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Welcome to Fate/Nightmare Apatheia. Welcome to the war.

Chapter 1: Reclamation of a Cruel Angel

10 August 2017 a.t.b., 0000 hours

The Imperial Place, Pendragon

The Great Grail. The Cup of Heaven. The Gate to the Root, to Akasha.

Its swirling form coalesced itself into a terrifying teardrop, the tangible darkness circling malevolently. Clouds, the color of a deceptively peaceful twilight, created the transition into the ephemeral sky at the base of the drop. The sky shifted gradients from this base, the color turning from a rich purple to a twilight red to a brilliant noon gold to a morning pink. It was at the base that the Sword of Akasha interfaced with the Grail. A wisp of the clouds touched the marble platform, the columns solemn sentinels of the events to transpire.

A hulking mass of a man stood before the Grail. His imposing stature, fanciful clothing, and commanding presence meant nothing when in the presence of the Grail. The Grail's height reached the heavens, its width leagues across. The Grail's power tapped into the World, the essence of existence itself. The man was a speck to it.

And yet the man came with an intriguing proposition, one that would fill the Grail with enough prana to grant the Grail's own wish. Not that the human knew that the Grail had a wish. The Grail smiled. Humans. Surprisingly clever, but too selfish to see beyond themselves. The speck spoke, adding more to its prattle about its wish for some warped sort of paradise for mankind. An escape from sin? How cliché. Still, a wish was a wish, and it was a lucrative one at that.

"It has begun. The future is the Ragnarok Connection. The dream that I, and Marianne, and my brother all shared. Continue your part, and I will continue mine."

You came to tell me the day of the beginning? The beginning of your plan?

The man laughed. His voice deep, his shoulders moved in tempo with every laugh.

"I did. I forget your power."

To freely admit that would be tantamount to death for any other man. You intrigue me, Charles.

Charles zi Britannia crossed his arms. "In truth, I wanted to consult with you. To bring about a world devoid of change requires many changes. A world of memories is no different from a world of souls, for they are both one and the same." His voice deepened, his tone more somber. "In time, people will come to accept a world without change. But what of the world? What of Gaia and Alaya?"

Simple. Gaia will seek to forever protect the World, to preserve order. If the will of Alaya, of humanity, stagnates, then Gaia's works will be forever stagnant as well. I do not foresee a problem.

"The will of humanity and the will of the Earth will perfectly counteract each other?"


"Then there is no turning back. The Ragnarok Connection will stop for no one." Perhaps, at this moment, the Emperor of Britannia felt the full weight of what was to come. To stop the march of time, to stop all of the world's evil. That task would be his ultimate work, his coup de grace for a suffering humanity. He would recreate the world anew. A kinder world, one without treachery or hatred.

You have my word, Charles. I will assist you for as long as you keep your contract to me. Should you fail …

"I understand." As abruptly as he spoke, Charles fell silent. He gazed into the heart of the Grail for a moment, and then left, vanishing from the platform.

The Grail remained silent for a moment. And then, in ways inexpressible, it laughed. There was no noise, no human sounds. The visible vicissitudes inside the Grail circled and shifted merrily, its wicked and twisted darkness spinning and spinning. The entire sky, even the bright noonlight, felt malicious. The Grail was true now. It was itself, without anyone to judge or condemn it, or to unload their sins upon it.

Your plan to destroy Alaya will create a problem. There is a difference in stopping Alaya and destroying it. Without Alaya, without a will to survive, humanity will die. I have long since forgiven humanity of its sins against me. There is no human reason to my hate. Humanity is simply worth hating. By killing Alaya, humanity will die. By killing its will, humanity will die. And that will give me everything I need to fulfill my wish.

10 August 2017 a.t.b.,1900 hours

Outskirts of Shinjuku District

"Engaging enemy forces."

