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The great Kyūbi no Kitsune howled to the moon as it felt its chakra slowly being sealed into the baby below. Kyūbi glared down at Minato and Kushina as they smiled at their child as Kyūbi slowly began to vanish. "Damn you both," Kyūbi hissed out in hate as it disappeared completely. Minato and Kushina both collapsed feeling their life coming to a direct and painful end, they simply held onto their child and themselves as they felt nothing anymore.

Sarutobi and a small armed force arrived to see a crying baby with a seal on its stomach with both Minato and Kushina smiling. "I was too late," Sarutobi mumbled looking about the destruction and devastation. "You didn't deserve to die like this you too." Sarutobi reached forward and grabbed the wailing baby as the other Konoha forces arrived. Sarutobi looked around at the different faces to see an array of emotions; anger, fear, confusion, and then despair.

"What happened," Shikaku asked with a rare trace of anger in his voice. "I thought Kyūbi was sealed in Kushina." Sarutobi never felt more exhausted then he did right now as he gazed down at the tiny child in his arms. Shikaku followed his gaze with his eyes widened in realization as he saw the seal gently fade away.

"I need to call an emergency meeting," Sarutobi announced as he began to walk away, but just before he vanished into the cold night he turned around to see the ninja group mourn over the falling Hokage. "Why did it have to be you Minato?" With that Sarutobi vanished into the cold night leaving behind the grief stricken men and women.


"Order, Order, Order!" Sarutobi yelled out to be heard over the council. "I know we are in a crisis-."

"Crisis," Echoed a calm and calculated voice of Danzo. "You don't believe that to be a little bit of an understatement, Sarutobi. I mean we've just lost quite a bit of our Shinobi forces and our Hokage on top of that."

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at Danzo seeing the gears already turning in the old hawk's head. "What are you suggesting?" Sarutobi questioned with suspicion already in his voice.

"The Kyubi was sealed into Naruto," Danzo gestured to the sleeping baby in the crib. "If you give him to me I can train him into being the perfect weapon." This brought mixed emotions from the council members; some where agreeing to it, others were shocked by it, but the angrier members suggested just killing the boy. The council once again erupted into a giant angry debate, this time over the fate of the child. Sarutobi banged his fist against his desk with enough force to crack the surface; once again silence covered the chambers.

"We will not kill Naruto," Sarutobi glanced at Danzo with a blazing fire in his eyes. "And he will not be turned into a weapon." Danzo's grip on his cane increased until everyone heard an audible cracking sound. "Do you understand, Danzo?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama," Danzo dipped his head in a slight bow, but it was barely noticeable. Everyone watched as Danzo turned and left the council room leaving behind an eerie silence. Outside the room the only sign of Danzo's anger was his cane, which had a profound crack going down it. "You don't have the nerve to do what is needed to be done, Sarutobi. If I must I will take matters into my own hands like I've done once before." With that Danzo turned to the hallway and left.


Two lone figures were jumping from tree to tree; sweat dripping from their bodies, but both wore smiles of excitement. "They don't give up easily do they Kinkaku," Ginkaku looked at his brother who only grunted while taking a peek behind him to see four figures jumping after them.

"You would think they would learn after we killed most of them." Kinkaku gripped the fan in his right hand tightly. ""Bashōsen" Hi no Maki ("Banana Palm Fan" Coil of Fire)." Kinkaku stopped on the next branch and turned around while swinging the fan, releasing a blazing wave of intense flames causing the other figures to disperse. Kinkaku and Ginkaku watched the blaze slowly engulf the forest into an inferno. "This should buy us some time." With that the two began to jump away again leaving their pursuers behind the flames.

"Where is the nearest village," Ginkaku questioned with a cocked eyebrow?

"Konohagakure is the closet."

"Well, let's hide there for a few seconds."

Kinkaku stared at his brother as he began to form hand seals for henge. "Smart thinking little brother," Kinkaku stated as he began to do the same thing. "With our massive chakra reserves our transformation are more life like then what any regular shinobi can produce." Ginkaku smiled a mischievous smirk as he and his brother vanished in a cloud of smoke.


