Gummi Bears

And the Time Stone

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or scenery involved with Disney's Gummi Bears. This story is purely fictional and meant for entertainment purposes only.

Chapter 1: Happy birthday Sunni

A storm hangs in the air on the night of my eighteenth birthday. The rain beat down against my yellow fur and drenched my green tunic. The lightning crashed down so close I could almost feel it against me. I ran and ran away as far as I could, clutching a round stone with strange foreign markings on it, keeping it close to my chest. I stopped next to a large fir tree to catch my breath, and stared at my reflection in a pool of water trapped in between two of the tree's roots. My name is Sunni Gummi and I am a small, yellow, female bear. But not just any bear, I am a Gummi Bear, and now the last of my kind. My tears began to add to the puddle of rain water at the thought of everything that had just transpired this evening.

We lived in a forest near the gates of the Kingdom of Dunwyn, where two dear friends of ours lived. One was a boy named Cavin and the other was a princess named Calla. That was until our greatest adversary, Duke Igthorn, found an item called a "time stone" and used it to invade both Gummi Glen, and Dunwyn Castle. The way the stone works is that it can take you to any point in time simply by concentrating while placing your hand over the stone. At least that's what Zummi Gummi told me before the brutal attack on our home. Somehow Duke Igthorn used the time stone to place himself right in the middle of Gummi Glen along with around twenty or thirty of some strange new metallic creatures, and not even Gruffi's traps had any effect on them. It only took a few moments before Gummi Glen was completely reduced to ashes and everyone I ever held dear was slaughtered right in front of my eyes.

I have no idea how I was able to escape with the stone in my hands, the whole attack seemed like a blur to me, and I hardly remember a thing up to when I started resting against the tree. However, images of all of the gummi's in Gummi Glen ran through my mind. The sights I saw of Cubbi curled up on the floor of the hallway, bleeding from his stomach and wincing in pain, Grammi and Gruffi both lying on the floor of the kitchen, bathing in a pool of their mingling blood, lifeless and cold. Zummi finishing his explanation about the time stone and getting stabbed through the back, his life blood splattering all over me, staining my tunic and face. And all of the others being relentlessly murdered as I panicked and made my way through Gummi Glen, swiped the stone from Igthorn's hands and promptly escaped from the bloodbath.

The moment these images stopped running through my mind, my knees buckled and I dropped to the ground in a lonely, horrified sob, clutching the stone close to my chest and crying out as loud as I could until my lungs were completely empty of air. The tears just couldn't stop flowing and I never even made an effort to stop them. All was lost to me and I just couldn't stop. I inhaled deeply and let out another cry trying to allow the sorrow to escape with my voice. My eyes were shut as tight as I could get them to keep the images from arising again, however, the tears continued to escape and rolled off of my face with the rain drops. Taking in another breath of air in four or five small bursts as my throat was beginning to close and open from my sorrow, I screamed out as loud as I could this time letting out all of my emotions with it.

That's when I heard the sound of metal clanking against itself and the awful sound of metal sliding against other pieces of metal. Those metal creatures that Igthorn had brought with him to massacre us were tracking me and they didn't even seem to get tired or anything. I had no more time to feel sorry for myself. I needed to get to the castle as fast as I could. I took off like a shot in the direction of the castle hoping to the heavens that my friends were alright.

I reached the castle gates only to find that they had been forced down from the inside. Duke Igthorn also somehow brought an army of his ugly, large, hulking ogres into the castle and started a war from within its walls. There was little time for subtlety. I ran across the torn down drawbridge as fast as I could, those indestructible metal creatures still behind me and entered the castle walls. I weaved my way through the carnage and violence, up the castle steps and through the front door only to be greeted with the lifeless body of our first human friend, Cavin. From his injuries, it looked like he had been smashed against a wall until he simply stopped moving. It was a sad thing to see as he had just made the honor of becoming a knight last month.

Worried about Calla, I made an effort to at least make sure my friend's eyes were closed before continuing on to find the princess. Ignoring my exhaustion, I ran up the winding staircases as fast as I could, hoping and praying that she was alive and safe, my last friend and comrade. Don't get me wrong, she was definitely capable of holding her own with a weapon, but I had lost so much in the past three hours, I couldn't risk losing any more.

