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"I will not stop, no matter what the cost, I will not stop. Even if the world should end and crumble into darkness. I will not stop walking for I do not fear the darkness because I thrive in darkness." -Unknown.

"Vision...? What would you know about my vision? My vision would shatter the world you have come to understand, tear asunder your illusions, and send the sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you and everybody else who have dared to follow suit. Now ask yourself, are you ready to see that vision?" - Unknown

"What has taken you millennia to create, I erase in seconds." - Halo

Naruto growled as he dodged another wave of trees from Yamato. He couldn't afford to get caught; he didn't know why, but something told him that it would be bad. Using his greater speed, Naruto teleported behind the wood ninja, but before he could land a hit something chirping caught his attention. Ducking, Naruto saw a lightning bolt in the shape of a wolf zoom over him. Turning towards the direction the lightning bolt came from, Naruto's eyes widened as he saw not only Kakashi charging him, but Susanoo's hand and a giant tree heading his way. Slamming his hands together, Naruto inhaled a large amount of air. "Futon:Daitoppa." Releasing the bijuu enhanced jutsu, the tree was blown apart, but Susanoo's hand quickly protected Kakashi from the attack. Kakashi watched from behind his cover, but saw Naruto disappear. Seeing this, Kakashi jumped to the left just as his Sharingan eye caught Naruto reappearing next to him. Punching the ground where Kakashi was standing, Naruto ended up digging a small crater into the ground.

Seizing his chance, Itachi's Susanoo grabbed Naruto before he could vanish once more. Attempting to escape only awarded Naruto with another ethereal hand grabbing him. "Do you think you can hold me," Naruto roared as his bijuu's chakra erupted, peeling back the earth beneath him.

"No, but it's not meant to be a long term binding," Itachi countered. Naruto's eyes widened as, Tsunade threw her necklace and landed it around Naruto's neck. Seeing this, Naruto turned and saw Yamato, palm raised, rushing towards him. As his palm connected, the bijuu chakra disappeared almost instantly.

"His chakra has been suppressed," Yamato stated, but something was bothering him.

"Too easy," Naruto voiced as he vanished in a cloud of smoke.


Before Yamato could move, Naruto erupted out of the ground behind him. Grabbing the jonin with his bijuu's chakra, Naruto threw the wood user to the nearest tree, hard. As Yamato tried to put his hands together, Naruto appeared in front of him. "Hello," delivering rib rattling punch, Naruto planted the nin into the ground. "And goodbye, Yamato." Naruto stood up and watched as Yamato tried to get up, but collapsed once more.

"Yamato," Tsunade shouted as she made a grab for the necklace, but found it wasn't anywhere.

"Looking for this," Naruto stated coldly. Twirling the necklace on his index finger, Naruto grabbed the necklace in a fist. "Now, what is your plan?" Squeezing his fist, Naruto shattered the jewel, before dropping the shattered fragments on top of Yamato.

"Part one, done," Itachi thought as his Susanoo faded. "Now, we hold out." Itachi pulled out two kunai and charged the Jinchuriki.

"I do so like a good old fashion brawl," Naruto stated happily as he saw, Haku, Suigetsu, Hiashi, and Tsunade charge.


Bee dodged several fireballs from Kakuzu while Yugito was under his arm. "I can't set her down and risk them getting her," Bee lamented inside his own head. "But I can't fight carrying her." Yugito was barely able to keep her eyes open, but she knew she was holding Bee back.

"Just forget about me," Yugito muttered as Bee ducked another attack.

"Forget it," Bee stated as he ducked Hidan's scythe. "You and I are not only shinobi from the same village, but we are both jinchuriki, so me leaving you is not an option."

"Matatabi, please talk to him," Yugtio pleaded, but the cat only sighed.

"I just got done talking with Gyuki, he agrees with Bee," Matatabi replied sadly. Her chakra was gone and would need time to gather more, and Yugito was too injured to be of any use. If they didn't set her down then those two would run the risk of getting captured as well, but the two knew that arguing with two stubborn bulls was next to pointless.

"All I have to do is get out of here, and hide her," Bee stated to himself, but his bijuu still replied.

"Yes, but from what Matatabi told me, this two can't die," Gyuki stated to his container.

"Nonsense, everything can die," Bee replied back. "We just have to keep attacking until nothing is left."

"So that's why you don't want to transform right now," Gyuki stated slyly. "You want to attack in your bijuu chakra form."

"Yep, but I can't risk them escaping with Yugito."

Looking around, Bee was trying to find a way out, but Hidan's scythe blade came into view. Turning his back to the blade, Yugito watched in horror as the scythe made contact with Bee "No," Yugito was about to try and get the scythe away from the mad Akatsuki member, but stopped when she saw a tentacle coming out of Bee's back.

"When you fight one of us, you fight two," Bee stated as the tentacle wrapped around the scythe. Kakuzu stopped for a second as he watched his teammate, become a human mace.