Sarutobi pinched the bridge of his nose as his unfocused eyes scanned the area around him. Konoha didn't take the fact that Kyubi was still alive and sealed inside a mere baby. Almost everyone started biding for the child's blood forcing Sarutobi to enact a new law; if someone speaks about the Kyubi to anyone of the younger generation they would be killed. Sarutobi turned his eyes to the door as he heard footsteps approaching in an almost hurried fashion. "What's wrong now?" Sarutobi thought as the door swung open revealing Fugaku Uchiha.

"You needed to speak to me," Fugaku announced with a calm tone that was only betrayed by the nervous gleam in his onyx eyes.

"Yes, I did," Sarutobi stated gesturing to the chair in front of him as he kept his eyes locked on Fugaku's. "But before we get to the real issue, how is our wife handling Kushina's death?"

Fugaku's eyes darkened with a barely contained flame of anger as he turned towards Naruto. "She is heartbroken to say the least," Fugaku commented as he kept his eyes on the sleeping baby.

Sarutobi let out a sigh directing Fugaku's attention back to him. "I see you hate the child as well," Sarutobi stood up and turned his back to the Uchiha head.

"No, Hokage-sama I don't hate the child," Fugaku proclaimed with his same calm tone. "But I just don't see him being able to hold the Kyubi back. I mean he is just a baby and a child that pure is easily corrupted." Sarutobi turned his head back to Fugaku as he continued. "I'm just wondering if you made the right call to dismiss Danzo's help in training the boy." Fugaku suddenly stiffened as Sarutobi turned his eyes to him releasing killer intent with it.

"I stand by my word," Was all Sarutobi said as he turned back. "We are all tired Fugaku maybe I could ask my question tomorrow, if it isn't too much trouble?"

"Of course Hokage-sama," With that Fugaku stood up and bowed before departing the room.

Sarutobi turned to the sleeping Naruto with a sad smile. "Now, the question becomes where you are going to stay." Naruto gave a big yawn and smiled as he turned over.


Kinkaku and Ginkaku entered Konoha and were surprised at the amount of destruction. "Did we miss something?" Kinkaku looked down at his brother who looked like a merchant with a straw hat.

"I don't know, but we missed out on the fun."

Kinkaku chuckled slightly as they continued through the destroyed village. After using the henge both Kinkaku and Ginkaku looked like any other merchant, but the only deference is that they both still gave off a small amount of their powerful chakra. They continued their stroll until they saw a group of ANBU heading their direction. "We couldn't have been found out!" Kinkaku looked at Ginkaku as he gritted his teeth, but the ANBU suddenly turned revealing the Hokage with a baby in his aged hands. "I wonder why a mere baby needs protection." Kinkaku looked around and saw all the glares of hate directed, not at the Hokage, but at the tiny bundle in his hands. Kinkaku and Ginkaku froze in place as they felt the demonic chakra coming off the baby.

"Looks like Kyubi's got a new host," Ginkaku responded with a dull tone, but couldn't keep the excitement out of his eyes. Kinkaku nodded his head and the two followed the group to an orphanage. "Should we go and greet our brother?" Kinkaku turned his now glowering red eyes to Ginkaku and smiled.

"Yeah," Kinkaku made a move to go forward and stopped. "But we wait until nightfall, that way we can't be interrupted." Ginkaku smiled and continued to watch Naruto's fading form with fiery gleam in his eyes.


Sarutobi left the orphanage with a sigh as he thought the owner was not happy, but still took the boy. Sarutobi rubbed his eyes as exhaustion began to creep into his old bones. Sarutobi walked forward only to stop as a flash of demonic chakra caught his attention, but when he looked towards the source he only saw two smiling merchants looking at him. Sarutobi narrowed his eyes as something as his brain began to scream at him to remember those two. Sarutobi rubbed his eyes once more to focus some more, but when he looked back the merchants were gone. "Who were those two?" Sarutobi mumbled this to himself as he began to retreat back to his home, but his mind still came back to those merchants.


"That was close," Kinkaku looked down as his brother looked over the building they jumped on. "He nearly remembered us."

"Yes, but he didn't now did he."

"No, but what if he suddenly does?" Ginkaku looked at his brother and saw him crack his knuckles.

