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Rated: T

Pairing: Sasuke/Kagome, Implied Neji/Kagome/Naruto


"Damn it," Naruto muttered, kicking his foot against the ground angrily, "How could Sasuke-Teme actually win this?"

"Is Kagome really attracted to his type?" Neji murmured, leaning against the wall and glaring at the Uchiha trio as numerous shinobi and kunoichi cooed over the curious little baby boy.

Uchiha Kagome.

It just did not suit her.

"His Sharingan is blue!" A random chick marvelled, looking amazed at Sasuke and Kagome's son strange anomaly of the Uchiha Kekkei Genkai, "And it's so pretty!"

"Kyuubi babies would've been cuter," Naruto mumbled grumpily, angrily eyeing the couple from his spot beside the irritated Neji, "Stupid blue Sharingan."








The loud obnoxious voice screamed in his ear and Sasuke bolted up in his bed and randomly swiped out with his kunai that was hidden under his pillow.

"Stupid Teme!" Naruto grumbled, rubbing the open bleeding wound as he leaned over Sasuke and rolled his eyes at him, having heard Sasuke talking during his sleep, "Kagome-chan is not going to give you Blue Sharingan babies."

It was obvious that Kagome was not destined to become Uchiha Kagome.

(Because Uzumaki was clearly the better choice.)

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