Mitsukai here. I've been doing oneshots lately, and I think it's time for me to do another story. This is a three-part story, based on the manga 'Family Complex' by Tsuda Mikiyo, the mangaka who also did 'Princess Princess'. The plot is technically the same, adding and decreasing stuff here and there, so I really can't call this an original. I just thought that it would be cute to write the Rikkaidai members in this kind of situation.

Warnings and Disclaimers: Not mine. Plot also isn't mine. Genderbended Rikkai members, OOCness, and a bit of shounen-ai. Some connotations of incest. Some typos.

It was an early Monday morning in a single-detached, two-story house, but the inside was everything but normal as the normally peaceful family scrambled around, the weekend fever still in their bodies as they tried to go about the morning normally… or as normally as they could without someone getting hurt.

Hey. Nice to meet you. Welcome to my house, where me and the rest of my family live in. Our lifestyle is… more than average you could say. We're not rich, but not exactly skinflint broke either. We're a normal family… usually, anyway, like any other families out there.

"Mom!" A tall, platinum-haired teen poked his head outside his bedroom door, trying to compete with the other various sounds that were banging around their house. "Have you seen my school tie?"

"It should be in the drawer the last time I checked," came back the sweet but clear voice, as his mother stepped up the stairs, balancing a basket of laundry on her hip. "But if you can't find it, I have one here, but it's still not ironed."

"I'll get that, thanks," The teen quickly swiped the tie in his mother's outstretched hands and closed the door, leaving his mother standing there, blinking, but with an amused smiled on her face. She walked further into the house, knocking on a door directly across her son's room.

"Bunta, are you done? Breakfast is ready!"

"Yeah, I'm almost done!" A muffled voice replied. "I'll be down in five!"

Our family's last name is Sanada. But our neighbors call our family by a nickname... which really... fit my family due to their, well, I don't wanna say weird… 'cause that would mean I'm weird too, which I'm not. But… okay, let's just say that my family is very strange, okay?

Leaving her daughter to it, the older woman went down the hall, this time knocking two doors down to the right. "Aka-chan! Breakfast is ready!"

"Y-Yes! Coming!" A younger, teenage boy answered back, staring at himself in the mirror, fixing his school uniform properly.

Oh, that's me by the way.

After seeing that there's nothing to be fixed anymore and flattening down his untamable, wild, black curls of hair, he opened the door to his bedroom and exited to the corridor, putting on his green blazer along the way as he went down the stairs.

And when I say strange I don't mean that they're space aliens or something like that (though they might as well be). It just that… they look different compared to other people.

Oh hell. You're not gonna get it until you see them face-to-face, and you'll see what I mean.

"Akaya?" The sound of his name startled him out of his thoughts, and he saw the rest of his family already sitting down on the table, waiting for him to show up. Face coloring slightly in embarrassment, he took his seat quickly, starting to eat breakfast.

"Dad, can you pass me the bowl…"

"Mom, second servings please…!"

"Gen, would you like some more sugar…?"

"Akaya?" Hearing his name again he looked up, seeing the face of his father looking at him with some concern. "Are you all right? You're not eating."

"H-Huh? O-Oh! Itadakimasu!" Quickly he picked up the bowl of rice and his chopsticks, shoving the rice into his mouth, and it was when his father looked away to lecture his older brother that he stopped, gnawing at the tip of his chopsticks as he surveyed the rest of his family at the rim of his bowl.

"So then," Someone started to speak, clapping her hands happily, gaining the attention of the rest. "It's Akaya's birthday today, so what would you all like to do today?" Her large, blue eyes glittered with comfort and warmth, gazing affectionately at her youngest, who quickly blushed darkly and almost buried his face in his food, forgetting that today was the day he was born. Her long, usually tied midnight blue hair fell down to her waist, glimmering in the light of the room and her tone was soft and sweet, with a beautiful face and youthful body that looked no older than her early twenties that an angel would have envied. "Why don't we all eat out for dinner tonight? What do you think?"

Okay guys, I know that it's hard to believe that this sweet, young, soft-spoken, innocent-looking girl in front of me is actually older than me, but she really is. Actually, she's 40 years old.

Meet my mother, Sanada Seiichi (nee Yukimura). I know some of your jaws are dropping, but I swear I'm not lying. She really is my mom. She's a psychology graduate, but now she's a housewife taking care of me and my older siblings.

"That a good idea." A mature, stoic-looking man replied back, setting his newspaper aside and taking a sip of his rich black coffee. He was stunningly handsome, with a chiseled jaw, angular face, raven black hair and sharp brown eyes that looked tender as he looked at the blue-haired woman. "I'll come home early today. You two, make sure to come home early too, or we'll leave you behind." He shifted slightly, highlighting the body he usually hid under the coat and tie he usually wore to work. He didn't look a day over his mid-twenties, and paused to take another sip of his much needed caffeine.

That's my father, Sanada Genichirou. He's also 40, the same age as my mom, but he could easily pass for my older brother. In fact, that's the usual assumption people make when I'm with him.

