Challenge: The Auction

Important Information: This is my first Suite fic, long story, but now I have challenges to fill. Cassie said there was a lot of fic with a kidnapping theme but in her eyes they were missing one very crucial element, "why the heck would anyone take one when they had the unique opportunity to have identical twins?" She challenged me to fix that. Also as per J's challenge the twins are 16 in this. This is marked as M and not because it looks good. There is forced twincest and other nasty things. I don't now own any rights or make any money from this fictional work. There will be no Mary Sues. I hate them with an unequalled passion.

Part 1

A middle aged man with dark brown hair, adjusted his glasses as he paced and spoke to the students, who were mostly paying attention. Their attention was in part due to the teacher's changing tenor, keeping the students from totally being able to ignore him with a few exceptions. His physical presence also played a part; Mr. Downing was tall and nicely built, many of girls sighed as they watched him. "Twin studies are particularly helpful when identical twins are used. Now remember identical twins are when a single sperm and egg splits a few days after conception. So they have the same genetic makeup. That will be on the test, so write it down."

Zack squirmed in his seat, his eyes on the paper in front of him and the doodling he'd been working on for the last 20 minutes. He could feel every eye in the class looking between him and Cody. Zack slumped in his seat, hoping they'd get done covering twins soon. Though he knew he wasn't the only one not enthused by the topic. Cody wasn't waving his hand in the air every five seconds.

"Mr. Downing, I thought you said that even identical twins have differences. The same genes but those genes could be turned on differently." Tara pointed towards their table, "like how Zack has a slightly fuller face than Cody but they have the same eye color and nose. So how are they useful?"

Cody signed and tried not to blush as every head in the classroom looked at their table. Maybe they should've split up and gone to different tables but they'd always sat together in Biology before and splitting up now would cause people to try and figure out 'what was wrong'. In the end, he supposed it didn't matter how far apart they were.

Mr. Downing frowned. "Remember class, we are not to use Cody and Zack for examples. However to answer your question Tara, you're right they do have the same genes but epigenetics," the man droned on but Zack could care less and stopped listening.

Zack didn't tune back in until he felt Cody shiver next to him. He glanced at Cody, who was staring at their teacher a little pale looking. So Zack started to actually listen to what Mr. Downing was talking about.

The teacher actually looked somewhat angry about the topic. "Darren, Mengele's twin obsession usually led to the death or disfigurement of his victims. It was not an honor. If Hitler's third Reich hadn't been in control of Germany, Mengele's experiments would have never been allowed to occur. They were unethical and horrendous, your text book talks about some examples. We will not be discussing them in class, nor will any of Mengele's so called experiments be on the test."

Next to Zack, Cody mumbled, "thank god."

Zack wondered what the heck the big idea was and tried to snag Cody's textbook. Cody pulled it away. "Let me see."

"Not now." Cody hissed back.

Zack rolled his eyes. There was no way he was going to fight Cody to actually look at a text book. He shrugged and went back to his doodling. He glanced over at Cody's red pen and switched it with his black one, his dragon needed some color. Cody barely even paused his writing, taking their notes and easily accepting the pen switch.

Across the black biology table, Max said, "Hey that was kinda cool. Can you do that again?"

"What?" Zack whispered back, while Cody ignored them.

Max gestured at his pen. "You know that pen switch thing."

"Huh? What about it?"

Max just shook her head with disgusted roll of her eyes. "Forget it."

Biology was the 1st class after lunch so Zack considered the rest of the day pretty much a done deal. He managed to phase out the next 2 classes, sleeping in class while experiencing short bursts of awake when Cody led him with a shove to the next. It wasn't until the last bell of day that he felt himself perk up. He stood next to Cody's desk, bouncing on his feet. "Come on man, I want to take my board to the park."

Cody carefully put his notes from the last class together and into the right folder. Not pausing in his efforts, he shook his head. "No. Remember, we're going to Max's house today. We have to get some ideas for our Biology project."