The Immortal ran straight towards the patrol, shooting three times with her silenced handgun. The cool steel jumped her arm slightly, warming as the EM rails discharged. Soft thuds marked the deaths of the resistance members, the blood pooling on the ground.

She didn't care what they looked like, or what the battlefield was, or why they needed to die. All she cared about now was escaping the potential pain, the agony from electrocution, napalm, and waterboarding that would be dealt to her by her handler if she failed this mission.

Her Code allowed her to detect ten alert resistance members behind the door, to brush lightly against the memories of their souls. She closed her eyes.

Where's Tamaki's group? He said that they would be here-

Oh, fuck. Oh-

I can do this. I just have to aim and pull the trigger. Nothing to-

I hope those guys just stay alive. What was Ohgi thinking-

The Immortal cut off the thoughts that she intercepted. Now, it was time to incapacitate them.

A black sleeve, with a flared opening and containment straps, was lifted up to reveal a gloved hand. The haze around it cleared. She didn't need the gas for what she was going to do.

She knew that they were standing on metal. This was a chop shop, a dealership of sorts for cars. She lightly, tenderly touched the ground, and let her psychometrics do the work through the electric circuits in her glove.

The projection of her mind travelled along the metal floor, sweeping towards the feet of the fighters, drawn towards the nerves separated by thin layers of rubber and skin. It was irresistible, unstoppable, the deaths of the Immortal given psychosomatic form. Every single hurt she ever felt, a significant portion of all the world's evil. This was the weapon she wielded against the Japanese.

They fell, gibbering and frothing at the maw. Blood escaped out of their ear canals, bile and vomit of their mouth. Though alive, they had the aura of death upon them, an oppressing feeling that sickened anyone unaccustomed to it. They were no longer human. They were animals in mind. Soon they would be treated like meat.

The Immortal gave the signal.

Immediately, the lieutenant entered with her squad, weapons drawn.

One black-clad figure stood over the fallen bodies of the ten fallen resistance members. No amount of humanity could be seen. No eyes. No skin. The figure wore what looked like a standard Britannian straightjacket, except in black, with the straps unclasped and the bells of the sleeves even larger than the norm.

A simple black helmet covered the face, with an ominous orange line slashing vertically on the left eyeline. Underneath the helmet was a black balaclava covering the mouth. In the light, a faint vapor could just be seen flowing from the black oversized sleeves. A flat, fitted metal pack was snugly attached to the figure's back. The outline of the figure was blurred, as if she was a specter of death itself.

The lieutenant smiled.

The muzzles of their guns barked and blasted, a harsh, sharp and abrupt klaxon heralding the deaths of the resistance.

"Excellent work-" The Immortal raised her hand, interrupting the lieutenant. She quietly slipped through the door into the next shop, with the lieutenant and her men following closely.

The Immortal caught a snippet of mental chatter from a single tango in the next shop, her Code reaching through the metal's free-flowing sea.

Britannian dogs! I swear, in the name of my brother, I will free Japan from you bastards! If only Ohgi would come over-

Satisfied with the information she found within the tango, the Immortal turned to the lieutenant. "There's an unarmed terrorist behind the fuel drums. She should be interrogated."

A gasp confirmed the Immortal's words.

How did they find me? How did that soldier know that I was unarmed? Damn it!

Kallen Kozuki jumped to her feet. She ran, the metallic scent of auto oil rising to her nose as her feet splashed into the puddles. The tang of blood had mixed in, turning her stomach. She focused on running, on escaping.

She managed to kick a carjack, the hydraulics hissing as the lift fell. It was a lot more painful than she expected, but it was worth it. She saw the soldiers struggle to climb over the van. Limping, she kept moving.

Too little, too late.

Blood entered her mouth. Tangy. Metallic.

The crashing sound of a rifle butt against her head rang out later, when her brain could process it. By that time, her vision was already fading to a calm black.

10 August 2017 a.t.b.,1934 hours

Shinjuku District, Area 11

"Gambling again, Lulu?"