He's the type of guy you'd be able to see on a shoujo manga, the strict, no-nonsense type of guy that had a lot of girls swooning after him, but when he falls, he falls hard. He and my mom were childhood friends, and right now he's working as a lawyer.

S-Shut up, I'm not reading that kind of manga, okay?

His mother's eyes widened as she stared at her husband incredulously. "Gen, are you sure? You're in the middle of a big case…." She fretted worriedly, causing his father to smile slightly, and cover her hand in his in assurance.

"No, it's all right. It's a chance to be with my family, after all." He kissed her fingertips and watched as a brilliant blush spread over her face. "So don't fret over it, Seiichi."

"Oh Genichirou…" She looked at him adoringly before kissing his cheek. "Thank you so much. You're so thoughtful."

Yeah. They also act as if they're still high school sweethearts, living out the perfect shoujo romance, to the point that it becomes embarrassing to watch, even for us. They act like this all the time, even in public, so we're pretty much used to it. Usually.

"Can we go eat sushi tonight?" To the boy's right, a younger male asked randomly, munching on a piece of meat. He was tall and lean, older-looking, with bleached white hair that he grew out and tied in a small rattail. He was in his late teens, with striking teal green eyes and a beauty mark on his right chin that seemed to accentuate his face, which always seemed to smirk, but even then it didn't hide the fact on just how mind-numbingly gorgeous he was. "I have a craving for it lately."

My older brother, Masaharu, more commonly known in our family as 'Haru'. He's 18 and is in his third year in Rikkai high school. Very cool looking. Has the face of a model and could do it too if he wanted. He's looks like your stereotypical bad boy, and acted like it sometimes too.

He teases me a lot, and constantly pranks me and my older sister, but we know he cares a lot about us. He just doesn't usually show it.

"Let's go to yakiniku!" At his right, a person with shockingly bright neon pink hair declared back, slamming the chopsticks down in excitement. At first glance the teen looked to be a boy, younger than Masaharu but definitely older than Akaya, but when you see the girls' uniform she wore and the curves she flaunted, it's very clear that she was, indeed, a girl. Other than her bright, strawberry colored hair and her androgynous, male looks, which just screamed bishounen, she had dark, brown eyes, almost to the point of black, and an easy personality which attracted people like a moth to a flame. "And let's go to the dessert store after!"

Bunta-nee, my older sister, 15 and a first year high school Rikkai student. She's always mistaken as a boy if she didn't wear form fitting clothes, which she doesn't do often, and always acts like a boy anyway.

She loves sweets, and we get along okay. We tag-team against Haru-nii often and always beat the crap out of him in video games, but she likes teasing me too with Haru-nii sometimes.

"Everybody wants to eat something different…" Seiichi said thoughtfully, turning back to his youngest son, who was strangely quiet while eating. "Akaya, where would you want to eat?" She asked kindly. "It's your birthday, after all."

Do you understand now? Why I said that you had to see for yourself…

"Um…" The youngest but his bowl down, in deep thought. "Anything's fine with me. Why don't we go to the usual restaurant, then?" He suggested.

My family, every single one of them, is heart-stoppingly, head-turning, drop-dead beautiful. It doesn't matter that they have different personalities, or that they're very different people, the fact remained that all of them are beautiful people. So much, that if they were all gathered, it's as if you've stepped into a movie shoot with very good-looking actors and actresses.

The nickname that our neighbors gave us was "The Sanada Beauties".

"Oh, that's nice!" Bunta agreed, finishing her meal quickly. "I wanted to go there for some time."

"Guess it can't be helped. Puri." Haru smirked, before ruffling Akaya's hair. "You picked a good one, Aka-chan."

"Don't call me Aka-chan!" Akaya pouted, swatting the hand away.

That is… except me…

"So it's decided then?" Their mother was smiling, nodding along, while their father smiled slightly before returning back to his newspaper. He continued eating, aware that his brother and sister had started arguing again and his mother and father were trying to break them up, all the while looking beautiful.

My name's Sanada Akaya, the youngest son, age 13, a second year middle school student in Rikkaidai Fuzoku.

And… I…

"Then we'll be eating out in a restaurant tonight!"

I'm the only normal person in this family of beauties.

Akaya quietly sipped all of his soup, closing his eyes and setting the bowl down.

Only me…


"Hey! Akaya! Bunta! Hurry up! We're going to be late!" Haru called up from the front door, waiting impatiently for his younger siblings to come down. After getting their coats, they were off, Akaya sandwiched between his older siblings, feeling the spring cold biting at his skin.

All of us go to one school, Rikkaidai Fuzoku. It's a large school, and very private. However, the buildings for each level are different, so even if we all go to school together, we don't really see each other until before and after school.

"Hey, Akaya." Haru looked down at his younger brother, grinning. "Want me to get you a present? If it isn't too expensive, I could get it for you."