Actually Zack didn't remember. He didn't even know they had a project for biology. He did know if he kept his mouth shut and went a long with it he could possibly get out of doing any actual work on it. "Okay."

Disgusted, Cody zipped up his bag. "You have no idea what I'm talking about."

"Nope," Zack grinned.

Cody rolled his eyes. "Let's go." They met Max, Tapeworm, and Bob outside. Tapeworm and Bob were in another group and Cody wasn't sure about helping them out. However; as Max pointed out, they were just trying to come up with ideas and Tapeworm and Bob were their friends, different group or not and maybe they could help each other. What really won Cody over though was the thought that maybe Tapeworm and Bob would distract Zack and he could actually get some work done. The project was due in two weeks after all which left them hardly any time.


Cody was yanked out of his thoughts by Zack's yell. He turned to see Zack rubbing his arm and glaring at Tapeworm.

"What the hell was that for?" Zack growled.

Tapeworm smirked with a shrug. "You were spacing man, not listening to a word I was saying."

"Hey Cody," he looked to Bob. "Did you feel that?"

Cody was going to tell him no of course not, but instead he smirked and said. "I'm not quite sure, maybe Tapeworm should hit him harder and I'll let you know."

Tapeworm pulled his arm back and Zack yelped and moved so Cody was between them. "Hit Cody man."

"No," Cody started only to be interrupted by Max.

"How about not hitting either of them? I think we've hung out with them long enough to know they don't feel each other's pain, otherwise they wouldn't hit each other so much."

Bob agreed. "Yeah they fight more with each other than anyone else."

Zack nodded, knowing they were both still harboring bruises from their epic battle over the last clean pair of socks. He still couldn't believe Cody had won.

Max's townhouse didn't have a pool like the hotel, but it did have a kick-ass study. Max pulled the big monitor forward and moved the desk chair so they could all sit on the couch and see. Zack and Cody on one side of her, Tapeworm and Bob on the other, and there was still enough room for everyone to be spread out and comfortable. It was the prime of computer surfing, also Max's mom made awesome snacks. They scrolled through several ideas before Zack remembered Darren's question and their teacher's reaction. "Hey what about that Men-guy, could we do a report on him?"

"Men-guy?" Max repeated, with a raised eyebrow.

Cody shook his head, knowing exactly who Zack was talking about. "No way. Zack, you have no idea, we are not doing a report on Mengele."

"Actually, Darren wants to do our report on him." Bob offered.

"I can't believe you're in a group with that jerk." Zack said to Bob, before he turned to Cody. "How would I know, you won't let me see your book."

Bob shrugged, "he was sitting at our table. I'm learning to live with it."

"Let's see if there's anything on him." Tapeworm waved a hand towards the keyboard on Max's lap.

Cody tried to talk them out of it but was outvoted 4 to 1. They found a Nova special and Max hit play. She knew the show was long but she didn't expect to get so drawn into it that it took her mother nudging her shoulder to bring her around. "Max, what are you kids watching?"

Max glanced between her mom and the screen, where they were interviewing a set of twins who had survived Mengele's horrors. "It's for a school project mom."

"Well I think you should find another topic. This one seems to be really scaring your friends." Her mother picked up the empty snack tray from earlier. "Seriously Max turn it off."

Max glanced towards Bob and Tapeworm and figured they looked like she did, disgusted and upset by the horrible abuse of other people. She turned to her other side and quickly hunted for the mouse. Zack and Cody had never looked more identical to her. They had the exact same absolutely terrified look on their faces. They had somehow smashed themselves into the corner of the couch and she had never seen them cling onto each other before. Then again she had never seen them watch horrible experiments being done on twins. "I got it mom."

Ellen (Max's mom) nodded, "Good, let's not have any more of that. You two okay?"

Still looking at the frozen image, they nodded as one. "Yeah."

She wasn't convinced and looked to her daughter. "Max, it's getting close to dinner, why don't you kids pack it up for today and find another topic, tomorrow maybe?"

