... And this will be the last part of Akaya Complex. It's amazingly short, I know. But This might be the end of the first chapter of Akaya Complex, and I just might add other chapters, focusing mainly on the other family members. Just give me a heads up if ever you want me to add theirs, but, for the most part, this story is complete.

Warnings and Disclaimers: First chapter.

"Akaya! Wait! Stop!" The two finally caught up with their youngest brother, whose back was turned towards them, shoulders slightly heaving.

"DON'T COME CLOSER TO ME!" The shout had immediately halted the other two in their steps, their faces incredulous.

"Akaya, are you feeling sick? If you are, we–" Bunta started to speak slowly, but Akaya quickly cut her sister off.

"That's not it! Just don't come any closer!" Akaya yelled, finally fed up with everything. The older two were shocked, not used to hearing their baby sibling raise his voice at them. "Just… leave me alone…" He started to sob, covering his face with his hand.

"Akaya, sweetheart!" His parents had finally caught up with them, forming a semi-circle around their youngest, who was sniffling. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Seiichi was also moved to tears, feeling guilt that she hadn't noticed her baby's distress. "Did we do something wrong?"

"Every time…" His voice cracked, but he had to get this over with. He was sick of hearing all those things, to feel like he was a stranger in his family, to always being the normal-looking one in a beautiful family. He hated it.

"I… hate this. I don't want to go out with you guys anymore." He hiccupped, trying to wrangle his emotions under control. "Someone… every one of them… is always saying that I'm the odd one out. That I'm normal looking. That I don't belong in this family!" He felt so frustrated. "Our neighbors, the people I meet in the street, even our relatives tell me that I don't belong here!"

I don't want to feel unwanted anymore. That I'm baggage weighing you all down.

"T-They don't tell it directly, but I can always hear it! Always wondering if I was an adopted child or something! I know that I'm different from everyone else! But… I don't want to feel left out anymore!"

Because I don't have a beautiful face like the rest of my family. My family… who always treated me no nicely… it's so unfair…

He finished his tirade with an exhausted huff, cringing a bit in the realization that he had shouted at his entire family. He quickly buried his face in his hands, now knowing that can't face them ever again.

"S-Sorry… if I shouted at you…"

He was suddenly swept up in a warm embrace, feeling his mother's arms encircle him, hugging him tightly and tenderly.

"Oh, Akaya. We're so sorry." Clear, pearly tears were pooling at the cerulean eyes as she pried off the hands that covered her son's shame. "We didn't know that you always felt that way. It's our fault for not seeing this sooner." A single tear slid down her cheek as she cried silently. "Forgive me for making you feel that way, honey. I didn't know, and I should have known as your mother. I'm a complete failure, aren't I?"

Akaya stood frozen for a second, unable to believe what he was hearing.

N-No…! T-This…! You should be blaming me, not the other way around!

"N-No! Don't say that, Mom! You never did anything wrong!" Akaya protested, feeling flushed and all the more regretful at seeing his mother cry because of him.

"He's right, Seiichi. It's not your fault." Genichirou strode forward and placed a hand on his wife's shoulder, looking at his youngest with an expression in his eyes that could only be considered guilty. "If anything, it's my fault that Akaya feels like this. You've done your best as his mother, and the guilt should be mine for not being a good father to him."

"Oh Gen, don't say that! You're a wonderful father! Don't make me feel better about myself!" The woman threw herself into her husband's arms, also starting to cry. "Please don't take all the blame for yourself!" Genichirou quietly comforted his wife, sending his youngest an achingly remorseful look.

This is… I… This wasn't supposed to happen!

"So, Akaya…" He heard a dangerous voice behind him and he stiffened, slowly around to face the quiet rage of his older brother, making him jolt slightly in fear.

"You said a lot of pretty things…" Haru took a step forward, teal green eyes flashing with anger and indignation, glaring down at Akaya. "So does that mean that you hate us that much, Akaya?"

"I-I could never hate all of you!" Akaya quickly shook his head, taking a step back. "That's not true! I love all of you, but I'm not good-looking enough…!"

"Screw that!" Haru had finally grasped the younger teen's shoulder and shook him slightly, fingers digging into Akaya's shoulder blades. "Just what the hell are you thinking! Your place in our family isn't decided on how you look!"

"B-but, everyone was saying…" Akaya stammered, quickly bowing his head, slightly dizzy from all the shaking.

"To hell what they think! You shouldn't care what they think about you! They don't know you!" Haru finally released a heavy breath, letting go of the raven. "You really shouldn't care about stuff like that. Or do you really think that what they're saying is important, do you?"

"N-No, it's not important!" Akaya quickly shook his head, not wanting to anger the older teen anymore. "Just that–"

"Then don't say things like that, Akaya." He felt his head being dragged down and an arm swing around his neck, seeing the soft smile on his older sister's face. "Things like you don't want to be with us anymore. Because it hurts to hear that from you when we all love you." She pointed to herself and the rest of his family. "Right, everyone?" She grinned.

"E-Everyone…" Akaya looked lost for a moment, seeing his family crowd around him with nothing but the greatest affection from him, smiling sincerely at him and Akaya knew that they were all right.

I'm… such an idiot.

