OK, this is the last drabble I will post. This is set after "The Bob Next Door" and in the Simpsons Ride, which I've been on twice. Naomi is twenty-five, and goes on a trip to Krustyland. The only problem is that the man she is in love with has taken over the ride to get revenge on the visiting Simpsons. Unfortunately, Naomi and a girl called Mia get caught in the crossfire. (Note: Bart and Lisa are teenagers and Maggie is older.)

Krusty had rebuilt Krustyland, and it was much safer. To celebrate my quarter-century, I decided to go to Krustyland. The main attraction was an amazing-looking rollercoaster. As a coincidence, the Simpsons were there too. I noticed Lisa talking to another teenage girl with strawberry-blonde hair. Suddenly, Krusty appeared on a screen next to the ride's starting point. "One word of warning;" he said, "There is a psychopath and killer on the loose. His name is Sideshow Bob, and he used to work for me. For some reason he hates me. That Bob tried to frame me for robbery, and he was foiled by the Simpsons. And now he wants to kill them all, even the baby!" I didn't listen to any more, although the strawberry blonde was staring like she was fixated.

When we were let into the ride-by Krusty, no less!- I realized that Homer's father was also there. He was supposed to be taking care of six-year-old Maggie, who didn't want to ride, as he had a heart condition.

There were two carts for the ride. The Simpsons were going in the first one, and the strawberry blonde girl and I would have to ride together. We had already introduced ourselves. The strawberry blonde was called Mia and she was fourteen.

Before we got into the ride, Krusty said to us "Now enjoy the Ferris Wheel, or whatever this is." Suddenly, a dressed-up person as a character from Krusty's show appeared. It was Scratchy, the cat, from the shorts of The Itchy and Scratchy Show. Personally, I was indifferent to it. Anyway, did I mention the Scratchy character had a gun?

"What do you want?" Krusty asked the character, who took off the Scratchy head to reply.

"A dish best served cold." Yes, it was Bob. Seriously, anyone could see that coming.

"Is it ice cream?" Homer asked.

"No! Revenge!" Bob snapped. He knocked out Krusty and began to laugh in his most "evil" manner.

"We're on vacation!" Homer complained. "Can't you kill me another day?"

"Simpsons, get in that ride!"

Homer got in straight away, as Lisa was saying "Forget it, Bob! We will never-" then she realized. "Dad!" she snapped.

"I waited a line an hour for this thing and I'm riding it! Now hop in!" he told the family. They obeyed. Mia, who was looking terrified, shakily got into the other cart. I got in too, too scared not to.

"Now, the last thing you'll ever see..." began the man I loved, "Is a legally required safety video."

After the safety video finished, Bob appeared on a screen. "I've taken over every area of the park." he informed us. "There's no place you'll be safe from me. And now, enjoy the ride, it's about to be demolished! While you're riding it!"

I screamed as we got to the highest point of the rollercoaster. The Simpsons's cart blocked the view of mine, but I heard Bob call "There's nothing you can do! You're about to die!"

"You sound like my doctor!" Homer called. Then their cart went down, and the attention was on us.

"Ah, my next victims." We followed the Simpsons, and I began to scream. Mia screamed, louder and longer.

The ride was the hardest thing I've ever had to live through. At the end, Mia and I dropped down before the Simpsons at the end. We could see Bob in the shadows.

"I've still got five seconds to kill somebody!" he whispered. He looked in our direction, but before he could say anything, the Death Drop fell on top of him, with the Simpsons inside.

"What a horrible nightmare!" Homer exclaimed. "Thank God this ride is over! Now let's go again!"

Back in prison the next time, I was quite annoyed. He immediately read my expression, and answered to it "I know what you're thinking; why did I do it, and also why did I attack you and that teenage girl? I'm just sick of this life, OK? The only thing that makes me feel real is attacking people."

"I guess what we have isn't strong enough, is it?" I murmured.

"Oh, Naomi." he sighed sadly. "I do love you, even if I never show it enough. It just doesn't cancel out any of my other emotions."

"But it's not strong enough, is it?" I burst out. "If it isn't good enough for you, than I don't think there is anything left for you and me to say to each other. Goodbye." I began to leave.

"Naomi...look, I didn't mean it like that. Please...I am trying. It's just that my hate has been around a long time. Naomi, please don't leave! Please...Naomi!"

I walked out of the prison and didn't look back. I was tired of having to be the one that did everything. I'd made endless visits to the prison, I'd been endlessly supportive, I'd done it all-because I loved him. But I couldn't do anything any more.

That's my last drabble, sadly. Hope you enjoyed my multishot! Bye now! Oh, and don't forget to review!

PS: In the original, this wasn't the end of the story. PM me if you really want my weak ending for Naomi.