"Shirley, it isn't gambling, strictly speaking. He just decided to give me his money. If you want a cut-"



"Ugh. You have no shame, Lulu. Just hurry up and make it back to class."

"Yeah, Rivalz is driving me back. See you."



He can be so frustrating. Shirley put her phone back in her pocket. The redhead looked upwards thoughtfully. He really shouldn't be gambling. He should just get back here.

She looked outside at an overcast sky. I have a bad feeling about today. I hope Lulu is alright.

"How did this happen?" Rivalz stared at the smoking, crumpled front of his motorbike. The skid marks on the road were still present even as the drizzle intensified to a moderate downpour. "Now we'll never get back to school in time!"

"Relax." A lanky, dark-haired teen took off his helmet as he got out of the sidecar. "We're right next to the Shinjuku area. We can just ask for parts from an automechanic."

"Lelouch, we're two Britannian students in the middle of Elevens. I doubt they'll help us, even if you look at them with those deep, seductive purple eyes."

"Very funny. There's no harm in trying. If you're so scared, wait here." Without waiting for a reply, Lelouch walked towards the Shinjuku district.

"I'm- I'm not scared! I just want to make sure nobody takes my cycle!" Rivalz watched Lelouch enviously. Man, he even makes walking away look cool. Maybe if I grew out my hair …

Lelouch was deep in thought as he entered the automechanical sector. If he had looked up, he would have instead thought about the crushing, abject poverty the district faced. This was a dingy part of town. Dark pools of oil mixed with water were strewn about the road, their rainbow traces a parody of the true beauty that both rainbows and Shinjuku once had. Grime and dirt covered the windows, the buildings, the cars. This area was testimony to hell visited to the Japanese.

But Lelouch was deep in thought.

Perhaps I should have ended a bit differently. My rook? Or my queen? Certainly, it was amusing to see that incompetent nobleman squirm.

So deep in thought that he didn't notice the unnatural silence throughout the town.

I have to maintain my guard, though. I cannot become complacent. These are all mere distractions before the beginning.

So deep in thought that he didn't see the spectacle in the mechanic's shop until the last moment. The irony between his thoughts and what was happening before him was lost, the urgency of the moment caught by Lelouch's sharp mind.

"You know what we have here, you filthy Eleven?"

Lelouch stirred out of his reverie in time to take in the sight of two squads of Britannian soldiers surrounding a single, seated magenta-haired girl. He ducked behind a car and peered over the window. Dirty as it was, he could see the entire area.

"We have here an honest to goodness member of the Belatu Cadre. You know what that is? Something you should be pissing yourself about." The voice was harsh, but feminine. It was the voice of someone who was used to command, to power, but also of one who was issued a mission from a powerful superior.

A slap punctuated the air, followed by a defiant cry.

"A cold, deep fear piss. Don't worry, we'll make you feel it soon. Now, you'll tell us where the rest of your outfit is, and we just might leave your mind intact." The leader of the squad grinned. "No guarantees, though."

"I'll never tell you anything, you Britannian dogs!"

"What a shame. I'd have thought you Elevens would be more original. And I would have liked to have had your permission before I sent my operative into your mind." The officer smirked. "C.C., dear? You know-"

Lelouch turned to where the officer turned her head. At first, he didn't see anything.

Is she just talking to a wall? Wait-

He just noticed a dark figure in the corner of the room. Its outline was blurry, almost as if it was an ethereal shadow. It didn't look so intimidating.

When it spoke, it was terrifying. Its quiet, distorted words filled him with dread. "Lieutenant Watson, there is another presence here."

"What? Where?"

"Behind the car."

Before Lelouch could react, he found himself surrounded by soldiers as well.

The lieutenant walked over to the crouching Lelouche. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A Britannian student? An Eleven spy? Hm."

