali, Char, Peter, Jazz and I were going to be living on campus. The house wasn't that far from the school so we could go home whenever we wanted and the forest wasn't that far either.

Once we all had everything we said goodbye to Carlisle and Esme and then left for the airport. Thankfully our plane wasn't delayed and it arrived on time. We boarded the plane and after a wait we took off ready to start our next adventure.

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