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Chapter 4

Max's mom had wanted her to stay home, but Max couldn't do it. She wanted to be where she might hear something she didn't already know and get news as it came in. She wasn't sure if her mom would share everything with her. That and she didn't want to sit at home and think about Zack and Cody.

School wasn't much better though, all everyone spoke about was Zack and Cody. There was a detective in the office, she had already spoken to him and repeated what she'd told the other cops. She thought Tiffany might be talking with him now. There were also some counselors in the cafeteria.

There had been an assembly first thing in the morning instead of homeroom. The principal had told them to talk to the detective, if they knew anything and the counselors, if they wanted to. He also asked them not to spread rumors and to be courteous of Zack and Cody's friends. None of that was happening though.

The teachers were trying to hold class but the murmur of whispers just wouldn't cool down and the hallways were an absolute buzz. Thankfully Mr. Downing was away at his sister's wedding and the sub could barely keep the class in the room much less continue the talk about twins. Max was pretty glad the sub hadn't really tried.

History class hadn't even started yet, Mr. Heming was running late and the students were using the time to talk. History class reminded her of Zack, it was the only class he somewhat liked.

"My dad says they're already dead." Darren told another boy.

Max turned to him. "Shut up Darren, unless your dad had something to do with it, how would he know?"

"My dad watches the news. I bet the pervert did them and then killed them."

"Shut up Darren, you and your dad don't know shit." Max hissed, trying her best to keep her temper.

Tara interrupted, "My mom said if Mrs. Martin had paid more attention to what Zack and Cody were doing they wouldn't be missing at all."

"She was working." Bob replied with an even tone. "And only a fool would speculate on what's going on without any information."

"Hey Max," she turned to Tapeworm who leaned in, "don't listen to those assholes, they don't know Zack and Cody, if anyone can stay safe until being rescued it's them."


"Zack, Cody, come here."

Zack almost responded with an automatic 'five more minutes', sitting on a couch while playing a video game was so normal he'd almost forgotten where they were. He sighed as Cody cut off the game. They had been doing so well too. He and Cody might not be able to work together on much of anything without fighting but on video games they kicked ass.

Cody figured Sir was done with whatever he'd been working with computer on for the last hour. He offered his hand to pull Zack along. Zack scowled, dropped his controller and took his hand, using it to bounce up.

Zack had been aware of Sir leaving the computer and doing something by the bed, he hadn't been that out of it. He had just really been trying to throw himself into the game. He turned and didn't like what he saw. Sir had attached two leashes to locks protruding from the cement wall above the bed and held the opposite ends in hand.

By mutual consent, they stopped a few feet out of reach, Sir rolled his eyes. "Come here,"
he reached out and grabbed Cody and, as if toed by an invisible string, Zack followed. Sir turned Cody so they were facing each other and Zack tried to channel calming thoughts as the man attached the leash to the collar at Cody's neck but Cody's eyes still watered. Sir let him go with a light push towards the bed. "Sit Cody while I finish with your twin," he gestured with 'come here' hands. "Come on Zack."

Zack moved forward enough to be grabbed and turned. He looked to Cody, as he heard the snap of the lock falling into place at the back of his neck.

"On the bed."

Zack mentally measured the length of the leash by looking at Cody's, they could probably get a few feet from the bed and that was it. He sat down next to Cody, while Sir went to his desk and grabbed a bottle of water and a brown pharmacy bottle. "Okay," he came around in front of them and placed the water on bedside table, before tackling the child proof top, "I want you to swallow this,"

"What is it?" Cody asked, swallowing several times, his fear making him bolder.

Zack knew his brother was about 5 seconds from freaking out. Cody hated aspirin much less some unknown drug.

Sir paused and looked down to him, "Ecstasy."

Cody's lips clamped shut, his eyes widened and he moved back desperately while he looked to Zack in panic.

Zack swallowed. "Why?"

Sir popped the top, smiling with the pride of getting it open without having to resort to violence, "It will help you to relax."