Max stood up, stretching. "Yeah mom."

Ellen started from the room but looked back, "Bob, Tapeworm either of you need a ride home?" Bob nodded as did Tapeworm. "What about the twins?"

Max rolled her eyes. Her mother never could tell the difference between Cody and Zack and never called them by their first names. It was always the Martin twins or just the twins. It was embarrassing and though Max tried to get her to stop it, it hadn't worked yet. She stood up, while turning and facing her mom. "They only live a couple of blocks away mom."

"I know, but it doesn't hurt to ask."

"We can walk." One of them answered and Max wasn't sure which one it was because she hadn't been looking and their voices were the same.

She glanced down at them as they untangled themselves and broke apart. Zack glanced at Cody. "Okay, I get it now. You're right, no reports on that wacko."

Cody rolled his eyes and shoved Zack further away. "I told you."

"And I'm listening." Zack shoved back.

"Hey," Max interrupted before they were fighting on her floor again. "Can you two come over tomorrow after school?"

Zack scowled, "another day? Man I'm never getting to the park."

While Cody said, over his brother's complaints, "Yes, as long as Zack doesn't have detention."

They gathered their things and said goodbye to Bob and Tapeworm, who were going to hang around until her dad could drive them home. She saw them to the door, smiling at their bickering, which she could hear until they were half way down the block.

"I wish we had brought our boards." Zack complained, kicking his feet as he walked.

Cody rolled his eyes. "We would've had to carry them all day."

"Might have been worth it." Zack mumbled.

They walked past several stores, Zack pouting the whole way about not having his skate board, having to give up going to the park today and tomorrow, and god knew what else. All Cody knew was he didn't want to listen to it or deal with it. "We pass by the comic book store on the way home."

"Yeah so, I'm broke." Now he had a new thing to bitch about.

Cody rolled his eyes. "I'm not." Sometimes it was like herding cats with his brother.

Zack leaned in close with a sweet smile. "Codester, my bestest friend."

"One Zack and it better be a new one." Cody felt the grin pulling at the corner of his mouth, as Zack started yammering about what he was going to get his bad mood forgotten. He loved that Zack was easy to please. He found two comic books himself and since they couldn't share he ended up buying two for Zack as well.

The rest of the walk was a breeze, all Cody had to do was make sure Zack didn't walk into anything or one while he read. "Hey Cody check this out," he shoved the comic in front of Cody's face.

"Not now Zack." But his eyes caught what Zack was showing him and he paused to read just that part.

Zack led him along. Cody didn't even notice when they stopped, until Zack said, "I wonder what's going on there?"

Cody lifted his head to see the front of white van in the alley next to the hotel, "Probably a delivery."

Zack scratched the side of his head. "But there aren't any delivery doors on this side of the hotel. Moseby keeps the door to the ally locked."

A head peaked around the side and waved to them with a grin. "Zack, Cody, Hey guys."

Cody shoved the comic into Zack's bag, as they walked over to the van. "Hello Sir," Cody started, but Zack interrupted, "Whatcha doing?"

"Dropping off some boxes in the garbage, you boys want to help?"

Automatically Zack was looking for an excuse. "We got a lot of homework and,"

"I'll pay you 10 dollars each."

"We'll help." Zack answered.

Cody rolled his eyes as he shook his head. He was going to help regardless and dragged his brother over. They went around to the back of the van. There were several boxes in the back of the van but not many and a few stacked by the garbage bin. "I know there aren't many left, but they're the heaviest. Here Cody," Cody took the box, "this is the last light one would you take it over?"

"Sure." He turned away from the van towards the garbage.

Zack looked up. "Do you want me to push some boxes towards you?"

"That would be great Zack."

Zack started to climb into the van but then he couldn't move and something was blocking his mouth. He twisted and tried to get away, but the arm around him was like a metal band and he was getting weak, couldn't breathe. He last thought was a muffled yell, "Co…"

He straightened, Zack in his arms. He quickly laid the boy inside the van, as he heard Cody closing the garbage lid. He quickly shoved the used cloth in his pocket and pulled another from inside a baggy, readying it.

