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Bella got up the next morning and after showering and getting dressed she turned to Sam. "You'll be standing at the treaty line right?"

"Yes of course." He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. "you'll be in no danger I promise.

"Okay." Bella sighed as she grabbed her purse. She got into her truck and headed towards Forks she waved to Jared and Jacob who stood on the treaty line ready to phase at a seconds notice. She followed the road until she reached Forks and she pulled into the hospital parking lot. She got out and walked into the hospital.

"May I help you?" the receptionist asked.

"Yes I would like to see Doctor Cullen you can tell him it's about the boys on the reservation."

"Okay one second dear." The woman got up and walked to a door going through it. She came back am minuet later. "He'll be out in a minuet."

"Thank you." Bella stood tapping her foot nervously. Soon a man with blond hair wearing a white lab coat comes out.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes I'm Bella Black and I'm here about the boys." She puts a emphasize on the word boys as he looks her over.

"Of course come on through to my office." He said he walked back around the desk and she followed him into his office. "Have a seat." He pointed to a chair. Which she took. "What would you like to discuss?"

"The boys on the rez would like to talk to you about the treaty and the lines that encompasses. "We don't want trouble but we have to have a meeting." She said keeping her eyes on him steadily.

"Oh I see. I wasn't aware they were still phasing."

"Of course they are." Bella rolled her eyes. "There job is to protect the tribe from people like you. You come into the picture they are going to phase though we knew this was going to happen for a while as they have been phasing for years no way to get away from destiny."

Carlisle didn't look like he knew what to say and it took him a second to respond. "Yes while I work most days how would Saturday afternoon work for you?"

"That's fine. Two o clock." She turned to leave but he stopped her.

"Exuse me." She turned around


"Who are you exactly in relation to the pack?"

"I'm the future chief of the tribe the one that helps them and the imprint of the Alpha." Power seemed to radiate off of her as she said all of this. Carlisle just nodded and watched her walk off. Bella came out of the hospital and let the phased boys know that she was okay. She got back into her car and headed towards La Push. Getting out at her house she turned to Sam.

"Saturday at two."

"You did good babe." He smiled.

"That guy is creepy." Bella shivered burrowing deeper into Sam's warmth. Sam just chuckled.

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