The blood of both knights and ogres were splattered and pooled throughout the castle's interior, the tapestries stained red, and lifeless bodies soaked in it. Lightning struck every so often as I climbed the stairs, aiding the torches in lighting up the entire castle for quick seconds. Making my way to Calla's room I stopped at the door for a second to catch my breath, and then I pushed the door open. On the other side of the door was a large open room. It was all familiar to me, due to the fact that I had been in this room hundreds of times before. The bright purple drapes hung along the sides of a window directly across from the door. To the leftmost wall stood a large wide bed with lavender dressings, pillows and all manner of stuffed dolls meticulously crafted to look similar each of us gummi bears. To the left of the bed and against the stone wall stood two dresser drawers filled with gorgeous outfits designed for a princess. To the right of the bed stood a wooden vanity, carved with an intricate floral design along the edges of the mirror.

The entire room seemed completely empty until a small groan came from the other side of the bed from which I couldn't see from the door. A girl's hand rose up and placed itself against the bed's mattress to help pull up the rest of the girl's body. In a few moments a head of long braided blond hair peeked out and rested itself against the bed. "Calla!" I called to her. I sprinted once again to go and see my friend. To my horror, when I was able to see Calla's whole body, I saw her gorgeous light blue dress stained crimson with blood and some of it even spurted out as she moved. In her left hand she held a long, thin rapier sword that had snapped around a foot from the hilt. She winced in pain as she picked herself up into an upright sitting position, as I knelt down to aid her, placing the round stone to my left side. "Hi, Sunni. Sorry I couldn't make it to your birthday today." She weakly said to me with her eyes barely able to stay open. They were beginning to glaze over with every word that she spoke. "I wanted to...finish making your present but...I never got around to..." Unable to stand loosing another friend, I shushed her to get her to save her strength. "You need to stop talking Calla. You need to save your strength." That was when she released her grip on the handle of the broken rapier, took my right paw and brought it up to her face. "Don't...worry about me, Sunni...just run away..." At this point, blood began leaking from her mouth and down her chin. "You need to..." She never got to finish her sentence. Her eyes turned gray then she slid down from her sitting position onto her right side and never moved again.

Torn with grief and pain, I leaned back as far as my balance would allow, tilted my head back to look at the room's ceiling, closed my eyes tightly and once again, and cried out loud with loss. I barely noticed my left paw resting on the round stone when the engravings on the stone lit up with a brilliant blue light that began traveling along my arm and eventually the rest of my body. If that wasn't bad enough, those strange metal creatures had followed me into Calla's room and were readying themselves into attacking me. The metal creatures resembled a spider with only four legs. The legs of the creature acted like sword blades and were able to pierce most material and even able to chip away at granite quite effectively. They were able to move swift and silent if you weren't listening for the faint metal sounds. In the front of the orb that was their bodies, there was a simple red glowing eye that moved around in all directions except for behind them. Each creature was perfectly uniform in shape, size, color, and even capability. Four of the creatures skittered along the walls of the room and others poured into the room along the floor. The leader jumped at me with its two razor sharp front legs spread wide open, poised to cut me down and have me join all of my friends in the afterlife. I closed my eyes tightly again, ready to accept the pain of the creature's strike. However, it wasn't meant to happen. The glow that had crept over my body completely enveloped me and I vanished into thin air...presumably.

When I finally opened my eyes when the sharp piercing twinge of pain and the brilliant white light never came, I found myself in a strange new world made from clay bricks and a different kind of stone that I had never seen before. The area was dark, cold and damp. Being soaked to the bone from the downpour was no help either. All around me I saw humans. They were unshaved and scruffy looking with torn bits of strange clothes hanging off of their backs. They were gathered around a fire inside some kind of metal barrel and simply staring at me. I don't blame them...I had just appeared out of nowhere. I slowly stood upright in my worn out leather shoes, my feet aching from all of the running I had just done and my legs feeling like well beaten cookie dough. Fatigue and exhaustion had finally set in and I simply fainted and collapsed to the ground.