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Title: The Consort Conundrum

Author: Jade-Max

Genre: Drama, Angst, Romance, Short Story

Timeframe: Post Dark Nest AU

Summary: Sequel to Deception & A Future Uncertain - Allana's search for a consort takes some unexpected twists.

Notes: Reading the previous two is recommended but not necessary to understand this plot line - it will mostly be covered in the introduction. Mostly...

Author's Note: I will be posting as I edit the chapters for the site. Shouldn't take very long...

The Consort Conundrum


Allana Djo has been crowned the Queen Mother of the Hapes Cluster.

For the past four years she has toiled to put right the mess made since her mother's death. As a consequence, she has reclaimed the power from the people temporarily and made arbitrary decisions on current laws. The sole law on Hapes, she has complete and utter control over judiciary, domestic and interplanetary rights and freedoms.

Her father, Zekk of Ennth, step-mother, Jaina Solo, and grandfather, Isolder, have been working with her over the past year to draft a new Constitution for the Hapans that will take dozens of years to implement in various stages.

It is only now, nearing her 21st life day, pressure has begun to escalate on the young Queen Mother to find herself a consort and give Hapes an heir. With the pressure comes a reminder of a promise from her childhood playmate and secret sweetheart, Ben Skywalker - and the knowledge that their reunion after a long four year separation is long overdue...