Though nervous, Lelouch was able to remain calm, and formulate an intelligible reply. "Ma'am, please let me explain. I'm a student at the Ashford Academy-"

Lelouch curled into a ball, his stomach clenching in pain. The lieutenant then kicked him across the face, knocking him on his side, blood rushing to his cheek. She took out a handkerchief and wiped her feet with it, throwing it at Lelouch in a gesture of contempt.

"Somehow, I don't believe you."

"I am! I'm-"

"I'll give you a little demonstration to show how serious I am. You know about Immortals?" Lelouch froze at the name. The lieutenant's smirk turned into a grin.

"Ah, the look on your face … I take it that you do. Well, this specimen here is our newest model, a special operative. C.C.!"

Lelouch watched, eyes widening in cold horror as the figure called C.C. swept towards the prisoner. He saw C.C.'s hand rest on the prisoner's forehead for a moment, until the wide bellow of its sleeve followed the movement and completely covered the prisoner's face. The screams were muffled, but the struggling in the chair against the bounds was obvious. The chair jumped, screeched with the prisoner's frenzied movement. The prisoner's head bucked back and forth, but with sinister ease the Immortal's sleeve shifted with the movement. The sleeve pulsated, as if it was an organic draining the very life out of the prisoner.

Then, the prisoner froze, trembling. The figure lowered its arm, revealing a terrifying expression plastered onto the prisoner's face. Magenta hair slicked with sweat, eyes wide open with pupils contracted, body shaking. The figure turned to Lieutenant Watson.

"The resistance has split into two groups. One is in the warehouse on Fukinawa Street. The other is opposite this side of the district on Tokugawa Avenue."

"I see. Corporal Majewski, radio that back to HQ." The lieutenant smirked at Lelouch, who could not take his eyes off the figure. "Now, let's get a straight answer from you. Are you an Eleven spy?"

"No. You're making a mistake." Lelouch managed to calm down enough to look at his captor in the eyes. "I am a Brit-"

"C.C." Lieutenant Watson interrupted Lelouch mid-sentence. "Be a dear and find the truth for us."

Time seemed to increase in viscosity for Lelouch as C.C. walked over to him. His mind churned furiously, his own body shivering as a cold sweat ran down his back. No. It can't end like this. Nunnally. What will you think when they find my body? I have no doubt that if they're willing to use an Immortal on me, then they won't have any qualms about killing me. There's so much I have to do … Mother … I'm sorry. I guess I can't find your killer.

The figure's arm was raised, the gaping sleeve like a void, a gate to an abyss that would never let Lelouch out. Little currents, sparks of electricity leapt from one end to the other. This was something to fear. This was unnatural, wrong. The subconscious, primitive instinct that fueled mankind's survival was screaming at Lelouch. But he could do nothing.

But, in this moment, Lelouch found something to keep his calm.

He felt the cold emanating from the figure only a few feet away, spurring his own pride to return. I am not going to be finished here. I refuse. I, Lelouch vi Britannia, shall not go down defenseless!

Even C.C. appeared surprised when Lelouch sprang from his crouching position, left arm outstretched and right arm covering his face. Lelouch had seen what the figure had done with just an arm over the girl's face. There was no way that he would let the figure do the same to him. The wind rushed past his face. The figure leapt backwards, but not before Lelouch's index finger grazed the side of its neck.

The scum … This is it. Lelouch returned to the slow-motion world he just left. He watched his arm crawl through space. If only-If only I had the power to defend myself. Time sped up back again, and Lelouch stumbled in front of the figure in order to regain his balance. The figure didn't react. It was frozen as an LED beeped on the side of its neck and glowed red.

Her neck whirred, then clicked. Somehow, Lelouch knew that for once, something turned in his favor during this bout of terrible misfortune.

"Dear …" The lieutenant looked nervously at the back of the figure. She could see the obvious panic beginning to take hold of her two squads. "Could you come back over here?"

The figure didn't respond.

A soldier raised his weapon, prompting the others to do so as well.