"If we could almost kill Tobirama Senju and our own Nidaime Raikage, I think we can handle these weaklings." Ginkaku nodded his head and looked down at the orphanage. The building was white and suffered little to no damage from Kyubi's rampage. The building was surrounded by flowers and had a play area in back for the children.

"This is going to be easy," Ginkaku chuckled as he stood up. "He left no one to guard the little run-." Kinkaku nudged Ginkaku in the side and pointed to the top portion of the roof. Ginkaku was confused for a second until he saw the whit mask reflecting off the brown tiled roof. "So he isn't as dumb as I thought." Kinkaku gave his brother a light tap to the side of the head and disappeared in a burst of speed, with Ginkaku not far behind.


An eerie silence befell the orphanage as a dark shadow crept slowly towards the room that housed Naruto. The door opened slowly revealing a man with soulless eyes dressed in black clothing. He moved towards the crib that was at the far corner with such silence it looked like he just appeared there. "There you are Naruto," He kept his eyes directed on the boy with no hint of any emotion as he reached towards the boy. "The Hokage should've placed more guards." But just as his hand grazed the blanket that covered the boy he was thrown unceremoniously to the far wall. His head snapped back with a crack, but miraculously he was not killed.

"Now, what are you doing to our brother?" The man looked up and saw two separate shadows one larger then the other. He gritted his teeth as he stood up and made a move to get out of the window, but ran into the bigger of the two shadows.

"Sorry, but you need to take the detour," Kinkaku's voice echoed as he dropped his fist on the man's head causing him to fall at Kinkaku's feet, unconscious. "Now, let's check on our brother." Ginkaku was already at the crib looking down at the now awake Naruto.

"Yeah, he as our whisker marks," Ginkaku joked as he smiled down at Naruto with greedy smile. "Now, let's see what sort of trouble you-." The moment Ginkaku reached down to pick Naruto up he jerked his hand out of the crib holding his bleeding hand. "He bit me!" Kinkaku chuckled as he looked down at the now angry looking Naruto.

"He's got fire in his eyes," Kinkaku commented as he reached in, avoiding Naruto's attempts to bit him. Kinkaku picked Naruto and looked at him as he allowed some of his Kyubi chakra to flare. Naruto stopped his squirming and looked at Kinkaku, curiosity reflected in his blue eyes. "There you go, calm down." Kinkaku turned Naruto around inspecting every inch of the boy until a giant smile spread across his face. "I think we got ourselves a keeper." Ginkaku looked at Naruto then at Kinkaku with surprise all over his face.

"That wasn't the plan," Ginkaku whispered as he got closer to his brother. "You said we were just going to siphon off some more of Kyubi's chakra, while it was asleep from the sealing."

Kinkaku opened his mouth to speak, but the sound of running footsteps in the hallway stopped him. The door was blasted off its hinges and a group of ANBU emerged through the smoke looking around the now deserted room. The ANBU wearing the dog mask approached the crib and felt dread at what he saw; nothing,

"Alert the Hokage now!" The other ANBU snapped nodded and vanished leaving the dog masked ANBU alone. "I'm sorry sensei."


Kinkaku and Ginkaku jumped from tree to tree leaving foot indentions at each jump. "We are so dead," Ginkaku yelled out as he looked at the child Kinkaku was holding. "Why, did you have to go and steal their Jinchruiki?" Kinkaku didn't bother to answer just increased his speed to get away from Konoha. After running in the trees for hours Kinkaku and Ginkaku stopped to take a breath.

"And to answer your question brother," Kinkaku at this point had a very wide grin on his face. "If we train little Naruto here to harness Kyubi's power, then we have just that more power to do whatever it is we want." Ginkaku's glare slowly turned into one that promised nothing, but utter destruction.

"Do you think he can do that?"

"Oh, I have no doubt," Kinkaku raised Naruto into the air and watched as he giggled. "Now, don't disappoint us Naruto." Naruto simply reached forward and grabbed Kinkaku's nose and squeezed as hard as his tiny hands could, but he did it with a smile on his face.