"This always seems to happen," Kakuzu was about to launch a jutsu, but Hidan's body was suddenly launched skyward breaking a hole into the cave. Bee smiled as he threw Hidan at the other Akatsuki member. Kakuzu sidestepped as Hidan was imbedded into the other side of the cave. Bee gave a smug smile before disappearing through the hole. Kakuzu went to follow, but Hidan quickly piped up.

"Hey, asshole help me out," Hidan yelled.

"No," Kakuzu simply stated as he jumped after the Jinchuriki, leaving behind a furious Hidan. As he left the cavern, Kakuzu saw Bee standing in the open, but no Yugito in sight. "So you hid her."

"Now, I can fight without having to worry about my teammate," Bee stated as he threw his swords into the air and caught them all.

"Except now you are in danger," Kakuzu stated. "We had already worn that woman down, anymore we would've risked killing her, but now there is nothing holding me back."

The two stared at each other, until Hidan's voice echoed. "You asshole," Hidan poked his head out of the hole just as Kakuzu and Bee clashed together.


Suigetsu's torso exploded into water as Naruto tackled himself straight through him. Haku seeing this formed some handsigns, concentrating on the water. Naruto's eyes caught the water transforming into ice. Using his bijuu chakra, Naruto gripped the nearest tree and pulled him out of the range of, Haku's move. Landing on the limb, Naruto's eyes narrowed as he saw the spot he was standing turn into a small glacier. "They really worked on their team work," Naruto marveled. "This will make it hard, Haku is the one making the jutsu, but I can't get near her if Suigetsu keeps himself so close." Standing up, Naruto formed a giant chakra hand around the tree trunk. Sighing, Naruto looked around at his current opponents. Hiashi was keeping himself close to Tsunade, while Kakashi and Itachi both stood ready to attack at a moments notice.

"He's scouting us," Kakashi mumbled to Itachi, who nodded his head.

"Yes, but all we can do is keep our guard up," Itachi responded. "We have to wait for him to make a mistake, and then we can make our move." Tightening his grip on his kunai, Kakashi got ready for Naruto, but noticed something odd; Itachi's breathing was more labored.

"Are you ok," Kakashi asked, but Itachi didn't respond instead his Mangekyo reverted back to his normal sharingan.

"I can't keep this up," Itachi responded. "I have to conserve my chakra, but against a Jinchuriki; I don't have many options."Kakashi saw something was wrong with Itachi, but the Uchiha simply shook his head once.

"How noble," Naruto stated as his smile turned into something akin to a predatory seeing a wounded animal. "Trying to appear strong, but the reality is you are suffering, but from what exactly?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Itachi stated as he took a step and almost immediately the world seemed too spin. Vision going blurry, Itachi grabbed his left eye, as if trying to focus his gaze.

"Really, it seems to me that you are running out of steam my friend." Itachi's eyes widened as the voice came from his left. Turning towards it, he saw Naruto's fist inches away from his face, but the fist hit nothing, but air. Itachi's feet were yanked out from underneath him by tendrils of water. Dragging the Uchiha towards him, Suigetsu made a barrier of water that Haku quickly froze solid.

"Rest, we can finish what you started," Haku proclaimed as she finished strengthen the ice dome.

"You need to be quick," Itachi stated as his body gave out. Collapsing against the ice dome, Itachi coughed up a little blood, but refused to fall. "If you must don't worry about me, I can handle myself."

"It won't come to that," Haku assured. "Suigetsu, you think you can manage a good water transformation?"

Suigetsu stared at her, before smiling. "What are you thinking?"

Naruto stood there looking at the spot Itachi had been. Kakashi on the other hand had taken the liberty to get a raikiri ready. He didn't want to use it against, Naruto, but at the rate this was going it was almost necessary. "I am done," Naruto stated with a fiery look in his eyes. "I'm done with trying to be nice and keep you guys unharmed. If you want to help them so bad, then I will treat you guys the same as them; my enemies."

Kakashi's sharingan eye widened as he saw Naruto's chakra flare up. Swinging his hand, Kakashi released another lightning hound at the Uzumaki. The blonde haired jinchuriki didn't bother dodging, just swung his arm and batted the lightning jutsu away. Taking her chance, Tsunade appeared above Naruto. Looking up, Naruto raised his hand and caught Tsunade's fist. The impact dug, Naruto deep into the ground, but otherwise he was unharmed. "How," Tsunade asked as she saw the Bijuu chakra envelope her arm. Spinning around, Tsunade drove a chakra enhanced kick into the side of Naruto's head. This freed her and caused the Uzumaki to go spiraling into the ground.

"Tsunade are you ok," Kakashi asked. Tsunade nodded her head, but as she looked down she saw her arms had light burns on them. Pouring chakra into the burns, she watched them healed, but slower then normal. "Are they that deep?"

"No, but the chakra is acting like a poison," Tsunade stated. Kakashi was about to talk, but the ground in front of them exploded. After the debris stopped falling, Kakashi looked up just in time to see a hand descending on them. Before the hand could reach them, a dome of wood covered them. Stopping the hand briefly, Tsunade punched through the dome.

