Working title: Mistake

Pairing(s): Prussia x Italy (the "mistake"), Prussia x Romano with a side of Germany x Italy

Rating: M for good reason!

AN: This is my first fanfiction in a long time. First Prumano. First GerIta. First time *attempting*... a M rated story, fanfic or not. A lot of firsts. I apologize for OOC-ness; it was unintentional, but necessary.

Warning(s): Personified countries, swearing, yaoi (boyXboy), sexual innuendo. There is a lemon.

Disclaimer: This story stems from text message 865 on TFLN. It was not my text, nor did I receive it. (But...but, it was inspirational)! In addition, Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya


Chapter 1: Remember and Regret

Prussia was usually not a shy nation. He wore his heart on his sleeve, and he never had a problem with spilling even the most intimate secrets about himself. But this time was different. He screwed up. Bad.

He knew this instantly when he woke up. He was on the couch in the Italy's home. This was not unusual, or even unexpected really. No. The problem was, the wrong Italian was lying on top of him. Had they fallen asleep like this?

Prussia tried to remember everything that happened last night. He paled at the thought, which probably made him look like death since he was already insanely pale to begin with. Holding his breath, he gently roused the Italian curled asleep on his chest.

"No no, Germany...five more minutes Ve~" Italy protested.

"Feliciano, vake up." Prussia whispered tersely, "Your bruder vill be up soon! Do you vant him to see us like this?"

Prussia waited impatiently for Italy to notice that the two of them were scantily dressed and curled together on his couch. But, sure enough, the sleepy Italian jerked in surprise and scrambled off of Prussia.

"Gi...Gilbert, what?" he exclaimed stupidly.

"Don't you dare tell me you don't know how ve ended up like this!" Prussia snapped, as he sat up. He quickly stood from the couch and snatched his boxers off of the ground.

"Oh..." Italy said suddenly, "Oh!"

"So you do remember?" Prussia responded sarcastically as he yanked on his jeans and located his T-shirt.

As mean as he was being to the still-naked Italian, Prussia almost felt sorry as the man began to cry. Almost.

"Ludwig will hate me!" Italy sobbed.

"Don't be thick." Prussia scoffed, "He'll blame me, of course. And so vill your- Stupid. Irritating.- sexy brother!"


Prussia sent the sobbing Italy to take a shower so that he could concentrate. How had he let something like this happen? He had been drinking last night, sure, but that was no different from any other night. He had been needy too. Yep. That definitely contributed to the situation. And damn it all, Romano had been "too tired for that."

"No excuse." Prussia muttered to himself. He fished his phone out of the pocket of his jeans and scrolled through his friends list. He needed advice, fast. Usually, in a situation like this, he'd send his brother a message. But this was different; Germany would not be pleased. His second choice was usually Spain, however, this was also a bad idea. He had a feeling that, if he did, Spain would finally have a reason to take his old battle axe out of storage.

France. Prussia decided. He opened a blank text message and pressed the keys lightly. When he was finished, the message read, "What's a nice way of saying, "You fell asleep, and I got bored, so I made out with your brother?" Prussia pressed send before he could change his mind. Then he could do nothing but wait. And wait. And wait.

What seemed like hours to Prussia was, in reality, no more than a few seconds. Before his brain registered what was happening, his phone was vibrating. Prussia fumbled with it and answered quickly, "Ja?" he asked. He'd answered so fast that he'd forgotten to check the caller ID. Luckily though, it was France.

"Ah hon hon! Someone 'ad an interesting night!" France chuckled on the other line.

"S..shut up, Francis!" Gilbert spluttered.

"Oh?' France replied in mock hurt, "I thought you wanted me to give you some advice? Non? Well, good bye then, Gil-"

"No vait!" Prussia exclaimed, "Vhat should I do..."

Prussia waited for France to answer, but the bastard was taking his time. He was about to hang up on the infuriating Frenchman when he finally did speak up.

"First tell me what 'appened." France demanded, "Every last detail."


End note: I'm sorry it sucks! TT_TT I promise that the next chapter will be more interesting, if not considerably better.