Final Fantasy XIII Q & A

We see a funky yellow background with a purple and orange hearts circulating with an upbeat music in the background. (Think of the FF13 Chocobo Theme). Suddenly in the Purple heart we see Fang's face making kissy faces at the camera and in the orange heart we see Vanile waving vigorously.

"It's~" an announcer's voice booms out as the hearts morph into the letters Q and A, "Final Fantasy XIII's Q & A! With your hosts Oerba Yun Fang and Oerba Dia Vanille!"

The camera pans into a talk show stage. of course the background wall is yellow and there is a green desk, where sitting behind it is the hosts.

Fang and Vanille are wearing their signature clothing.

"Ello, our lovely fans!" Fang sang out with a quick bow before sitting in her seat as Vanille blew kisses to the audience (who all screamed obsessively). "Welcome to our talk show. This is obviously a Q & A? and for those of you who are like Snow and asked" She deepened her voice while crossing her eyes, " 'What does Q and A stand for?' "

"Q and A stand for Question and Answer." Vanille answered with a growing smile, excited that she was on t.v.

"Since it's the first episode, we were only given three questions. Which were all asked by our annoying manager." She gives the author of this fanfiction, who is also the manager a sideways glare, and of course being the scaredy cat the manager was was she cowered in fear.

"Anyways!" Vanille turned Fang's direction back to the camera as she continued. "The first question is..."

Vanille? Whenever you talk you seem to fake your Pulsian accent? Are you pretending to have one or what?

Vanille cocked her head to the side with a slight pout. "You think my accent's fake?" Her lip quivered as Fang glared at me who had already ran off somewhere.

"I'll answer for her- NO HER ACCENT ISN'T FLIPPIN' FAKE!" She hollered, angry that the question was enough to make her cry. "And if any of you ask a question that makes my Vanille cry I'm gonna -bleep- and -bleep- then -bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeeeep - WITH A VACUUM CLEANER!"

"Actually, Fang..." Vanille began, wiping the tears again. "The reason I'm crying is accent is fake!"

"What!" Fang exclaimed when Vanille talked with a western accent. "But, your from Pulse. Why do you not have the accent?"

"It's a long story-"

"Well, you only got thirteen minutes left-" the manager began but was cut off by a spear grazing her ear. "Ow! Son of a b-"

"Back to me!" Vanille once again directed Fang's attention away from the annoying manager. "While growing up my parents noticed my voice had a lack of the Pulse dialect. Even the doctor said that I had some sort of speech problem. Thoguh it's all still a mystery how I got it, but my mom taught me how to use a pulse accent. And well, sometimes I forget to use it and slip up. And didn't know it was noticeable."

"So," Fang said after taking all that in, "it's basically like having a lisp or something?"

"Sure!" Vanille answered trying to get her pep again. "Okay! Next question!"

What does it feel like being crystal?

"Surprisingly..." Vanille started off, "It's not as uncomfortable as people think. It actually is quite cozy."

"Okay!" Fang jumped up onto the desk. "Imagination time!'s like, going to a five star hotel suite and getting to sleep on freshly washed bed sheets and spread on a cold night. It's like that."

"You should try it!" Vanille added. Fang rose an eyebrow at this.

"Er, Vanille, they can't actually, you know, just become crystal. That's only from our world, and even from this world they can't just do it whenever they please!"

"No," the redhead giggled, "I mean sleep in a five star hotel."

"Oh! We should go after this show!"

"Why, we live here."

"Just for some alone time." the dark skinned pulsian purred, as Vanile blushed a giggled.

"Wrap it up, you guys!" the manager added as they continued to flirt.

As if they had forgotten they were on camera they continue their show.

"FInal question!" Fang quickly announced as Vanille awkwardly twirled her hair.

What is your favorite song?

"He's My Best Friend!" Vanille instantly laughed as she started bouncing in her chair, her pigtails moving along with her.

"Who!" Fang asked out of nowhere. "Sazh?"

The younger girl shook her head as she continued to bounce. "My favorite song!"

"Oh..." Fang's eyebrows wrinkled as she thought about the song she liked the most. "I guess some sort of...Breaking Benjamin song."

"Who?" Vanille asked with another cock to her head. Fang grinned at the girl.

She's so cute.

"Two minutes!" The manager cued.

"Okay!" Fang started again, "that's it for the first episode! Send in a question and we will try to answer the best way we can."

"It can be about our thoughts about our friends, and such," Vanille added.

"Until next time!" The two girls bowed, "ADIEU~ 3"

AN: Yeah first episode not that exciting because I couldn't think of questions. I bet you'll be more creative with the questions. Next episode I promise will get better!

Send in a review asking your question.

It may be more then one question (Of course don't ask like twenty of them!) You may ask a new question every episode. Have fun with it!