Sarutobi was furious beyond any sort of reasoning; not only was Konoha in ruins, but now Naruto was kidnapped. Sarutobi walked into the interrogation building with such killer intent nearly everyone passed out. Ibiki turned just as the door was swung open revealing the angered Hokage "Has he said anything," Was the only thing Sarutobi said, but the force behind those words made it clear; he was not in the mood for games.

"Sorry, but we have nothing-." Ibiki was cutoff when Sarutobi brushed aside him and entered the room that housed only one man. He looked up with not a twinge of fear as Sarutobi stared him down. They stayed like that for what seemed like eternity until in a blink of an eye Sarutobi's fist connected to the man's skull.

"What did you do to Naruto?"

The man still said nothing, but responded by spitting the blood in his mouth at the Hokage's feet. Sarutobi punched the man in the gut cracking two of his ribs in the process, but still the man remained silent. Sarutobi's anger rose to levels nobody ever wanted to feel again as his glared intensified. Sarutobi raised his fist again as it began to glow with chakra, but the man gave a cough a shook his head. "Stop, for one second." Sarutobi never in his life heard a voice like this; it was clear, but almost like a monotone. It was almost the man was dead and was trying to communicate.

"Where did you take-?" The man chuckled at Sarutobi as he looked up with his soulless eyes.

"I did nothing to him," He responded without a hint of pain from his wounds. "I never had a chance to even touch him. If I had he would be in the hands of someone who would-." He stopped and smiled as he leaned back in his chair, as if he had all the time in the world. "I don't think I should tell you anymore." Sarutobi grabbed the man by his tattered shirt and pulled him forward.

"If you don't tell me, I will personally put an end to you."

The man chuckled once more as he stared back at Sarutobi. "My life was forfeited the moment I was captured." Sarutobi stared at the shocked as he continued. "I know that I'm going to die, but I choose to go out in my own way." Sarutobi watched as the man's eyes flashed towards the ceiling. Sarutobi looked at the spot and what he saw shocked him; the entire ceiling was slowly dissolving revealing nothing, but explosive tags. "You see my master is very intent on making sure I don't reveal anything about my mission. So he placed a very powerful Genjutsu on this very room, and the tags are set to go off in about… five seconds." Sarutobi's eyes widened as he turned and already saw Ibiki set off the alarm. Sarutobi ran out of the room himself only to stop when he heard someone whistling the happiest tone he ever heard. Sarutobi turned around and saw the man smile one last time before he was consumed in a fireball.


Konoha erupted into screams of surprise and panic as a side of the interrogation building was blown off. Sarutobi landed on the ground, but didn't look at anyone. He was too busy trying to decipher what had just happened. "He was…happy," Sarutobi thought out with more confusion mounting up. "Whoever that was he was happy that he didn't give out any information about his mission." Now, one question haunted Sarutobi completely; where was Naruto.


Kinkaku and Ginkaku were walking through a deserted town that looked like a Jinchuriki went on a rampage here. "We always miss out," Ginkaku pouted causing Naruto to giggle on his back. "What do you have to laugh at?" Ginkaku yelled at Naruto, but when Ginkaku turned his head to glare at him he saw a very grumpy looking baby. Before Ginkaku could utter one more word Naruto latched on to his face and began to pull his hair and kick with his feet. Ginkaku let out a scream of surprise and began to run around the area while trying to remove the baby from his face. "He's biting my forehead now!" Ginkaku began to roll on the ground trying to dislodge the small child, but only for him to grip all the harder.

Kinkaku looked down at the two with amusement as he gently pried Naruto off Ginkaku. "Now, that is a fighting sprit," Kinkaku paused for a second and smiled even bigger. "Now that you are with us you need to have the name how about Doukaku (Copper Horn)." Ginkaku looked up at his brother with a raised eyebrow as Naruto giggled even more.

"So we're changing his name?"

"No, but it is what we will call him," Kinkaku placed Naruto on his shoulders. "We'll tell him his true name when things cool down, but for now his name is Doukaku." Ginkaku nodded his head and turned towards the destroyed town. "This looks like a good place to camp out for awhile." Kinkaku looked at Naruto with a curious look in his eyes. "What do you think?" Naruto responded by laughing causing a small, but very light smile to appear on Kinkaku's face. "I thought so."

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