"Haru-nii…" Akaya blinked, trying to figure out why his older brother was acting nice today. Probably because it's his birthday. "Umm…"

But before he could answer, Bunta cut him off quickly. "Yeah, and you didn't give me anything when it was my birthday. Way to show favoritism, Haru."

"What are you talking about? I bought you a month's supply of your apple-flavored chewing gum, remember?"

Bunta blinked, remembering that time wherein her older brother asked her one day if she wanted something. She was immersed in a manga then, and replied offhandedly that she wanted a stock of her favorite treat. Her brother had gotten it for her later, and she accepted it with thanks, all the while wondering why Haru was giving her what she wanted so easily.

"Oh… so that was a birthday present."

Rikkaidai, apart from having different buildings and a large campus, segregates the genders of their students, so you could say that we're attending an all-boy/girl school too. Bunta-nee's school building is behind ours'. We all walk to school together, so it's assumed that all of us are very close siblings.

"Piyo. Anyway, what you're going to ask is food, anyway. Are you sure you could still fit in your uniform?" Haru teased her lightly, and Bunta turned into a light shade of pink.

"Are you saying that I'm fat?" Her voice was indignant.

"I'm not saying anything; you're the one who said–"

"You're implying it, jerk!"

I… I love my older brother and sister; I really do, but…

"So, Akaya, want a present from me?" Haru ignored his sister's protests and turned back to the youngest, grinning widely. "I promise that it's not a prank."

"Yeah, me too." His sister chimed him, their smiling faces in front of him. "If you want me to bake a cake for you, I'll do it."

"T-Thanks, Haru-nii, Bunta-nee, but I'll be okay without any presents." Usually he would jump at an opportunity like this, but he just wasn't feeling up to it today. "We're going out after all, so it's okay…"

"What are you talking about, Akaya?" The oldest slung an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close, his brother's handsome face beaming down at him. "It's your birthday. A little splurging wouldn't be bad."

"Hey!" A moment after he found himself being tugged away and pressed into a soft chest, making him splutter and blush darkly as his older sister yelled back at his brother.

"What the hell are you doing, pervert! Take your hands off Akaya!"

"You're the one suffocating him, Bunta! Look, his face is purple! Let go of him!"

"As if I'll hand him over to you! Akaya and I are the closer siblings!"

"No you're not! Akaya is my little brother; don't claim him for yourself so easily!" He was, once again, in-between a tug-of-war of his older siblings, with him as the rope. Again.

"H-Haru-nii, Bunta-nee, we're going to be late…" He tried stopping them, feeling slightly exasperated.

No, it's not that I feel embarrassed when I'm with them at times like this, but–

A fit of giggles made the older two stop and look at the street in front of them, seeing a couple of old ladies looking at them and giggling at their antics. The other two quickly composed themselves and walked more silently, passing by the older women.

"S-Sorry, we were too loud." Bunta was blushing now, and even his Haru-nii was slightly red.

"Oh no!" One tittered, still giggling. "Don't mind us, Sanada-chan. We were being noisy too."

"Don't worry about it." Another one was already red with laughter… and something else.

"Oh, you three are so close, going to school together like that…"

"And we were able to see you today too! Oh, you kids are just so beautiful…"

"Really, really! So cute!"

"I would exchange one of my children for you!"

"Oh, that's a good idea! I would want Masaharu-kun to be my son…~!"

"My daughter is nothing compared to Bunta-chan…~"

"Let's go." Haru muttered to both his siblings, who both nodded and walked past as quietly as they could, until they reached the corner and turned until the ladies were finally out of their sight.

That kind of morning greeting was standard, but for Akaya, who walked with his head bowed as he walked with his chattering siblings, all he felt was pain. Pain and the feeling of being invisible, as if those ladies just saw through him, reality once again slapping him in the face on just how different he was from the rest of his family.

I… want to be good-looking. To be as handsome and as beautiful as the rest of my family.

"Akaya? What's wrong? You look pale."

"N-Nothing, Haru-nii… I'm just feeling c-cold… that's all…"

"Oh, my poor baby brother! Come here to your Nee-chan and she'll warm you up…!"

"Urgh, Bunta! Don't sound so disgusting! I don't approve of incest at all! Well… unless it's Akaya and me…"

"Yuck! Now who's being disgusting!"

I… I don't want to be different anymore.

I want to be… like them.

Poor Akaya. I really didn't want to be mean to him, since I think he looks as good as the other Rikkai members, but plot demanded it, so I'm sorry if it's too OOC for your taste. My girlfriend finds him cute though, and I have to agree with her.

I'll post the next part after a few days, since it's half-done and I'm going to a birthday party of a friend so I can't finish it immediately. On another note... I finally had my "first hand experience". IN FRONT OF MY GIRLFRIEND. And she didn't even get angry at me, both squealing but at the same time growling at my bi friend, saying that she'll never let me get away from her. I... don't have the words to say what I'm feeling right now.

And yes... after that little episode, I am now officially considered an uke by my girlfriend. THE HORROR.