"Zack," Cody whispered and Zack squeezed his arm, trying to be reassuring as he looked to Sir. "Can we not? Can we, you know, maybe try without it? We did promise to listen to you and we will."

Sir frowned. "It won't hurt you. I don't think you'll be able to get into it without some help."

Zack didn't think there was a strong enough drug in the world to make them get into this.

Sir didn't understand Zack's wariness until he glanced at Cody and realized Zack was speaking for Cody's fear. He paused, the lid of the bottle in the same hand as the pills he had shaken out, he looked between the two. "Have you ever kissed each other?"

Zack blinked but answered with a scowl. "Yes, at every game of truth or dare we've ever been in since 5th grade."

Sir smirked and, with a wave of his bottle holding hand, said. "Okay, show me."

Zack met Cody half way and they did their usual brush of lips without touching each other anywhere else. It was quick and innocent, Sir started to put the top back on the bottle with the pills still in his palm. "I think you're going to need these."

Cody leaned back and whispered, "John's party,"

Zack glanced towards Sir and nodded, "Okay," Zack barely remembered John's party and he was surprised Cody did. They'd been so drunk, matching the Ellis twins dare for dare, and since it had been so hot watching the girls, all the guys had kept the dares going. The guys didn't care that he and Cody had been dared to match the girls dare for dare and it had gotten a little out of control. Max hadn't been able to look them in the eye for a week and it had been her idea.

Cody figured the only way to do this was just to do it. He really didn't want to take that pill. There were no standards for the making of illegal drugs, no standard doses, who knew how the thing had been made. What if they were allergic? What if it had been made with detergent or something just as terrible?

Their kisses were stiff and awkward and Zack wasn't sure how to move pass the light kisses they'd given each other since forever. He wasn't sure where to put his hands so they tangled uselessly in the bedspread.

Cody squeezed his eyes shut, this wasn't working. They just couldn't. Zack's lips were soft and it was easy to move with him but they were both too aware of themselves and the man standing over them.

A quick glance showed Zack that Sir had lifted the water bottle from the table and he knew any second Sir was going to call them off and make them take those pills. Zack didn't know if Cody could handle that. So he gave himself a little shake. He pulled back enough to take a deep breath and as he released the breath Zack let himself go. He tilted his head a little to left, knowing Cody would easily counter him. He concentrated on feeling good and not who was causing it or who was watching.

Cody felt Zack just relax, slowly moving them into each other. A quick glance and he nearly panicked until Zack's fingers brushed against his and he allowed himself to go along with what Zack was telling him. He nearly jumped back when he felt Zack's tongue flick against his lower lip. He sighed softly and let him in. It was easier than he thought it would be.

Sir didn't really catch the change at first. He saw them relax into each other just as he was going to make them take the pills. He nearly stopped breathing when he saw Zack suck on Cody's bottom lip. He absently put the water bottle and the pills on the table. He adjusted himself while watching Cody's hand wrap around Zack's hip. He pulled the digital camera from his pocket as Zack's hand rested on Cody's waist.

He snapped pictures with the flash off, hoping the boys wouldn't notice. He wanted to direct them but was afraid even the smallest interruption would stop them and he didn't want to do that, not while they were doing so well. He still wanted to try the pills but was willing to put that off as long as they were giving him exactly what he wanted. He kept his finger on the button of the camera. They were perfection, all sweet blonde hair and boyish gasps between needy kisses.

Zack kind-a came back to himself when he realized his thumb was brushing against the warm skin of Cody's side. An urgent need to end this rose as tingles went up his spine. He was getting turned on by Cody. He felt Cody's leg wrapped in his and didn't remember when they had moved so close together. Cody's hand was kneading his hip, the other brushing against his side. He slowly broke the kiss and leaned back a little. Cody looked as out of it as he felt, his lips wet and swollen, his breathe as hard as Zack's own. He looked down.

Cody blinked as Zack moved back, wow how had they gotten so close? He felt the blush rise on his face. His mind may have been in turmoil but his body didn't seem to know it, he adjusted his shirt. It was Zack for god sakes. He willed his body to listen to him. Zack was looking down but Cody could still see his lips, they looked almost bruised, he brushed his palm against his mouth. His lips were sensitive, tingling, so was his skin where Zack's hands had held him.

