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September 8th 1991 La Push reservation.

Renee Black screamed one final scream and pushed her daughter into the world. The little girl Fell into Sarah Black's hands. Sarah took the baby and cleaned her up swaddling her in a warm blanket she brought her to her mother.

"You did a good job Renee," She told her sister in law before leaving the room to inform everyone else that the newest addition to the Black family was here. She opened the door and looked out. She gave a slight smile there before her sat Her Husband with both her little girls Rachel 3 and Rebecca 4 cuddled up next to him.

Beside him in the chair was Charlie Black his elder brother and Chief of the Reservation. He had five year old Paul Young in his lap. Well 7 year old Sam Uley played on the floor with an old train set one year old Jared was asleep in his mother's arms. well two week old Leah Clearwater was smuggled into her own Mother sue and her father's attention was riveted to the TV. Everyone finally noticed Sarah standing in the door way and looked at her expectantly.

"Well Charlie you have a beautiful baby girl." She beamed at her brother in law. Charlie stood up placing Paul on the floor.

"Can I go and see them please?"

"Of course you can she stood to the side of the door and hugged him as he went into the room.

"I'm so Happy for you Charlie." She took his seat in the living and smiled that baby girl in the other room would bring a new life to this family this reservation even Sarah could just feel it.

Charlie went into the room and smiled seeing his wife holding there beautiful daughter. Renee looked up at him and smiled back. "Charlie I'd like you to meet your daughter Isabella Marie Black."

"So that's the name you decided on?" He asked sitting down beside her and taking Bella into his arms.

"Yes I think it quite suits her don't you."

"Ah yes my beautiful Bella." Charlie smiled and Renee knew then and there when it came time no boy would be good enough for the Chief's little girl. She was his princess.

"Uncle Charlie." There was a little voice in the door way. Charlie looked over to see Becky and Rachel standing there."

"Well hello girls what can I do for you."

"Can we see the baby please?" They gave him their best puppy dog eyes.

"Of course you can." He patted the bed and the two little girls scampered up to see the little girl Sam and Paul had heard the commotion and soon joined the others on the bed. Charlie held her out so they all could see her. "Everyone I'd like you to meet Isabella."

"She's so pretty." Sam said surprising the kids and adults alike though Rachel and Rebecca agreed with him Paul just pulled a face.

"Girls are yucky." He declared earning himself a glare from Sam.

"Your yucky Paul."

"Hey hay no fighting." Charlie told the two boys. Who both then proceeded to stick their tongues out at each other, Charlie wondered why Sam was so protective of Bella. He was sure it would properly be a good thing later on as Isabella Marie Black would one day be the first Female chief of the tribe destined to fallow in her father's footstep, but at the same time carve her own path. This is her story along with the story of those who grew up with her.

Will she grow up to be a strong chief will she survive the pressure and what happens when old legends start coming true can she handle it can she make it through.

A/N ok this idea came into my head what if Charlie was Billy's older brother and Bella the rightful chief what would happen if she grew up with the boys and Leah. I know dates aren't cannon but there not that far off its just what I felt like going with the stories already AU so I didn't see the harm. Please review but don't flame. Thanks.