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Rated: T

Pairing: Implied Sasuke/Kagome/Neji, implied Naruto/Kagome


"What you are spouting is nonsense!" Sakura snapped, stopping Naruto out of his excited rant that had his pink-haired teammate irritated, "It would just never happen!"

"But, it could!" Naruto whined, slinging a friendly arm around Kagome's shoulder and well aware of the subtle, but deadly glares he was receiving from the Uchiha and the Hyuuga, "If you two Temes have little babies with Kagome-chan, Would they inherited the Sharingan? Or the Byakugan? Or maybe one of each?" The Jinchuuriki grinned widely, looking uncharacteristically thoughtful, "Or would it make it some new weird Doujutsu?"

"I highly doubt that will happen," Kagome sighed, thought she was a bit amused by Naruto's strange thoughts, "But, I think you're mistaken; Sasuke and Neji aren't interested in me like that."

Both Sasuke and Neji stiffened, a bit amazed that Kagome could be so oblivious to their attentions when they made them quite clear. They glared at each other, silently promising themselves not to let the other win.

"Awww, but I wanted to see the Sharinkugan or whatever!" Naruto pouted, though gave another sly grin when he wrapped his arm tighter around the miko's shoulders, "Maybe me and Kagome-chan will make little Kyuubi babies instead~!"

The Jinchuuriki was barely able to dodge the two lethal punches to his head as he hopped away from the trio, "Better take your chance before it's gone!" He winked towards Sasuke and Neji while gesturing to himself, "Or, I will steal it away!"

Both Sasuke and Neji let out a silent snort, glancing back at the highly confused-looking Higurashi Kagome.

Uchiha Kagome.

Hyuuga Kagome.

Uzumaki Kagome.

The choice was obvious.

(...Wasn't it...?)

Could go anyway XD