"S-Sorry… again… for yelling at all of you earlier…" He smiled a bit sheepishly, feeling the heavy chains on his heart break away and disappear completely.

"For god's sake, why would you think about something like that, Aka-chan?" Haru was scratching his head in slight irritation. "It's completely stupid."

"For once, I'll agree with Haru." Bunta butted in, huffing a little. "It's painfully clear that I–"

"Like you more than Masaharu/Bunta." The two of them finished at the same time, faces determined and heads nodding in synchrony.

"S-Sorry…" He didn't have anything to say but sorry, as it was clear all along that it was just his own jealousy and insecurities that made him unable to see things like these. He smiled slightly at them, giving a start when he felt a hand touch his head.

"You'll always be a part of this family, Akaya." His father was smiling, for once, a small but genuine smile that had him blinking in surprise. "Remember that."

"And you'll always be my baby boy, Akaya." His mother was smiling now, tucked under the crook of his father's arm, reaching out to touch her youngest's cheek. "And we'll always love you, no matter what." She kissed his forehead softly.

Honestly… how was I able to miss this?

Akaya smiled for the first time that day, a happy, joyful smile that covered his entire face as he was swept up in a tight family hug, knowing that they'll always be there for him, and that he'll never feel alone and hurt again.

For the first time…

I'm being so… loved.


"It's not so great having a face like this you know." Haru shrugged, lounging in the living room with the rest of his family the next day, his back leaning against Akaya's legs as he stared up at his brother. "You have to put up with stalkers everyday…"

"Hmm… and you always catch attention wherever you go. Being stared at like that gives me the creeps." Bunta shuddered, sitting beside Akaya on the sofa, once again chewing her favorite apple-flavored gum. "It's like you're a criminal or something."

"There would be times where I would be blamed for things that I didn't do." His father's brows were wrinkled in slight thought, sitting on the plush armchair beside the sofa. A pair of half-rimmed spectacles was perched on his nose, currently reading a law book that would help on his current case. "There was a rumor once that I slept with the law firm owner's daughter. It was, apparently, a plot to get me to go on a date with her."

"And I would always be approached by men when I go out and buy groceries, saying that they would accompany me home." His mother entered with a tray of pastries, setting it down on the coffee table in front of her family. "There was one time that I was kidnapped by the yakuza because they wanted me to be the wife of the leader." She sighed a little in remembrance, placing a cup of coffee in front of her husband, not noticing the eerie stillness of her children and her spouse. "…What?"

"When did that happen, Seiichi!" The man was instantly at her side, demanding answers. "And why didn't you tell this to me before?"

"… So Mom was close to being an ane-san*. Puri."

"The wife of a yakuza! Mom, are you serious?"

"Well, they did manage to get me into the van and into their main house." She continued thoughtfully, trying to think about the moment properly. "But I explained, very thoroughly and very clearly, that I am a married woman and I have a wonderful husband and three beautiful children." There was a glint of maliciousness in her eyes and a mischievous smirk on her lips, instantly reminding her family that she really wasn't a person to be taken lightly, no matter how innocent she looked.

"We had reached an understanding, of course, and he sent me home with apologies and gifts." The look was gone as quickly as it appeared, her smile turning back into its sweet, unassuming demeanor. "The reason why I didn't tell you is because I knew you'd be worried. And there was no trouble at all, so I figured that I could keep it all to myself."

Akaya was quiet, a drop of sweat forming on the back of his head as he listened to the cons of having a pretty face.

"Hearing those things makes me glad that I'm normal looking…" He muttered, poking at the throw pillow resting on his lap.

So being beautiful has its own bad sides too… I wonder how much they've gone through because of that…

"But sometimes it's not so bad." Haru shrugged, not hearing his younger brother's words. "People treat me to stuff most of the time, and it's easy to get favors from them…"

"And people give me free cakes and pastries everyday…" Bunta added, a finger on her chin in thought. "So I don't have to spend so much on sweet stuff…"

His father frowned, closing the leather-bound book and taking off his glasses, reaching forward to get a pastry. "On the other hand, my-coworkers always listen to what I say, and I always win my cases because the judges always listen to me more..."

"And I always get discounts on our groceries. Sometimes they even give me items for free." His mother beamed, taking a seat beside Akaya, sandwiching the younger boy between his two female family members. "It saves us a lot of money, almost enough for us to go on a vacation abroad, I think…" She mentally calculated their savings, absent mindedly running her fingers through Akaya's curly hair. "In fact, it's enough for us to go to Europe for a couple of weeks!"

Akaya sagged a little bit, his lips twitching as his fought valiantly to keep his smile in place.

So I guess being beautiful is a good thing then?

I don't mind it that much anymore, but…

It's still depressing to think about it.

*ane-san. - what yakuza would call the wife (or woman) of their leader. Loosely means 'big sister'. I tweaked some of the facts here, since Akaya is the youngest in the family. Yep, it's gonna be trouble when Yukimura becomes the wife of a yakuza family. :D

Well, it's finished. But this may just be the start of this story. If ever I decide to go through with the rest, you'll see the entire Rikkaidai members, and, truthfully, my plans for them are already half-planned. But, for now, this story is complete, and I'll see you all again next time.