I haven't tried out a first-person POV before, so I thought I would venture into that kind of writing style in this little story of mine. Chapters are gonna be kinda short, and they will mostly focus on the interactions between the brothers, so there won't be a whole lot of action…for now. Also, you'll be kept in the dark about the details until later on in the story, so being confused at first is okay. Hope you enjoy this, and reviews are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Okay, I know I'm usually the one to go running to Donnie to patch my boo-boos up with the waterworks and everything, but this time…I couldn't. It was this weird feeling of guilt that held me back. I mean, I'm not one to brag or anything, but I'm usually an honest enough turtle to not feel guilty about stuff. I don't even know how Leo does it, feeling guilty all the time about this and that. I guess it could explain why he's all broody sometimes, but I think the dude should really—wait, getting off topic here. Mikey shook his head and started to walk toward the lair again. Funny, I wonder when I had stopped.

As Mikey cautiously entered the lair, he made sure that his brothers were nowhere in sight. No bros there, he noted, turning his head from the TV room…and no bros in the kitchen, either. And—oh shell! Leo and Don at 11 o'clock! Looks like they're talking about something…so maybe I should use that to my advantage.

He gripped his injured side, got ready—and made a mad dash to the bathroom! When he successfully got to his destination without getting caught, he shut the door behind him quietly and let out a breath he had been holding. He slid down with his shell up against the door and sat in silence for a few moments. But then he couldn't help it—he had to laugh, quietly of course. Mikey slapped a hand over his mouth, trying to muffle the sound.

HaHA! I totally slipped past my bros with such ninja skills that even Master Splinter would be proud of. Who's the awesome ninja now? Me, of course. Well…Mikey looked down at his side, which had started to make itself known with its painful throbbing. Okay, maybe this has been a total bust, but I think that sneaking past my bros evened the score! And also being Battle Nexus Champion cancels out stuff like that. I mean, every hero has off days, right? It was yours truly who saved Silver Sentry that one time and—ow!

Mikey jolted upright from his slumped position against the door. That hurt! He looked down to his side again and decided that he should at least wrap it up or something. It had stopped bleeding ages ago, but he couldn't just let it sit open. If it's covered, at least Leo and Raph wouldn't question me about it. They know I get hurt all the time doing skateboard tricks. Okay, maybe they also think it's from being clumsy, but I would beg to differ; let's see them try not to fall in the Battle Shell when they drive. It's hard! Raph always takes turns waaaaay too fast and Leo just needs to get his eyes checked because those stop signs are there for a reason, you know!

Anyway, enough about that. Mikey stood up slowly, feeling the aching throb in his side, and made his way over to the sink. He turned the water on and started to clean his wound, wincing at the stinging pain the soap and water gave him. At least it doesn't look that bad underneath all the dried blood. In fact, I'm wondering why this is giving me so much pain in the first place. Looks more like a really bad bruise than anything else…

He opened the cabinet above the sink and took out a roll of bandages. Thank god Donnie's lab isn't the only place where we keep the bandages. Again, it's not Leo and Raph I'm worried about, it's Donnie—even with my side bandaged, he'd probably be worried, and I don't want that. He's such a worrywart, and the last thing I want him to do is ask me questions. I mean, I am a super awesome prankster and the best when it comes to getting out of trouble, but—lying? Straight to my brother's face? I can't do that. Well, I guess it wouldn't matter either way…I'm totally bad at telling lies, and my bros know that.

Mikey gave an exhausted sigh. Donnie would have a cow if he knew. And I'd totally be laughing right now at how funny that phrase sounds (I mean who wants a cow anyway?) if it wasn't for the unsettling feeling the pit of my stomach. What was I doing, hiding my injury from my brothers?

When Mikey finished bandaging his side, he looked at himself in the mirror with a pout and crossed his arms. Ouch! Mikey barely suppressed a yelp, and let out a strained squeak instead. I can't even cross my arms now, and my side is starting to hurt like shell! I am so gonna be feeling this in the morning.

He stared in the mirror again, and examined his bandaged side with a wide grin. Well, people should call me Doctor Michelangelo from now on, 'cause I think that I did an awesome job on this thing! Hopefully, Don will think so too and leave it ALONE. Mikey gave himself one last look and exited the bathroom casually, just in case Leo and Don were still out there.

And they were. Great. Okay Mikester, just play it cool…and maybe they won't notice. As he passed his two older brothers, he gave them his trademark goofy grin and continued toward his room.

"Hey Mikey?" Don said from behind just as Mikey had made it to the stairs.

Mikey stiffened. He twisted around slowly, his nervousness masked by the innocent grin still plastered on his face. He tried to keep his bandaged side away from his brothers' line of sight. Oh, please let Don not see—

"Where have you been all this time? I was looking for you an hour ago…" Don paused, nonplussed. "Is that—did you get hurt?" He pointed to Mikey's side.

Mikey's eyes darted to the bandage that he had hoped was hidden from view. Apparently not. He watched silently as Don and Leo walked over to him. Shell, what do I do? I don't wanna tell the truth, but I can't lie either, I mean it's not that bad, but still—

Mikey's panicked train of thought was broken when he realized Donnie had just said something to him. "Uh, what'd you say?" he said, a bit embarrassed.

Don sighed and exchanged a worried glance with Leo. "I asked if you were okay."

"Y-yeah," Mikey replied guiltily. He gave a wide grin, hoping to ward off his brothers' concern. "Never better."

"Good," Leo said, giving a serious stare to Mikey. "Then you can explain that." He gestured to the youngest's bandaged side.

Well, it's do or die. "Well, I was taking a run in the sewers and I fell." Well, it was the truth…just not all of it. "It's just a scratch, so no need to be worried, bros." Mikey lowered his eyes and rubbed his head sheepishly. Well, so much for convincing my brothers that I'm not the clumsy one. At least I'm still the pretty one!

Don looked relieved. "Well, I'm happy you took care of yourself. You washed it, right?"

Mikey nodded in response with a slight grin. Yes, yes, yes! No more interrogation today. I am awesome.

Leo on the other hand was not as proud of his youngest brother as Don was. "Gee, Mikey—maybe you should get in some extra training then," he said with an annoyed frown.

"Right, I'll get back to you on that one," Mikey chuckled as he turned around and made his way up the stairs.

"I'm serious!" Leo called after his brother, putting his hands on his hips.

"So am I, dude," Mikey yelled down as he shut his door.