Cody saw him lean inside the van and figured Zack was pushing the boxes forward. Cody approached his side and saw Zack. He didn't even have time to panic before he was pinned, a cloth over his mouth. He struggled and screamed but he wasn't strong enough to break away, his eyes stayed on Zack's face until his eyes closed.

He grunted as he lifted Cody, Christ his arms hurt, for as little as they were they had a hell of a fight to them. He placed Cody next to Zack and noticed even unconscious they leaned towards each other. He pushed them together and shut the back door. He pulled off his gloves before he picked their backpacks up from the ground and scrounged though them until he found the two cell phones. He placed the cell phones in his pocket and carried the bags with him, placing them on the floorboard. If his math was right and he knew it was, he had roughly an hour and a half before the anesthetic wore off.

Traffic wasn't that bad, he maneuvered the van with a practiced ease, even though he had borrowed it. It wasn't his first time behind the wheel after all. He rolled to a stop behind a SUV and looked down to the floor of the van. He'd placed them on a blanket and they hadn't moved but their breathing was regular.

Even making good time, it still took him 20 minutes to get enclosed in his garage. He easily hosted Cody over one shoulder and then Zack over the other. Still it took a lot of maneuvering, stopping and moving one then the other, to get them into the house and to secret room without dropping them. He was breathing pretty heavily when finally laid them down on the bed.

He clapped his hands, feeling accomplished, he glanced between the two, "My very first set of identical twins. You two were a lot of work," he grabbed their chins and angled them so he could look at their faces, "but so totally worth it. Pretty-Pretty boys. So what first." He glanced at their feet. "You won't need these." He slipped Zack's vans off and his socks. "Gross, kid." He threw the socks away. He removed Cody's vans and while he approved of the clean socks he took those off as well. He threw the shoes, along with the backpacks, into a lock box.

He glanced between the two boys lying out on the bed. They both had dark blonde hair, he might have to lighten that up some. They also had identical features through Zack had slightly more of a jaw line. Same lips, eyes, eyebrows, ears, he also knew they had the same eye color and voice. Cody was maybe an inch taller, easy unnoticeable, though Zack was maybe an inch wider in the shoulders.

"Now let's see what I got," Undressing unconscious bodies was never easy but he made do, practice made perfect after all. He was eager to catalog them. They had the same skin tone and very little actual body hair. They were uncircumcised, unsurprising as they had been born outside the states. Their skin was so soft. They had none of the usual teenage skin problems. Zack had been husker than Cody but this last growth spurt had trimmed him up nicely. He was sure they could wear the same size. It would be a little loose on Cody but not by much. They were absolutely perfect.

He was counting on having a nice vacation at the least on the money selling these two would bring him. He didn't think several thousand was really out of the question, maybe more. Little blonde identical twin virgin boys, he licked his lips, maybe a boat wasn't out of the picture.

He manhandled them back into their shorts and then leaned them against the headboard of the bed. He adjusted them so they were leaning against each other and took a picture. He figured a picture like this was enough to get their juices going.

After a few more pictures, he went to a cabinet and pulled out the identical collars he'd put together just for this occasion. He made sure they fit comfortably and that the locks were closed then adjusted the tiny boxes to the side. He was glad he'd gone with the smallest box. Though they had been expensive, anything bigger and the boys wouldn't be able to move their heads normally.

He put Zack's tee-shirt back on and re-buttoned Cody's dress shirt but left off the vest. He placed them in one of the three adapted "closets" he had in the corner of the room. His timing was perfect and not a moment too soon as Zack started to wiggle when he placed him across from Cody. He figured, as previous experience told him, the anesthesia would wear off but they would sleep peacefully the rest of the night under its aftereffects. He made sure they were leaned comfortably before he shut the door and locked it.

Now, all he had to do was go out and return the van.

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