So I think the people on my train probably thought that I was a little strange when I suddenly started to smile but that was when this hit me-yay for strange songs on iPods that cause ideas.

"Oh Jeff," Adam called. Jeff groaned from his place on the living room floor.. Usually he didn't care about Adam interrupting him but he had just found a streak of inspiration after nothing for almost a month.
"Yes Adam," he called back.
"Come here!" his lover yelled back. Jeff stayed on the floor weighing up the benefits and costs of ignoring the Canadian before yelling back "I'm busy" and returning his attention to the sketchbook in front of him. Usually he would get up to check on his boyfriend but after being interrupted 3 times in the last hour he wasn't feeling very loving.

"Jay," came the soft whine. Jeff blinked. Jay wasn't around...was he? No if he was then Matt would be there and he wouldn't be getting any peace which meant... Jeff leapt to his feet and bolted to the kitchen. Sure enough Adam was holding his phone to his ear.
"Jeff's ignoring me," Adam complained before Jeff took the phone off him.
"Jay?" he asked down the line.
"Will you please control him?" Jay snapped in annoyance. "Matt and I..." The line went dead. Jeff shuddered at the thought of what might have caused Jay to hang up and turned to his pouting blonde.

There was only one person who scared Jeff more than Jay in protective mode and that was Adams mom. From the first time that he and Matt had met her she had made them feel like one of the family. It was so complete that Jeff (and Matt as well now that he was dating Jay) had taken to calling her 'Mama Judy'. But the moment that Adam had uttered the words "Ma this is my boyfriend Jeff" she hadn't seemed so sweet and innocent anymore. And then that night she had pulled Jeff aside and warned him that if he hurt her son she was going to hurt him. Jeff had instantly believed her for one good reason. While she had been talking, for the first time since meeting her, he had seen the determination and fierce protectiveness in her eyes that had helped her raise Adam so well.

Jeff stepped forward and placed a gentle hand on Adams cheek.
"What's wrong Adds?" he asked softly. Adam just looked down as Jeff waited patiently.
"I miss you," he finally muttered. Jeff smiled. He should have figured that out. With him off TNA for a while and with his baby's retirement they had been spending all of their time together. Now he had tried to be alone which naturally had left Adam alone as well. Adam hated to be alone because it meant that it was quiet.
"Come on," Jeff sighed and led Adam into the living room. He sunk down onto the couch and Adam curled up on top of him with his head on his stomach. Jeff enjoyed the silence for a few minutes before Adam sighed and shifted slightly.
"This is better than talking to that nameless chipmunk," he murmured. Jeff frowned.
"What?" he asked but Adam was already asleep. He shook his head. Probably just some strange dream.

So credit goes to Rhiannamator for her drawing of Adam and Jeff and also to hers and Terrahfry's convos on twitter about Adams beardmunk. Hope you don't mind me borrowing them briefly and if you do then let me know and I'll re-write those scenes.