Nicole woke up slowly and rubbed her eyes feeling the sun from the window beating down on her. She turned and found herself burying her head into Dean's chest. She opened her eyes biting on her bottom lip and slowly looked up at him. He was still sleeping. She looked over at the clock on the wall and gasped seeing what time it was. Almost seven at night. She looked over at the balcony seeing the sun was setting not rising.

"Oh shit, I am in so much trouble," she said.

Dean opened his eyes watching her. He could sense her fear. He looked over at her phone seeing the light blinking of missed calls and messages.

Dean sat up a little and ran his knuckles over her back, "You ok baby?"

Nicole looked at him, "No, I am un so much trouble right now. Dean it's seven in the evening. What the hell happened last night?"

Dean sat up more and smirked wrapping his arm around her, "Calm down, you aren't in trouble. I can go to your house and explain what happened."

Nicole's eyes widened, "Oh no that would be a really bad idea Dean-"

Dean placed a finger on her lips to keep her quiet, "Baby, parents love me. I have a way with them." He winked at her and closed the space between them and kissed her.

Nicole gave him a small smile, "What did happen last night?"

"You passed out on me. Maybe you were sick after all," he joked pulling the covers off of him and grabbing a pair of jeans.

Nicole nodded, "Oh, sorry."

Dean smirked pulling on a black t-shirt just as the sun set. He leaned over to her with a smile, "Don't be. I enjoyed every minute with you."

Nicole grinned as she pulled the covers off her and got up putting her shoes on. Dean took her hand and helped her off the bed. But instead of walking to the bedroom door he walked them out to the balcony and moved her close to the railing. He pointed to the ocean, "Just look a little to the left."

Nicole did as he said and she smiled wide, "Oh my God! It's the dolphins! Just like you said."

Dean smiled hearing how excited she was. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck softly and then up to her ear biting it.

Nicole closed her eyes. She loved how he could work her over with his mouth. She licked her lips letting him do whatever he wanted.

"Do you know how beautiful you are?" he asked as he grazed his teeth over her neck.

Nicole rolled her eyes, "I am not that beautiful Dean." She turned in his arms and looked up at him, "And I better get home before they send a search party after Chrissy and I."

Dean stared into her eyes, "I wish you didn't have to go. I like having you with me."

Nicole felt that same sudden strangeness come over her. She wanted to tell him that she didn't have to that she could stay as long as he wanted but something inside of her was telling her to go home. She had to get home.

"Me too," she smiled, "But I really do have to let my parents know that we're ok."

Dean nodded and gave her a kiss before walking out,

The Thirst

Dean, Sam, Chrissy and Nicole stood outside the house. "Are you sure that you guys want to do this?" asked Chrissy.

Sam and Dean looked at each other and then back at the girls with smiles, "Of course. We guarantee that they will love us."

Dean winked at Nicole before she opened the door. She smiled, "Alright come on in you guys. Our home is your home."

Sam looked over at Dean and grinned just as Nicole invited them in.

"Mom? Dad?" asked Nicole walking in. And just like that her parents came running in.

"Where the hell have you two been? We were worried sick!" yelled Nicole's mother.

"Mom I'm-"

"Going out without telling us where you two are going is really irresponsible Nicole and Chrissy! You two are adults now but we would like to know where the hell you have been for 24 hours!" yelled their father.


"That would be our fault," said Dean stepping in and walking around Nicole. "You see, Chris and Lindsay, we were out all night drinking hanging out at the boardwalk and the beach. The girls were too intoxicated to even walk and that Sam, my brother, and I feel incredibly sorry for," Dean looked into their eyes clasping his hands together. "At the beach the girls passed out and yes we should have brought them home but we didn't want to risk you two waking up and seeing two strange men carrying in your daughter and niece." He chuckled clapping his hands and looking at everyone, "Now if I was a father I saw a man carrying my daughter in my house I will either chop his fucking head off or call the police," He looked at Chris, "But that is just me. We are sorry we didn't call. The girls literally just got up an hour ago."

Chris and Lindsay with force listened to every word Dean said. To them he was smooth and he easily was able to get them under his spell.

"Again, we apologize and I'm Dean Winchester. I am dating your daughter Nicole and this is my brother Sam, he's dating Chrissy. These two lovely ladies are one of a kind and would hate to know because of us that they are in trouble."

Chris and Lindsay looked at each other and Chris nodded and looked back at the Winchesters. "Of course. No they aren't in trouble but next time a call or a text before midnight letting us know that you aren't going to be home. You did worry us."

Nicole and Chrissy nodded and Dean and Sam grinned. "Of course they will."

"Well, now that is settled," said Chris and he looked at Dean, "So you are the one that has stolen our daughter."

Dean chuckled and put his hand out, "I wouldn't say stole I would say…promised." He winked at Chris.