Zack took a couple of steadying breaths. "Was that enough?"

"Can we stop now?" Cody whispered, playing with the edge of his shirt.

Sir glanced up, "For now, yes," and back to the camera. He'd started flipping through pictures as soon as the boys had broken apart. He lifted his eyes and noted their blushing faces, shirt covered laps, and fidgeting limbs. "You did very well boys." He glanced back down to the images, very well indeed. He couldn't wait to get these online, cha-ching.

He looked back up to his boys, who were still uneasy and flustered. "Don't fret so, it's natural. At your age you can get turned on by a coffee commercial. It's just easier for you to turn each other on because there's no guess work. Most people do what they like themselves to learn what other people enjoy. You two don't have to figure it out, you instinctively know. There's a comfort with each other no matter the situation."

"It's not normal," Zack muttered down to his twisting fingers.

"He's my brother," Cody studied the lowest button on his shirt.

Sir trashed a picture where, in the excitement, his thumb had gotten in the way. He lowered the camera, "And normally I'd agree with you, but 'brother' gives the connotation of you being siblings, of which you are technically not."

Zack looked to Cody for a clue, he didn't seem to have one, and so he looked to Sir. "Huh?"

"Cody, do you know what I mean?"

Cody's eyes glazed over, his palm rubbed against his chin, as he thought about the question. "I'm not sure, is it something to do with DNA?"

Sir grinned. "So smart," he ruffled Cody's hair, "siblings share roughly 50% of their genetic make-up. You two however have the exact same genetic make-up. So you are the same person, hence not incest, closer to masturbation, which is completely natural."

Zack raised an eyebrow, sharing a look with Cody which clearly said, 'is this guy serious?'

Cody's tilted head and glance told him Cody wasn't sure how to respond. Zack took a stab at it. "Uh-uh, Ok?"

Sir seemed happy enough with the reply. He turned towards the computer, as he worked to get the scandisk free of the camera. "There's some delivery menu's in the bedside table. Why don't you two pick something out for lunch?"

Zack leaned back onto the bed, resting one elbow on the mattress, so he could twist his body and get the menus and the attached pen with his other hand. He grabbed the stack, sat up, and dropped it all onto Cody's lap. Cody was pickier than he was and knew what Zach would eat (just about anything). Cody also knew what they were allergic to while he sometimes forgot.

Cody sighed and started sorting the mess out.

Zack turned and watched Sir, leaned over his computer and obviously downloading the pictures. He swallowed his embarrassment. He felt Cody's fingers brush against his ankle and raised his eyes without lifting his head, so he could hide behind his bangs. Cody's teeth bit into his bottom lip and his eyes were wide and unsure, he too hadn't lifted his head, looking through his own bangs to him. Zack knew the question without having to hear the words and brush his fingers against Cody's. Cody blinked with a small smile. This wasn't going to mess them up, Zack wouldn't let it.

Cody released the breath it seemed he'd been holding forever. The morning after John's party they'd been embarrassed and awkward with each other. It had hurt; that new unwanted space between them. It had taken them a week or so to get beyond it, forever to Cody, and he refused to go through that again. This wasn't their fault and he wouldn't let it hurt them. He went back to the menus, tossing the Indian one away, they couldn't stand curry.

Zack looked back to Sir, his smile fading as he did, "So is everyone going to see those?" He tried to sound causal though he wasn't. Cody fluttered through menus, trying to hide his nervous fingers.

Sir didn't even look his way, "no, just a select group and if they want to see more they'll have to pay for the privilege." He clicked a few more buttons, smiling widely at the screen, before he looked over his shoulder. "Pick something out?"

Cody swallowed and held up a menu. "Yes, I circled it."


It was nice normal one level ranch; the lawn was cared for, there was even a sprinkler running. It caught Benson's pants as they moved towards the front door. Next to her, Detective Harris watched Stabler and another detective round the side of the house. They waited a few seconds before sharing a nod and Harris raised his fist to knock on the clean white door.


