Chapter 32: Your past is my future

I awoke suddenly in my bed. I shot upright into a sitting position, remembering it all as a bad nightmare. Panting heavily and sweating profusely, I sat there gathering my wits and calming my nerves, thinking that it all could have been just a dream. Memories of the moments with Eric and the others still ran through my head and my heart felt as if it was about to crumble at the mere thought of never seeing any of them again. Especially Eric. Suddenly, my door slowly opened and I heard two familiar voices arguing with each other. "I still say that you're no gummi. You don't know what it 'the gummi way' even means.' The first voice said in a huff to the other. "Oh, stow it Gruffi. Rose is still trying to figure out what in the world happened. Get off of my back." The second voice sounded all too familiar. The scenario also seemed slightly familiar as a light brown gummi bear with a scar on his right cheek opened the door to my room with a bowl of chicken noodle soup in his right paw. I was shocked to find a gummi bear in front of me rather than a human, but I still recognized his voice and that scar. "Eric?" I gasped upon seeing him. "So you're finally awake." He said being nostalgic. I simply sighed and giggled slightly at his little joke. I leaned back against the headboard of my bed and tried to figure out what happened to the best of my memories.

"A little confused as to why I'm a gummi bear?" He asked approaching me with the soup. "Yah, but I think I like it this way. Now it won't be so awkward when we spend time with each other." I said to him. Before he could come up with a witty retort, I decided to plant another kiss on his now furry lips, effectively silencing him. It took him a split second to relax and kiss me back, all the while Gruffi turned around awkwardly to give us as much privacy as he could, but there were questions that only I could answer. He cleared his throat to catch our attention and then informed me, "When you're ready, we sure could use some help in the glen." He walked out and back toward the main entry in which Eric decided to put down the bowl of soup and help me out of bed and back to meet with the rest of them.

On our way out, we met up with Cubbi who began teasing me with the 'Sunni and Eric, sitting in a tree' rhyme. It was annoying, but at the same time relieving because of my experiences. "Stop it Cubbi. We live in a tree." I corrected him. He simply huffed at me and ran ahead of us. Zummi met up with us as we passed the glen library where we found the great book still on the pedestal. "Sunni, what in the great gummi's happened, one moment we were in the glen getting slaughtered and then suddenly, here we are." He sounded more confused than frantic, but that feeling was still present in his voice. I started retelling my experience with the time wizard and the time nexus that I created after figuring out how the stone worked. He was frightened but intrigued at the same time. We continued to meet the others until we reached the main entry hall. There we gathered so that I could answer any questions they had.

"Sunni, can you explain to me how we suddenly became gummi bears?" Rose asked sternly. She looked gorgeous, even for a gummi bear. She maintained her long hair that became dark lavender as well as her fur was bright lavender. She still wore her lab coat and glared at me with her now violet eyes. Ella apparently regained her arm and eye, even her burn scars had vanished as if they never happened. Her eyes were green and her fur was a glowing gold with blond long hair and gorgeous light brown eyes. Selina was a baby blue gummi bear with dark violet long hair and piercing dark blue eyes. All seemed to be still slightly confused as to how they remembered themselves as human one moment and found themselves gummi bear the next. "Truth be told," I answered bashfully, "I have no idea myself. I think that I may have done it somehow but I don't know." "Time," Zummi interrupted, "Such a mysterious thing. We can guess on how it works for ages and it will always surprise us." "I'd like to not mess with it again, thank-you-very-much." I said relieved and tired. Cubbi then gently tugged on the back of my tunic to get my attention, "Does that mean that you saved us too?" I thought about his question for a few seconds, but no matter how I thought about it, I could not find a true answer. I had no idea of anything that happened before waking up in my bed. So I simply shrugged my shoulders at him. I still say that they aren't real gummi bears!" Gruffi huffed still skeptical about the entire ordeal. "My question is how we all remember everything even though technically it never happened with the time stone destroyed from existence." Zummi stated. The rest of them repeated him in shock, "Destroyed from existence?" I had some explaining to do when Calla entered through the glen door. "Hey Sunni, I've finished your present." She blurted out before noticing the new residents. "Oh, who are they? New gummi bears?" Seeing Calla alive filled my heart with joy that I hadn't felt in a long time. My eyes began to tear up and I ran to hug her. The princess caught me in mid embrace and asked in confusion, "What's wrong Sunni? You're acting like you haven't seen me in years." That quote reminded me of something, I'd been time traveling so much that I had no idea what day I had ended up on.

"Hey, what day is it?" I asked her. "What? It's the day after your birthday. I'm sorry I didn't get your present finished on time for the party, I hope you can forgive me." She answered. She then showed me a dress that was designed for a princess and tailored to my size. I began to tear up again realizing that all of my experiences and memories were no longer going to come to pass and embraced her once again. Eric finally approached the princess and introduced himself and the others. "Much has happened yesterday. I'm Lohengrin, Sunni's new boyfriend." He then pointed to the others in sequence while Calla and I sat in shock at his bold statement. This is my sister Ella, the smartest gummi bear ever known, Rose, Selina and Sunni's sister Luna." Now Calla had heard it all. "Wait, you never told me that you had a sister." All I could do was smile awkwardly at her. She then perked back up and held out my new dress. "Well, now you have something to wear on your first date." My face blushed beat red under my fur while all of the others laughed at my expense.

Climbing a mountain somewhere on another continent, Igthorn sought out a powerful object to take over castle Dunwyn and hopefully destroy us gummi bears. Near the top of the mountain was a cave that led into the mountainside. The cave was short and ended only twelve feet inward. In the middle of the cave was a stone alter with a folded note sitting on it. Igthorn made in up the mountain and made his way into the cave and quizzically picked up the folded piece of paper. The paper was written in my handwriting for some reason that I cannot recall and it read, "Sorry Iggy, but the time stone was a hoax. Better luck next time. Love Sunni Gummi." And ended with a smiley face that was winking its left eye and had its tongue sticking out to the right side of the paper. Igthorn was furious. He crumpled up the paper and shouted out to the horizon, "I hate you gummi bears!"