Nicole's eyebrows stitched together confused at Dean's words and what actually happened. Her parents would never agree to anything Dean said. Why a sudden change? And do they like him?

Nicole chewed on the corner of her mouth and looked over at Chrissy who had the same look. Something just didn't seem right. Them passing out on the beach and sleeping all day.

Man, the girls are getting suspicious thought Sam laughing at a joke Chris had told.

I can sense it thought Dean we are going to have to work faster than I thought.

"Well, we should go. Let the girls relax before another night of fun," said Sam and kissed Chrissy on the cheek. "I will call you later baby."

"It was nice to finally meet you two," said Dean giving them a wave and the parents walked out of the room. Nicole was shocked that they just left like that at the wave of Dean's hand.

Dean turned to Nicole and saw the look on her face, "What?"

"How did you do that?"

"Do what baby?" he asked with a smile on his face and placed his one hand on her hip while the other caressed her cheek, "I think you need to get some more sleep baby." He kissed her softly. "And your parents love me." He winked at her. "I can honestly say I don't think they will have a problem with me." He kissed her again. "I will see you soon."

Nicole and Chrissy watched both Dean and Sam walk out and to the car. Chrissy closed the door and shook her head, "Was that…"

"Strange?" asked Nicole. "Yes. Maybe Dean's right maybe we just need to relax and rest some more."

Chrissy nodded and sniffed around, "Mmm…something smells good. I am starving."

Nicole rubbed her stomach, "Hell me too. Let's go see what's cooking."

The two girls walked into the kitchen and noticed nothing was cooking at all. The two looked and searched for the smell. "God where is it?" asked Chrissy.

"Watch out girls, your father had an accident," said Lindsay walking into the kitchen with their father. His hand was wrapped up in a bandages blood pouring down his arm.

Both girls turned their head as the scent got stronger when Chris walked into the room. Nicole sniffed and realized it was the blood they were both smelling and wanting.

No, that wasn't right.

"What-what happened?" asked Nicole as she started to get weak at the knees watching the blood drip to the floor.

Lindsay grabbed her purse and keys, "He was out in the garage. I am taking him to the ER."

Chrissy licked her lips staring at the blood stained cloth. Lindsay helped Chris up and walked him out the door.

Both girls breathing calmed down and looked at each other. "I will just clean this up," said Nicole taking a paper towel and walking over to the blood on the floor. She carefully wiped it up and closed her eyes as the scent of the blood was strong. That was what she smelled and wanted.

Something was wrong. Terribly wrong with her. She quickly stood up and threw the paper towel out.

"I'm going to get a shower," she said and ran up the stairs to her room.

Chrissy just continued to stare at the spot where the blood was. Her eyes darted to the freezer. She felt she had no control over her actions as if her body was reacting on it's on to what it wanted. She found herself opening the freezer and pulling out a steak. She ripped it open and grabbed the blender. She placed the steak in it and turned the blender on. She watched with heavy breathing as the meat was chopped up and the blood was being mixed up in it. She stopped it and poured it into a cup.

Chrissy stared at the liquid in her cup and licked her lips. She tilted her head back and drank greedily from it. She didn't stop to breathe this is what her body wanted. This is what she wanted.

When she finished drinking it she looked down at the cup and realized what she had done. She looked over at the blender and felt her stomach turn. "Oh my God!" She ran over to the sink and puked into it. She turned the water on and splashed her face.

Why did she do that?

Chrissy looked out the window and stared at the moon. Something was terribly wrong with her.

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ebony:well this ok but i love dean and sam more. and how can you not write
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Dear Ebony, One you must have a sick mind if you like Wincest. They are brothers. Can you ever see those two actually fucking each other on the TV show and falling in love? No. They are straighter then your own personal dick. And honey the Sam smut is on its way. I am not a Sam girl so expect more Dean then Sam. And if you read my profile honey you would know that, D.A.F.B. - Dumb Ass Fucking Bitch. As well as to know not to fucking talk shit or dis Danneel or Gen. They are not ugly, they are two of the most beautiful women on this planet. And yes they are lucky to have those two in their life. Anyone is lucky for love. And you are calling me a dumb author? Excuse me who is the one writing in lower case and cannot spell. I bet you are one ugly fat beast behind a computer screen that doesn't know how to get off her ass and fix her problems. And I am the troll? Do you know who I am? I bet you don't. I am and I say this without being cocky, one of the fucking hottest girls in the world. And I would like it if you do not ever read my stories ever again just so you can get off to Dean and Sam fucking. And sweetie because I have a life I had to go on hiatus. You are one in a million that hate my stories but love Sam and Dean. So go find some white trash wincest to read and get off my profile. Thank you and best luck at surgery and losing that weight.

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