The noise startled Zack and Cody, who looked around with wide eyes. The sound of knocking broadcasted over the room again. Zack's eyes darted around until he was able to pinpoint the speaker on the desk and made sure Cody saw it as well.

Sir glanced towards the ceiling, the menu clutched half forgotten in his hand. "I wonder who that could be," he grinned, "my new camera." He glanced to the boys on the bed, "No one can hear you down here, but I will be recording. If I find out that you two tried yelling out, you will both regret it, understand?" They quickly nodded and Sir seemed content. "I know you'll be good boys." He messed Zack's hair with a careless hand, before quickly walking from them and into the empty corner of the room. He put his hand to the black box and pressed on the glass, then leaned in to whisper something, and lastly held his eye in front of it. The sound of a motor whirled as the ceiling dropped down, forming a door with stairs folded on top, much like an attic ceiling door. Sir jumped up and grabbed the stairs as they moved, forcefully moving them faster, as the knock echoed again. While the stairs fell and Sir began to climb the sounds of dogs growling and barking came down the stairs. Sir barked an odd word back and the dogs silenced.

Cody glanced to Zack, who shook his head with disbelief. "We're never getting out of here."

Cody moved closer to his brother as the stairs started moving back up into place.


Benson tapped her ear piece. "They hear dogs around back."

Harris nodded and hammered on the door. "Mr. Kredi." Sharing a look, Harris backed up, readying to rush the door just as it swung open.


"Why yes honey, I'd love to buy some cookies." Sir smiled sweetly down at the little girl-scout. She was 9 or 10 with dark brown hair and blue eyes, cute as a button. He patted his pockets, a pretend search for money, as he looked around her. "It sure was nice of your mom to bring you out today."

"My mom didn't bring me," the girl answered, while trying to free a box of thin mints from her bag.

Sir's smiled widened.

"My dad did."

Sir leaned out of his door to see a man talking with Mrs. Mitchell next door. He scowled and reached into his pocket for some cash and was smiling again when the little girl offered the box. Maybe the boys liked cookies, "Thank you honey." He shut the door, what a shame. He had the perfect buyer for her.


Harris hadn't even taken a good look at Kredi through he could hear Stabler trying to get the man to talk in the living room. He and Olivia searched the house and everything seemed completely normal until they reached the bedroom. "Holy shit," Harris was awed, slowly circling the room and trying to get a grasp at the scope of what he was looking at.

Next to him, Olivia shook her head in disgust. "It's unbelievable. There must be thousands of them."

Harris imagined she was right, though he couldn't imagine trying to count them all. He certainly didn't envy the guys in evidence. He picked at one; underneath the picture was a white wall though unless you lifted a picture you wouldn't know it. The room was wallpapered in pictures and in every single one of them was the Martin twins.

In the living room Harris could hear Kredi, "You have to listen to me!" The man was practically hysterical. "He has my perfect little boys,"

Harris shared a glance with Benson and they both headed towards the noise, passing around several cops making a polite exit as they went.

In the living room, Stabler had Kredi crowded back against a computer desk and the man, panicked and hysterical, jabbered and finally reached behind himself and yanked the monitor around so it was between them. Stabler didn't look, he was too busy growling at Kredi, but Harris and Benson did and they separated the men to take a closer look.

There on the screen and in full color was a picture of their missing twins in a kiss, limbs wrapped around each other. All three detectives took in the picture, while Kredi said, "I know who has my perfect little boys, will you go get them back for me?"

All three detectives, doing the work they did, were able to look quickly beyond the disturbing elements of the picture to the things that mattered. The picture was time stamped for that day, so they were still alive or at least they had been earlier. Though as healthy as the boys looked it was very likely they were still alive and wouldn't be killed anytime soon.

Stabler backed up a few steps and Harris, who hadn't been pressuring the guy, moved in to stand in front of him. He smiled and smoothly murmured, "Of course we will. You just have to tell us all about it."


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