And the long awaited Epilogue is finally finished! I'm sorry it took so long, but I've never written anything like this before... ever. And I'm really not planning on do it again, either. It was really hard for me and completely out of my comfort zone. D:

I hope it doesn't sound too bad, or unrealistic... Enjoy?



Prussia learned very quickly that just because Romano had said that he still loved him did not mean that he was forgiven. It also didn't mean that he would be escaping punishment.

Prussia wasn't at all surprised when Romano made him clean up the dinner things by himself. He wasn't surprised when he was sent to the store to buy Romano's favorite gelato afterwards either. But Prussia was very surprised when the Italian ordered him into the bedroom instead of banishing him from the house, or to the couch at least. He knew instantly that something was going to go down that night, and he wasn't sure if it going to be pleasant.

"On the bed, Potato Bastard." Romano snapped.

Prussia complied wordlessly; expression blank. He watched Romano go to his closet and move the piles of clothes on the floor around until he found what he was looking for. He came back to bed holding probably the ugliest green and blue striped tie that Prussia had ever seen, and held it out to him.

"Put it on." Romano instructed.

Prussia gave him a questioning look, but accepted the hideous cloth and slipped it under the collar of his button down.

"No." Romano scolded impatiently, snatching it away again, "Like this."

Prussia stiffened as Romano roughly tied the tie around his head, covering his eyes like a blindfold. Even so, the knot was rather loose.

"L...Lovi?" Prussia asked questioningly.

Not being able to see was more than a little unnerving, especially with a violent type like Romano.

"Quit your quaking, bastard." Romano grumbled; Prussia felt the Italian begin to unbutton the front of his shirt with nimble fingers, "I'm not going to hurt you... much."

That... made Prussia feel better. He could do nothing but sit silently as Romano finished removing his shirt and pushed him down so that he was lying on his back on the bed. Prussia let the Italian do as he pleased without much resistance; he was intensely interested to find out what Romano had planned.

Romano suddenly crashed his lips into Prussia's, and the Prussian eagerly leaned into the kiss, fighting for dominance. Surprisingly, Romano was very forceful and nipped painfully at Prussia's bottom lip when he got too close to winning. Prussia sighed in discontent; it was blatantly obvious that Romano was not going to let him have his way tonight.

Romano seemingly ignored the Prussian's dissatisfaction and continued kissing along Prussia's jaw. The kisses trailed across his face, and the Italian nibbled on Prussia's ear almost playfully.

"Admit you like it, bastard." Romano whispered seductively; his warm breath tickling the Prussian's ear.

A shiver of pleasure glided down the Prussian's spine, making goosebumps appear on his arms despite the warmth of the room. No, not pleasure, Prussia decided. Was this how he made Romano feel? He didn't like it. He didn't like it at all.

"N..nein." Prussia managed, voice husky.

"Hmmm." Romano murmured disapprovingly.

Prussia suddenly felt Romano's hands in his hair, yanking his head back to suck on his neck. Prussia groaned in discomfort from the angle he was forced into, but made no attempts to stop the Italian at all, much like he'd done with Italy the night before. When Romano was finished, Prussia was sure that there was a huge bruise where the Italian's mouth had been.

Prussia felt the Romano's painter's fingers flitting down his chest until they brushed along the top of his jeans. The button was undone, and soon the Prussian found himself lifting his hips to help the Italian remove the offending clothing.

"Don't move." Romano warned.

Prussia lay still as instructed, but his heart sunk when he felt the Italian get off the bed. His uneasiness went up when Prussia heard the chink of Romano's belt. He fidgeted uncomfortably on the bed, wishing he could see what Romano was doing.

"Now roll over." Romano said gruffly.

Prussia panicked, "L...Lovi, you're not gonna... beat me, are you?" he asked with a bit of a whine. He was too hysterical to worry about the way his voice quavered and his lips trembled; Prussia's irrational fear of leather belts was getting to him.

"W...what?" Romano stammered suddenly, "Don't be stupid, Potato bastard! I wouldn't do that! Che palle!" he added, bite returning to his tone, "Now roll over before I change my mind, dammit!"

Prussia hesitated a moment longer and then rolled onto his stomach. He did not like this game. A moment later, he let out a strangled gasp as Romano suddenly grasped him by the ankles and pulled him halfway off of the bed so that his knees rested on the hard wooden floor.

"Now relax," Romano said, almost gently, "Or this is gonna hurt."

"Vhat are you - ehng." Prussia tensed as he felt Romano's finger tickle at his entrance. At that moment, Prussia screamed NO loudly in his head over and over again, but of course, he did nothing to stop Romano from proceeding. He whined loudly as the Italian pressed the finger inside of him. But at least, Prussia thought, Romano had had the decency to moisten his fingers before hand. When had he done that?

"Loosen up, bastard," Romano grumbled, "You're so tight."

"But it hurts!" Prussia whined.

"It'll hurt more if you don't loosen up!" Romano snapped, shoving the next finger in as well.

Prussia let out a very un-awesome scream, and tightened his grip on the bed sheets. It bothered him that Romano didn't seem to notice his pain or discomfort at all; the Italian was mercilessly stretching him out without a word. The Prussian's eyes were even beginning to tear up as yet another finger was added. Then, almost suddenly, the fingers were removed with a wet pop. Prussia felt something new brush his now prepared entrance.

"Ready, bastard?" Romano asked gruffly; it was impossible for the Prussian to miss the lust in his voice. Prussia just nodded wordlessly. He felt Romano's hands on his hips, and then the Italian pushed in slowly. Prussia let out a strangled gasp; pain immediately shooting up his spine. Romano moved rather slowly with his thrusts at first, causing the Prussian to swear loudly in complaint.

The Italian tch'ed, but finally began to pick up the pace. Prussia had never been on the receiving end before, but even he could tell that Romano didn't know what he was doing. Every thrust was at a different angle, searching. Prussia waited impatiently, biting on his bottom lip until he tasted blood, for the Italian to find his sweet spot. It took Romano over a dozen tries, but he finally brushed across Prussia's prostate.

Prussia let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as Romano finally hit the right spot. Very soon the Prussian was seeing stars, as Romano aimed for, and at least brushed against, that same spot with every subsequent thrust. At first Prussia thought he was missing on purpose, but he eventually concluded that it was out of inexperience rather than spite. Even with the non-consistent thrusts, Prussia felt himself getting close.

Romano came first. Prussia felt himself being filled with warm semen, and that pushed him over the edge as well. The two of them rode out their orgasms almost simultaneously. Romano then collapsed on top of Prussia, panting. And after his eyes cleared of their haze, Prussia chuckled at him.

"Tired, Lovi?" he asked, voice sultry.

"I am not," Romano grumbled, sounding exhausted, "S...shut up... bastard."

He was even too tired to get angry properly. How cute!

Prussia slid the tie blindfold off of his head, and put his arms back to support the sleepy Italian before standing up. He hoisted the boy up and out, so that he was piggyback style. Being rather tired himself, the Prussian only walked far enough to lay the sleepy Italian in bed before collapsing next to him. They both lay silently for a moment with Romano curled into Prussia's form. Prussia stroked Romano's hair lazily for a moment.

"Hey, Lovi?" Prussia mumbled.

"Che palle. What is it, you bastard?" Romano grumbled sleepily.

"Can we do it like that again sometime?" Prussia asked.

"Hnn." Romano murmured, "We have all week."

Prussia would never admit to anyone that he rather enjoyed not being on top.