"Thanks Yamato," Tsunade looked at the fallen Jonin, but he only gave a weak smile before his head smacked into the ground. "Well, that didn't-." Tsunade saw Naruto standing next to the barely conscious man. Grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, Naruto lifted him up.

"I have had enough of you," Naruto's eyes glinted with a dangerous fire. Lifting his hand up, Naruto started charging a rasengan. Tsunade poured chakra into her feet and started to run, but she knew just as Naruto swung the rasengan forward; she wasn't going to make it.


Killer Bee was already in his Bijuu chakra mode, while Kakuzu reverted into something quiet disturbing. He had a large amount of black thread coming out of his body, with what appeared to be four masks on either side of him. "What is this form," Bee asked, curiosity getting him.

"You have your trump card I have mine," Kakuzu stated through a mouth full of thread. After saying this two of his masks moved to his shoulders. Bee was questioning this, until he saw their mouths open, revealing fire and lightning swirling inside their maws. Jumping out of the way, Kakuzu fired a beam of lightning as a stream of fire followed. Taking this chance, Bee used his speed to get behind Kakuzu. "Doton: Dosekidake (Earth Release: Earth and Stone Bamboo Shoot)." Several spiked rocks shot out around Bee spearing him. Looking down, Bee saw that the rock made a good few inches inside his cloak.

"This guy used three of the elemental natures," Bee thought. Suddenly the sound of wind swirling caught his attention, looking up another one of the masks had its mouth open, but this time, it was wind.

"Futon: Atsugai (Wind Release: Pressure Damage)." Firing the orb, Kakuzu quickly ran, just as it made contact. Bee gritted his teeth as the compressed wind drilled him into the ground as it exploded. Jumping to a saw distance, Kakuzu began to think on his next move, but was interrupted when Hidan appeared.

"I thought you said we had to keep them alive," Hidan shouted at his partner.

"He will be fine," Kakuzu responded dryly. "Just go and find the other one, you are useless here." Hidan was about to yell, but a figure cloaked in red jumped out of the crater. Bee's vest was torn slightly from the impact of the jutsu, but otherwise, if he had any wounds, they were healed already. "Now I'm through arguing with you, Hidan." This time the scythe wielding nin didn't argue. Running off, Hidan saw Bee turn his attention to him, but returned it back to Kakuzu. "Are you not worried for your wounded comrade?"

"I'll beat you before he gets anywhere close to her," Bee's voice was sure and full of self confidence. Kakuzu didn't bother with a response, knowing it would get no where. Instead, three of Kakuzu's masks seem to stretch out of the black threads. Bee watched in disgust as the masks ripped themselves out of Kakuzu's body. The three that came out were the fire, lightning, and wind masks, but that still left one mask on him. Each mask took on a different form composed of the same black thread.

"I wonder," Kakuzu spoke with some humor in his voice. The extra mask shifted around on Kakuzu's black threads, before seemingly disappearing beneath the swirling black mass of threads. "How will you feel after you fight more then one of us?" With that the three masked beings charged towards Bee. As the masks approached Bee, they began to charge their respective elements. Bee used his advantage of speed, appearing next to the fire mask.

"Lariat," Bee roared out his attack's name. Colliding against the midsection of the masked creature, Bee bisected the beast. Hearing the same whistling air sound, Bee narrowly dodged the futon jutsu. Grabbing the wind creature, Bee tore it in half. Landing on the ground, Bee looked around for the last mask, but it was no where to be seen. Before he could investigate further, Kakuzu's black tendrils shot towards the Jinchurki. Using his speed, Bee dodged the tendrils as he made a mad dash for Kakuzu. Seeing this, Kakuzu's threads formed what looked like a makeshift shield. "That won't stop me fool!" Throwing his punch, Bee saw that the threads seemed to take on a much darker look. Ignoring this, Bee's fist made connection; the threads gave, but strangely didn't break.

"Doton: Domu (Earth Release: Earth Spear)," Kakuzu mumbled. "No matter how strong of an attack you have, if I throw a shield that is flexible enough and durable enough; it will withstand it." Kakuzu sounded assured, but that was when Bee noticed the smile. "But a good defense is a good offense." Just as he said that, several black tendrils in the shape of spears erupted out of the ground. Looking down, Bee saw the spears hit the cloak, but his eyes widened, when he saw them begin to dig into the cloak. Before they could reach, Bee vanished appearing a good distance away from Kakuzu. "Oh, and they're not done either." A giant fist made of thread punched Bee into a nearby rock formation. Shaking his head, Bee regained his bearings. As he looked up, Bee saw that not only was the fire and wind masked creatures ok, but they seemed to be 'combing' with the lightning mask.

Finishing, it's metamorphosis it was mass of tendrils gripping onto various hills of rocks. The three masks were all positioned on the only flat part of this new creature. "What the hell is this," Bee asked.

"Your end," was all Kakuzu said before the beast released an attack combined with fire and wind.

So this took a lot longer then expected and once again I'm sorry. I hope you guys like the chapter and Kakuzu's new 'thing'.