"Stand down. Our operative hasn't done anything yet." Lieutenant Watson appeared to keep her cool, but everyone could tell that the panic gripped her as well. "Now if we could just-"

Lelouch could never tell who fired the first shot, but all he could do was watch as the soldiers opened fire on C.C. Some of the bullets ricocheted off of the metal plating on the figure's back, but most struck its limbs and head.

Cracks and pings filled the air. Only until the figure fell to the ground did the soldiers stop shooting. Slumped on the ground, the Immortal wasn't an object of terror anymore. Instead, the figure's position made it possible to feel sympathy, to pity her, even.

The lieutenant looked at the blood pool. "Well, I hoped we could avoid that. Ah, well. I guess you really have to die now." She unstrapped her pistol, casually toying with the buckle on her holster. "I would have let you live if you just let C.C. interrogate you. Sure, you would have been a vegetable, but you'd be alive."

Lelouch didn't respond. He just stared at the fallen body in front of him. He didn't know why, but he knelt in front of it. His attentions returned, however, to the scene before him when the lieutenant gave the order to raise rifles. It all seemed as if it all were underwater.

I guess this is really it. If only I had the power to do something about it. Something to prevent the innocent from facing a situation like my own. To prevent Nunnally from facing it. Nunnally!

He started in shock when a smooth, gloved hand grabbed his wrist. But you're dead …

You don't want it to end here, do you? A soothing female voice spoke. Lelouch found himself surrounded by a vibrant, electric world.

You appear to have a reason to live. The world warped, an insane order of lines and streams.

I saw you die. Lelouch felt the shock hit even harder. This is impossible. Am I dead as well?

If I grant you power, could you go on with your wish? The strange flow accelerated into the scene of two worlds connected. A strange light shone in between.

I propose a deal. In exchange for this power, you must agree to make my one wish come true. Accept this contract, and you accept its conditions. While living in the world of humans you will live unlike any other. Apparitions appeared, phantom images that could not possibly exist.

A different providence. A throne.

A different time. Flashes of command, conquest, and crown.

A different life. A glimpse of columned people, asleep, many but each alone.

The Power of the King will condemn you to a life of solitude. Are you prepared for this? A flash of green, then a red V sigil.

Lelouch didn't hesitate. Power? Power to save Nunnally? To uncover the truth? Yes. I hereby accept your contract. I accept its power!

Very well. With that, Lelouch felt a searing within his mind, as if that female voice was ripping something out of him. The searing was replaced with a cool, relaxing sensation, as if the very voice took its own essence and placed a part of it in his mind. No, it was more than that.

It was as if she took his part from him and mixed her part halfway between them, and the cold just radiated from her part of the process. He felt the new amalgamation split, one piece heading towards the voice and the other to him. As it connected, the cold dominated his mind, harsher than he expected.

But it awakened something, just as it awakened something in the voice at the same time. The pain resonated in both minds, but it could not eliminate the awakened power. A chilling confidence of ultimate superiority. And the cold brought Lelouch back to the moment the figure touched him.

He stood. He looked directly at the soldiers. An imperious air accentuated the arrogance inherent in his actions, even in the face of death. His right hand covered his left eye.

"Lieutenant, what do you think qualifies a man to kill?"

The lieutenant smirked. "Superior firepower. Like the guns we're going to kill you with right now."

"A good answer." Somehow, a smile made its way across Lelouch's face. It was harsh, cruel. But it was full of the righteousness that appears when a man declares his crusade against the world, against all that is wrong with it. "Then, I suppose I am much more qualified than you are. Now I-"

"What!" Lieutenant Watson detected danger for herself and her soldiers.

"Lelouch vi Britannia-" Lelouch began to lower his hand.


"Command all of you-" The Geass sigil became fully visible. It was a V, with two slight, downturned wings on the apexes of the V. It would be the last sight the soldiers would ever see.



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